Cat Ch24

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

The Sin I Committed

Day 6 Part 1

I saw a dream again.

In the dream, Mina was already gone.

Sorry, I can’t be with Kasumi anymore. I loved you.

Leaving that one piece of paper, she left.

I’m sorry. I know that I’m the sinful one――That’s why…please come back. Not being able to see you again…I hate it.

I searched the places that I thought she would be………and finally, I couldn’t even see her anymore, just like the day when she abruptly left.

Opening my eyes, she was sleeping nicely beside me. So that I wouldn’t wake her up, I carefully brushed her hair. I could clearly feel the sensation of her hair against my fingers.

……….Even though I was relieved after that dream where she was gone, right now, I can’t be completely relieved. It’s just that…I thought that she might leave as well in reality. For me to have ended up believing such a thing, perhaps I have already fallen into despair.

The heaviness of the sin that I committed…it’s crushing my body, so much so that it’s scooping out my heart.

Mina, who always hugged me while she slept, isn’t doing so today. The inside of my head’s going in circles.

Just as I thought, I am hated now, right?

After all, she had thought of me as the most important person to her, and yet towards Mina, I ended up hurting her feelings.

Nn…..? Ah, ohayo, Kasumi.

It should be the same as usual, but she didn’t look my way, even though we’re this close.

Ohayo, Mina.

And her voice too, I noticed that it’s more negative than usual.

Let’s go and eat breakfast,


Is she hurrying me up so that it wouldn’t hurt when it’s just the two of us?

That is…well, we might have no choice but to do that. If that is what must be done to me, it would be natural, after all, I have done such a thing to Mina.

Even though I understand it, my chest hurts. Being rejected by Mina is the scariest thing.

By doing that horrible thing to Mina, even if I end up being hated by her, I have no right say anything back.

Wearing the same uniform, or going to the same school. Mina didn’t face me, she didn’t hold my hand, and she didn’t touch me.

It’s natural for it to become like this. Even though I know that, I’m getting really depressed.

It’s my natural retribution, so I can’t even talk to her.

Even though she’s just beside me, I felt as if there’s an invisible wall looming between me and Mina.

The one who caused this wall to form was none other than me and what I had done to her.

Because of the sin that I committed, everything is crumbling, including my own heart.

I might as well disappear from here.

Like Mina, being treated as a human from the start. This existence of mine — it shouldn’t have been here from the start. A stupid thing thought by this stupid me.

If I knew that I would end up hurting this much, I wouldn’t have done anything like that to begin with.

This sense of regret repeated itself for a long time after this.

——————-Chapter 24 End————-

(Tinkerer: Kasumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;o;)


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  1. Weak, so damn weak, to damn weak. What the heck, the past 15 chapters have been her being weak and blind. Seriously, whats with her damn complex. I really hope it gets resolved next chapter.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I don’t understand, why does she think she hurt/violated Mina? All that happened, as I understand it, was some intense French Kissing and extreme groping while being naked on each other. Mina even gave permission, admittedly Kasumi was a little late in asking for it, but still.


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