Cat Ch30

Me and My cat (Girlfriend)

Holding each other hand to hand
Day 7, Part 3

This might be the first time that I am not nervous ever since I’ve been going to school together with Mina.

Just like how our hands touching each other, properly connected, Mina and my relationship, that of 『lovers』is something sweet and special.

Exchanging glances, smiles shine on our faces. By no means would I do something so daring like a kiss, but still, I kinda wanna do it….I wonder if Mina feels the same….


The classes I weren’t able to listen to before while thinking about Mina, I can now. It’s because Mina will always be by my side. For my ease of mind, I only have Mina to thank.

There is already no more need to copy Mina’s notes. I’m a bit relieved, but it’s a bit sad to not see that cute handwriting any more.


Unintentionally, I looked beside me. A more-serious-than-usual face of Mina’s entered my sight. That face, to me who is always with her, is new to me. She usually doesn’t show that face to me. Me too, I need to do it properly. More fired up than normal, I listened to the teacher’s lecture properly.

Receiving the lessons, the time passed in a blink of an eye. It was the same as when I kept thinking about Mina back then.


「Kasumi today sure was fired up!」


「R-really?……Mina is too, you know.」


But still, being alone with Mina, my cheeks slackened a bit. Our time together is always happy.

Our special relationship, just knowing the feeling of being connected, gives me happiness.


「Thanks, let’s eat together.」




Even though I still haven’t put anything in my mouth, inside my stomach, something sweet is filling it up.

Opening our different colored bentous, with the same contents inside, even though it’s the same scene as usual, it somehow makes me blush.


「Nn…… always, it’s tasty.」


「You’re right.」


My mouth says that, but compared to the food we have eaten together up to now, today’s was the best.

Is it because I am connectted and spending the time with the person I『love』that it’s so delicious?

Teally, Mina is overflowing inside me. Not like before, it was not a confused feeling.

I’m sure Mina still yearns for me. Even though our feeling are connected, this intense emotion still boils.

However, the emotion that used assault me, right now, it’s sweet and melting my heart.

The remaining time for class is 2 hours, it was short, yet felt so long.

Holding hands together while going back to class, is it because we can’t wait anymore that we did so?

Finally the 6th period has ended, and the final homeroom ended too.


It’s after school, and my hands naturally yearned for Mina’s warmth.

It looks like it was the same for Mina, as my fingers were lightly touched and then grasped warmly.

We needed to let go of our hands at the shoe box, but I kinda felt reluctant to do so. Even though I understood that we will be holding again once we changed to our outdoor shoes….

Just as I thought that, our hands once again held each others.

I want to my heart to throb more. That I ended up thinking such a thing —  I’m sure it’s because I 『love』 Mina.


When I moved my fingers to change position, Mina, noticing it, also did the same.

This time, it is a proper 『Lover’s patch』… heart is throbbing, it makes me relieved.


「Then, let’s go.」




The warmth of happiness has satisfied my body.

I want to touch Mina more.

========Chapter 30 End========

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  1. Um quick question here in this sentence: “Teally, Mina is overflowing inside me. Not like before, it was not a confused feeling.” is “Teally” supposed to be “Really”? If not can someone tell me what “teally” means.

    Also what grade are they in? I think it said they were Elementary Schooler’s, but they seem to mature to me to be that age.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. not only I can see this “『Amazing things will happen』flag! “. I also somehow can feel the presence of 『Desctructive Occurrence』and『Bitter-Sweet Ending』flags coming eventually
    if they remain the same. Then. Yup but I know That won’t happen

    thanks for the translation


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