Cat Ch27

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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

The Magical Kiss
Day 6 Part 4

「You see, Mina….I…about you….I like you…」


I can’t see Mina in the pitch dark room, and yet my heart is throbbing.

If the lights remained on then wouldn’t my heart burst?
「I also like Kasumi, you know?」

「It’s not like that…..your love and my 『love』 are different ones….」


At the moment I said that, my chest tightened up. Is this….my love for her…does saying this mean the same as giving up on it?


「I want to know Kasumi’s 『love』, you know?…….because I want to know if it’s the same as mine.」
Mina’s face is near — I could sense that by the smell of her skin.

「You see, Mina…….When I look you at you, my heart beats fast…」

The pitch of my voice had broken up again.

「I want to be more connected to Mina…….not just 『I want to be together』, I want to kiss you because 『I love you』…..」

「Kasumi?……Me too, I want our hearts to beat together, and I want to kiss you, you know?」


From those unexpected words, the words I was going to say got caught in my throat.


「Yesterday, when Kasumi kissed me……..I was…my heart was beating really fast…」

「Ah, sorry, I―」

Just as I was about to continue my words, it was sealed with an embrace.

「Kasumi, please don’t apologize……at that time, even though I was surprised, I was very happy, even more so.」


I stopped talking. I can’t say anything anymore. After all, I didn’t think that Mina would say that she was 『happy』 about it.

「S-sorry, Minaa….」(9: crap starting to tear up. our dear kasumi and Mina are finally…)

I didn’t think off Mina’s feelings. Even though I should’ve been the one closest to her…

「But more than that, there are words that I really want to hear. Do you know?」

While she was brushing my hair, she told me those words….I know now Mina — your feelings.

「……..『I love you』」


Spoiled by the kind arms that were hugging me, I leaned against Mina.

「Can I kiss you too?……just like how Kasumi did yesterday…」


W-what should I do~? Just by hearing that, my heart is throbbing crazily: it won’t stop.


Even though I said that, my body is already yearning for the heat of Mina’s lips.

「I’m glad……then, here I go…」

Feeling the presence of Mina’s face softy come near me, I tightly closed my eyes and waited for it, ――


From the moment our lips overlapped, my body melted away ever so sweetly.

Connected by Mina’s adult kiss, it felt so many times better compared to the time I did it.

Is it because this body of mine is made to be loved? Or is it because Mina is good at kissing?

Or is it that my feelings had been properly accepted by Mina?


This eternal kiss…my lungs won’t be able to endure it anymore. Trying to disguising my breathing, an unconscious, unimaginable voice leaked out of my mouth.

The boundary between Mina and me…the sensation had become so sweet.

*chuu chuu chuu* as if our pleasure had intersected, a watery sound echoed in our ears.
In a time that you could call eternity, Mina’s lips finally separated from mine gently , ending the moment.

「Hey, did you come to hate me from that?」

「Of course not…」

「……Me too, you know…」

She had forgiven me that way for that time too.



Even though I haven’t said 「thank you」and「I love you」to her, our lips had naturally connected. As if our ideas of 『love』 had finally intersected.

Even though we haven’t said anything, just once more, we exchanged a deep kiss.

I wasn’t able to put more strength in my body, and I ended looking like Mina had pushed me down. Our lips separated again…it felt sorta regretful.

「Nnn~, haa, Mina…」

「Kasumi?…..Let’s make our hearts throb more…..?」

As if losing composure, Mina’s kisses had gradually gotten more intense.

It’s just like a dream: my body — my body feels like it’s floating. That is — Mina’s kiss is so sweet and intense~

I love you, Mina.

As if it had become so natural, I nearly said it as my body continued melting.


Kissed by Mina so much that I couldn’t tell between dream and reality, we crawled to our bed, our hands naturally embracing one another, leaving a sweet feeling in my heart.

「Oyasumi, Kasumi~」

「Mm…..oyasumi, Mina~」

Wrapped in Mina’s warmth, I naturally floated away into the world of dreams.

===============Chapter 27 End=================

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