Cat Ch25

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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

The Sin I have Committed
Day 6 Part 2

A sigh escaped me.

Despite having done cruel things to her and hurt her greatly, my love for Mina still spills forth.

Being together forever would be great, but I probably have no right to be with Mina anymore.

These contradicting feelings are threatening to tear me apart; my chest continues to tighten so much that it hurts.

「Kasumi? Let’s eat together?」

It looks like it’s already lunch time. The time I spent thinking about Mina….before I knew it, all that time had passed.

「It’s fine……I don’t have any appetite.」

I had always ate lightly, but to have such little appetite  that I don’t want to eat is a first.

「Mou, that’s bad, you know? You need to eat properly!」

「Y-yeah, but….」

Even if you tell me that, so many emotions are overflowing…something like a food might not get down my throat.

And Mina still thinking of me as important; my heart is filled up to the brim. And yet in return, I still haven’t rewarded her anything. On the contrary, I did the most horrible things to Mina.

「Then, do you not like being with me?」

Those words — that’s cheating.

「Of course that’s not the case…..」

If it’s not with just the 2 of us, I don’t like it. Even though I already have no right to think about that, I wonder why she still cares for me?

「Then, let’s eat together?」


Even though I know that she still thinks of me as important, I hate my self for being so curt.

This should be a delicious meal, but I can’t taste it at all. Only eating half, I had put down my chopsticks.

「Sorry, Mina….」

I feel like I am becoming more of a miserable existence.

Ever since that night, all the time.

Suddenly, I felt something warm on my body. Mina hugged me. Suddenly noticing it, my body grew hot.

「It’s alright, Kasumi. Ah, that’s right…..when we get back home, I have something important to talk about, is it fine?」


Hearing those words said to me, my body stiffened up. I wonder what she meant by important to talk about? Probably……what floated into my mind was the most likely event…..just like the dream I had this morning.

The inside of my heart began to cloud up, and as if chasing itself, time sped up again.

「The class is over, you know? Let’s go home?」

Suddenly hearing Mina’s voice, I was taken aback…it happened again. This whole time too, I kept thinking about Mina.

「Yeah, let’s go.」

Saying that, I allowed my heavy body to stand and walk together with Mina to the school entrance. Heading outside, the cold wind slipped into the gaps of my uniform.

I unintentionally held back the hand I was about to grab onto Mina with. It seems like I am still hesitating to touch Mina.

「Eh? Hands, let’s hold hands together?」

「S-sure, let’s do it…」

The reason that the hand that I gave her is shaking is surely not because of the cold, but because I’m scared to be connected to Mina.

My hand being held…I felt Mina’s warmth in my body.

I want to touch more. I want to be warmed up more. I end up wanting to do things that only lovers can.

Feeling that heat, I ended up thinking those again.

It looks like the lovesickness that I have has been getting more and more severe.

I’m sure it’s because we hold hands much longer than anyone else does.

============Chapter 25 End===========

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  2. phwew, I hope Mina lays down the law on that damn pessimist of a girl. I hope she throws her onto the bed and yells, “I want to violate your body with the strength of 1,000 dying stars!!!” in no uncertain terms. Because apparently that’s what its going to take.


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