Cat Ch28

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Overlapping Feelings

Day 7 Part 1

Opening my eyes, my mouth still remembers the kiss I had with Mina yesterday.

We embraced each other while we went to sleep, so Mina’s face is close to mine… heart beat is so intense that I couldn’t believe that I had just woken up.

As I closed in on her face, Mina’s eyes suddenly opened.

「Nn, Kasumi? …..It’s fine to kiss me, you know…..?」

Just hearing those words, the stop button for my self-control exploded.

Even though our faces are close, our noses didn’t bump because we titled our head a bit, and with just a small movement, we would end up kissing.

「Then…..I will, Mina.」

Softly, our lips overlapped. Feeling her lips more dry, I notice that we hadn’t kissed during a time like this.

Our lips seperated, and we naturally exchanged an embarassed smile.

If it’s right now, I wonder if I can properly say it?………… true feelings….


「What is it?」

I squeezed out with all my might the little courage I had inside me.

「Mina…..will you be my 『lover』….」

It was too embarrassing…my body feels that it’s about to be grilled. I tightly closed my eyes………Mina’s lips touched mine.

「Mou, Kasumi, why so poilte?」

My head was touched — the warmth of Mina’s hand.

「But, I got nervous, you know…」

「Of couse, I won’t refuse. After all, you said that a kiss is done between 『lovers』.」

My body grew hot, but more than that, I feel happy.

「Thank you…..I love you….」

I can’t find the words that I want to say anymore. To the word 『love』, hazy, vaporous feelings were mixed in with it.

「Thanks Kasumi.」

Our lips again overlapped with each other. It was only barely touching, a kind kiss. It softly warmed my heart.

「By the way, what does 『lovers』do?」

「Let’s see……holding hands, kissing, going on dates…..」

「Well, we pretty much do that anyway.」

Mina said so while smiling. Certainly so; we held hands; we also kissed. If you call shopping together a date, then we also dated.

「You’re right.」

「We might have been 『lovers』 from the start.」

「Geez, you and me. It’s because we wanted our hearts to beat this much that we had become 『lovers』, you know?」

Without agreeing or disagreeing, the heart inside me had already begun intensely throbbing.

“Our fate might have been like this from the start” …..I ended up thinking that. At that time, ever since we saw each other as humans on my bed.

「But Kasumi and I are already 『lovers 』, right?」

「….You’re right.」

Even though we didn’t say anything to each other, and even though we had already kissed many times this morning, we had naturally exchanged more kisses.

Mina’s soft and warm lips are pressed up against from my lips.

And that leaves a warm aftertaste inside my chest.

Separating in a few seconds felt quite regretful.

「We should get up already since we are already awake.」

「You’re right.」(9: 3rd time)

Without letting go of our embracing hands, we picked ourselves up.  

「Ohayo, Kasumi.」


Cnce again, our lips overlapped on their own.

I’ve heard the word morning kiss before, but I have never expected that I would do such a thing with Mina.

Inside my chest, that sweet warmth overflowed.

……….I’m sure this is the emotion called 『happiness』.

=============Chapter 28 End==============

Author: the writer just suddenly started with the girls flirting

Tea: >.>

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