Cat Ch22

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Day 5, Part 4

Sorry, can you show me the notes for today?

Sure… the way, how are you doing?

Hmm, so-so, I guess…

To be honest, inside my body, feverish thoughts for Mina are still making me hot and my heart beat.

The teacher at the infirmary said this love was not forbidden.

However, this overflowing desire — it makes it feel as though her words meant nothing.

After all….. with Mina, I don’t want just an overlapping of lips, but more. I want to do something much deeper.

However, this is just for me. The Mina who kisses For us to be together….she doesn’t have any reason to want to go that far like I do.

I can’t just throw this emotion at her in my selfishness. That much I understand properly.

But even though I get it, in the deepest parts of me, the most muddled parts of me, my desires for Mina’s warmth burn so much that it hurts.

As if pulling just about everything with it, the day has passed.

Like things just floating away, I ate food that I couldn’t taste, and then was pulled by Mina to our room.

Kasumi, you’re spacing out again, you know.

Sorry, I was kinda in  deep thought.

I wasn’t thinking of anyone else except Mina. This feeling…I have thought of staining Mina with….my body’s been sinking into this bottomless swamp that is just big enough for me.

Let’s take a bath? In situations like this, it’s best to sleep early, you know?

Mm, okay.

I wonder if I can get over it if I sleep. While thinking that, I gratefully went along with her suggestion.

――However, I forgot something….Mina is bad with baths, and we always take it together.

We washed each other’s back, and then the both of us used the narrow bath tub together.

With the touching of naked skin, the deep fragrant smell of Mina, and Mina’s echoing voice that sounded more erotic than usual, my body sensitively reacted.

It’s so tempting that I might end up doing something.

This massive emotion…Mina didn’t notice it. So that she wouldn’t notice it, I have been holding it back.

It would be scary if I hurt this relationship, as we could end with just a small crack.

Kasumi? What’s the matter?

Sorry, it’s nothing.

Sorry, Mina.

I selfishly ended up thinking about hurting Mina.

Even though I like her very much ――no, it’s because I came to loveher too much.

Getting out of bath and dressing up, it’s nearly time for bed.

We crawled into the same bed after turning off the lights.

Oyasumi…..Ah, Kasumi, wait.

W-what is it?

Today’s kiss…we still haven’t done it

Being suddenly told that, my face blushed, though I’m sure that she shouldn’t be able to see my reddened face.

Un, okay.

My heart is beating so fast that it might explode, but still, I want to be together with Mina.

I closed my eyes, and waited for Mina’s lips.


Overlapping with Mina’s soft warmth, I heard some kind of ripping sound.

At that moment, the emotion that I had been holding back poured out of my body.

============Chapter 22 End===============

author: really what is happening to Kasumi, despite being an author, I’m in suspense while watching over them.

(Tinkerer: :O watch out Mina, a big bad wolf named Kasumi is after you)

(IcedTea: Sorry for cliff…)


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  1. I can’t stop grinning. This is gonna be good. Or it’s going to be terrible and soul crushing. Hopefully it’s the former.

    Thank you very much for the chapter.

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  2. .   几
    .  /⌒⌒\
    . | ▽..▽|/―-、
    .  \_ww / ̄丶|Thanks!
    .  /(゜Д゜)/   |/  &
    .// フつO  Trick or Treats!
    .V/  /〉    Nepu!!

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  3. Haha, her eyes turned red, she turned into monster after Mina’s body, ruuunnnn!!!!! …Into her body because Mina loves you like that to and you are just being selfish and stupid, seriously my patience has its limits, and those limits are being reached.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey first time commented here. I just finished reading all of Cat, and I wanted to say that it’s AWESOME, and to thank you guys for TLing it. I was wondering if you guys had a subscription or RSS thing so I could get notifications of any new posts on this site. I hope ya’ll are doing well, and thx for the amazing work. :)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So much hope for the bath scene O.O
    Also, very glad not every sentence is about how broken she feels anymore…I was getting depressed. T^T Kasumi, you can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. see, it could’ve been worse than that. I knew that she already met her limitation. well that’s her fault…and now, how’s their relationship going to be???…*NEXT CHAPTERS

    thanks for the translation


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