Cat Ch29

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

A Throbbing Heart
Day 7 Part 2

Together, we ate breakfast and also changed clothes together.

For something that trivial, something so commonplace, my chest felt very embarrased for some reason.

「By the way, yesterday, what were you thinking about?」

「Wha…..that’s so sudden….」

「……I, about Kasumi, I want to know more about you…」

Even if you say that to me….

Our relation had changed quite a bit since then, but talking about that big emotion is…..embarrasing…..but still.

Wanting to know more about me. That is….she wants to be more connected to me? To think like that about me ――I’m happy.

「About Mina, I kept thinking about you……because I had fell for you…..」

「Hehe….Kasumi really does loves me…」she saying that as she smiles.

「…….about Mina, can I not love you?」

「It’s alright, I’m happy, you know…..and also…」

Mina’s face had gotten closer. By the time I notice what she was doing, my eyes were already closed.

Just as I predicted, Mina’s lips touched mine.

「If I don’t love you, then I won’t do anything like this to Kasumi, you know?」

The instant of that kiss, my heart melted all over again.

「…..Geez, Mina……I love you.」

「The Kasumi right now is really cute.」

No strength could be found in my body, and I entrusted my weight to Mina.

Embraced by those hands, I became aware of how much Mina loves me.

「But, for now, let’s go to school? We will be late, you know.」

「Uu…’re right.」

To be honest, I wanted to be hugged more by Mina. I want to feel more of Mina’s warmth.

It seems that Mina has noticed my feelings. And she said these words.

「When we back home, I’ll hug you a lot.」

「………Thank you.」

Mina’s touch was still making my heart throb. But more than that, I want to feel more of her sweet warmth. I want to melt.

Mina who gently holds me: I love her more than anyone else.

「Then, let’s go.」

Saying that, our hands held together, I noticed that it was different from usual.

Holding each other as if our fingers were entangling one another, it was something called the 『Lover’s patch』.

When I noticed it, my face instantly burned up despite it being winter.

Mina doing that…was it on purpose or not….I don’t know. But Mina and I being 『lovers』, I was once again made to realize that we were.

I wonder why my heart is pounding so hard. My heart is racing so fast that it made me think it might burst.

However, my chest had become like this…right now, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

After all, Mina and my feelings are connected.

===========Chapter 29 End=========

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