Cat Ch26

Tea: Well……sorry for more angst lol. Unfortunately, I don’t control the flow of the story. I wish I could T_T………however, things seem to be happening soon! Enjoy!

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

These Hot Emotions
Day 6 Part 3

After returning home, I was relieved and nervous at the same time. Mina’s important talk…I wonder what it is?

When I asked her about it, she told me 「I’ll tell you before we sleep」and so…she didn’t tell me.


“Perhaps”….what floats up into my mind are mostly painful images.

Even when we ate dinner together, I totally can’t taste the food.

It used to be fun and heart throbbing to eat together, but now the time spent with just the 2 of us is totally not like that.

Maybe I am hated by Mina. That anxiety left a dark shadow in my heart.


I..I’m sure that if Mina is gone, I will brake. That last day I saw Mina as a cat…I saw Mina’s corpse and cried so much that I might have run out of tears.

Right now, Mina’s existence, even compared to back then, she had become so great inside me. If someone told me that I am dependent on Mina, I won’t be able to deny it.
「Can you show me your notes? I kinda spaced out again…」

「Sure? Really, what’s with you lately?」

「Just thinking about something.」


“If it’s something that hurts you, then tell alright…” she had said those words to me, but actually, it hurts so much that I can feel my heart breaking.

But still, I can’t say it. About Mina — I loved her so much that I did horrible things to her.


「Mou, Kasumi? When you are suffering, tell me about it, okay? I will listen to you properly, you know…」


If I tell her, then I might be more at ease. But still, this emotion..I’m sure that if other people know about it, they would say it’s abnormal.

The teacher at the infirmary told me that this emotion is not forbidden. But, that is only if Mina is going to accept this emotion.


「Thanks, but it’s alright. After all, it’s my problem.」


Just as I thought, I can’t really say it to her. After all, when I think about saying it to her, my head starts to boil.


「Please don’t take everything upon yourself. Because if it hurts Kasumi, then it would hurt me too.」


Even that kindness of hers makes my chest hurt. After all, I can’t respond to those feelings.
Mina’s hand touched my head. The warmth of the touch startled’s probably because I want to touch her too; however if I do , something inside me might become something strange again.

Mina’s handwriting is cute as always, just like how Mina is.

To think that I am doubting that Mina think of me as important, I might be becoming strange again right now…


「Sorry, for troubling you always.」


「Hmm, its alright.」


I still haven’t said sorry for the thing I really have to apologize for. Self-disgust saturated my mind.

Entering the bath, for some reason, our stares just wouldn’t meet, and the hands that were washing me felt very distant.


After doing all the preparations for sleep, we went back to our room, surrounded with an anxious air.

Turning off the lights, we both sat on the bed.



Not knowing what she would say, I put my heart on guard and listened to her.


「Kasumi’s 『love』, what kind of feeling is it? Please teach me?」


Holding back my leaping heart, I slowly opened my mouth.

=============Chapter 26 End================

author: i think something amazing will happen next chapter

Tea: I f**king hope so….

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