Cat Ch 23

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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Wanting to Melt
Day 5 Part 5

Before I noticed it, I had intensely embraced Mina….So that we wouldn’t be separated…….So that I could feel more of Mina’s warmth.

Sorry, but I love you so much that I can’t help it.

Mina’s lips, just from lightly licking it, Hya….Mina leaked a voice. I couldn’t even remind myself to stop anymore.

Just that, my head is — I want to touch Mina more…I can’t think of anything else but that.

Hey, Kasumi…n~

Is she going to say stop? That’s cute. More and more, I want to be connected with her.

Mina, I love you….

I want to kiss more and more. So much that the both of us will melt in this warmth.

In this distance where our faces just barely touched one another, I purposely pecked her many times, and each time I did, *chu* *chu* sounds bounce through the air.

My throbbing heart is making my body hotter.

My body instinctively decided to goeven more than thison its own.


Right into the opening of between her lips when Mina breathed through, I inserted my tongue.

I softly moved it around inside, the tip of Mina’s tongue, which at first hesitated as if refusing it, worked in the opposite direction as if trying to entangle itself with mine.

*picha picha*- the lustful sound of saliva filled the air. This violent kiss formed sparks inside my head.

――It feels good. The pleasure in the center of my head conquered everything inside my body.

The sweet sensation inside Mina’s mouth — I want to taste it even more…but I’m lacking air.

It felt as if it were an eternity, but, at the same time, as if it lasted just an instant; time while kissing had always be vague for.

Before I noticed, I am on top of Mina’s body, wrapping her in my arms.

The glistening silver bridge that connects me and Mina — in the dark, it shone in the faint light.

My brain that has experienced the taste of the honey once won’t be able to stop anymore. I can’t stop.

Mina, can… can I do it more?…

I want to melt with Mina more.

A rash emotion pulled at my body.

Our faces drew closer, but I held back just when our lips barely touched.

If Kasumi wants to do it, then it’s fine…..

As if taking advantage of Mina, we once more exchanged a long, intense kiss.

But this time, from the start, Mina responded.

What I heard wre Mina’s and my overlapping lewd sounds. The pleasant feeling that came from my head made my sense of reason useless.

Our leaking faint voices and breathes — they can’t help but become spice added to this feeling.

*chyuru* *chyuru*….Mina, Minaa….

This unstoppable kiss amplified the fever in my body so much that I felt as if it could literally melt my body.

Mina’s body has also grown hot under my touch, her body wet from sweat. Her skin had become damp that it became easier to embrace.

Suddenly, our lips separated. My eyes, which had gotten used to the darkness, gazed on Mina’s reddened cheeks and her face that looked as if she was enduring something. I saw them completely.

No, I, I am becoming weird….

Tears, like a shooting star, overflowed from her eyes.

In an instant, anything and everything was blown away.

Because I — what I had done to Mina — I had finally noticed it.

My hugs squeezed her tighter, and Mina’s body began shaking.

I — I had nearly violated Mina.

In this relationship between Mina and me, that something that can’t be forgiven, no matter what.

My buzzing head, roaring like an aircraft’s engine, stopped and collapsed into slumber.

And in that instant, the words that appeared in my mind pierced through my heart.

——— I….Mina….I had hurt her a lot.

====================Chapter 23 End======================


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  2. i mean… seriously, if whats with the guilt stuff, has she ever stopped to analyze the other partys feelings? Ugh, i hope she just tells her how she feels. If she doesn’t i fear they will start to drift apart.


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