A Small Gesture

Hmm…..Well, first things first….there are reasons why Kansu and Gob releases have been slow…..*wink*………..for people just looking for chapters, you can stop here lol~

Hmm…….November is the month IcedTea joined Lazy9 last year. Yes, it’s been one year since I’ve been here. Surprising, huh? Not enough releases for one year? Yeah…that’s probably my fault…..

I joined because I wanted to contribute, and one year later, I can say that, while I might not have done all I possibly could, I feel like I have contributed, if only the smallest amount. And I have picked up some great friends, memories, and interactions along the way.

I’ll probably make a more comprehensive thank you post later in the month when my own birthday rolls around. This post, however, is dedicated to a friend….someone who has driven and inspired me personally and the team as a whole, no matter how cheesy that may sound and how much toxicity I might get for trying to be genuine on the internet.

Hmm….there are a lot of things I’m leaving out, but for you Readers out there, just know that Cat probably not be around if not for Mado. Kansu might be releasing at an even slower rate. Our Discord would be infinitely less fun. I owe Mado a lot, more than I can write here. So please forgive my selfishness and allow me this one post, everyone.

To the person who loves Yuri like none other, to the friend who has supported me for quite awhile now:

Happy Birthday, Mado.

PS….I couldn’t make this completely serious, could I? Enjoy Mado’s favorite picture…..NICO DRINKING BLEACH


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