Manowa Ch48

Sorry for being slow, we are not dead yet lol. Been a long long time since one of these, but here is the resolution. Go back and read chapter 47 >.>

Manowa: 48th Story

Lets Go Towards Tomorrow

[Tiara, wake up. Tiara-!!], Kazane kept frantically shouting.

[Mou, is there really nothing we can do?]

While repelling the incoming beak with the spear, Yumika raised her flustered voice.

[Endure. I’m trying. Sieg, can you still hold there?]

[There isn’t more than a minute of summoning time left!]

This was an astonishing sight for the surrounding soldiers. Sieg alone, a single human, was grappling with the Ruby Griffon.


[It’s gathering its breath!? Blaze-!!!]

On Yumika’s shout, the soldiers spread out the indestructible futons that they got from Kazane in front of them.

The Ruby Griffon, which had entered into a raging state, reached the point where instead of the normal attacks, it spouted Blaze. Still it was less strong than in its prime.


With the  indestructible futons suppressing the flames, it wasn’t difficult to decrease the damage done to the surroundings.


The Ruby Griffon had already been raging for 5 minutes. Diablo was driven off, but it continued to rage. The command from Alduin’s side — to immobilize the summoned beast in front of them — was a success, yet (it’s still mostly Sieg’s power) the crucial part of calling out to the summoner Tiara didn’t succeed.

Hey Tiara. Like this you will…..

The summoned beast, upon receiving the summoner’s mana, brings forth power. Then, when running wild, the summoner’s mana, even their life force, will be sucked out of them…until their life is exhausted.

Like this, you won’t last……

Alduin couldn’t bear to watch.

[Uu, Tiara. Wake up, like this, you will end up dying….]

This Blaze wrung out her life. There was nothing there to slow it down anymore.

[Stand back, Kazane. You will also die.]

Zinray was yelling. The indestructible mantle was coiled around her, but still, it could not hold of all of it, and some places on Kazane were smarting or burned.

[Auto heal is applied, therefore it’s fine.]

A healing spell that hasn’t been used until now, but was now. Kazane was expending great amounts of mana to fuel her restoration while clinging onto the Ruby Griffon and calling out to it. If it wasn’t for this, then she would have long since been burned to death.

[There is no way you are alright….]

Even if Zinray’s grief-filled voice reached her, it certainly was’nt listened to.

The contract is not being broken by the Infinite-Keys, but it managed to give me access to the internal structure, therefore, it shouldn’t be impossible to call out to the inside.

[Tiara, come back! If you stay…]

Kazane stabbed the Infinite-Keys into the Ruby Griffon while shouting even more.


{{Please cease, grandfather. This hasn’t been a happy talk…}} (Tiara)


Suddenly, a voice reached Kazane’s mind.


{{Is this voice not audible to you? It is for me.}} (King Mefirs) (Tea: King and Tiara are talking, Kazane can finally hear them.)


The king…is inside Tiara…

[Tiara, can you hear? Here, I’m here! Tiara!!]

If the voice from that side can reach me, then the one from here should them as well. Believing this, Kazane raised her voice further.


{{Still, child. Is this alright with you? Only managing to be saved all the time is good enough?}} (King)

“It’s different,” shouted Kazane. “It’s not such a one sided relation. I also want to be together with Tiara. Therefore…!”

{{After all, I’m at Kazane’s side…to be at this girl’s side is what I came to wish for…}} (Tiara)

[I also want to be together! Traveling together with Tiara!!] (Kazane)


This voice seems to have reached.


Kazane saw Tiara looking her way and smiling.


[KuueeEEEEEEE!!] (Griffon)

With a roar, Kazane was thrown off the Ruby Griffon.

[UwaaA-]Gasping, Kazane said, [But, but, Tiara is……]

Alduin looked, mortified, at the Ruby Griffon, wondering if it had exhausted itself and screeching its last roars.

[Uun~, it’s ok.]


[Seems like it’s alright, look.]

With these words, Kazane watched the Ruby Griffon. The body’s light grew dim.

[This is the light of a creature when its mana vanishes…]

The same light as when Sieg vanished in the Coral temple. And so, in the light, one could see the light outline of a girl, bringing Kazane to smile, and like this, she lost consciousness.



<<Royal Castle Griffonia  — Middle floor — Guest Room — Noon>>


Groaning, Kazane woke up.

[Somehow, it feels like I had an extremely terrible dream.]

While her consciousness was clearing up, she rose out of bed, thinking about what a dream it had been.

[Yeah, in the middle of the night, Blair appeared, summoning Sieg and defeating him…the Ruby Griffon went on rampage, and then saving Tiara, ah…in the end I woke up……nn was it so?]


Stupid. If that’s the case, then that would be an amazing development.

[What is so funny?]


Right beside her was her best friend. Looks like my nose is not really awake yet.

[Good grief, just when I thought that you had woken up. You suddenly started laughing, gross….]

[Waa…..cruel Yumika~]

Upon seeing Yumika…Kazane finally realized

[It wasn’t a dream after all…]

[What is?] With a slightly swollen face, Yumika asked.

Heal seems to have worked, though some traces of the burns haven’t completely healed.

[U-un, it’s nothing.]

Saying so, Kazane, with a pomf, collapsed back onto the bed.


[So what is it then?]

[Tiara, how is she?]

Yumika was puzzled, then broke into laughter.

[Eh, ee? Why this?]

[Um~, well if I say it now, it might be rather odd…]

[What’s odd?]

Thinking about this, Kazane’s nose suddenly reacted.

[Ara~, Tiara?]

With a bang, the doors flung open, and Tiara stormed in.

[Yumika, I talked with Father, after all, ad it seems better to have all the necessary things, and – and – OH!]

With an open mouth, Tiara noticed that Kazane had woken up.

[Kazane, you are awake…..right?]

[Ya, yaa~]

Kazane returned the greeting by waving her hand.


Then Tiara jumped and glomped her.


[Hey, what is all this, Yu-Yumikaaa?]

With a bitter smile, Yumika shrugged her shoulders.

[Ah, since you slept for two days? Because you made me worry? So isn’t it good? This much?]

Two days?

Kazane thought that they fought last night, but it seems that a whole day has passed since.

[Listen to me, Kazane! I — I can go adventuring with Kazane!]

[Eh, really!?]

To this abrupt proclamation, Kazane blinked in surprise.

[Father agreed, or rather, it’s on grandfather’s order.]

[Eh? Eh? What does this mean?]

{{Well, it is like this…}} (King Mefirs)

Together with this voice, flames rose from Tiara’s back, taking on shape.

[Mini Griffon?! Or rather, the King’s voice?]

{{You might say that this soul dwells within. It has been decided that I shall protect Tiara like this.}} (Tea: More or less, King and Griffon fused and Tiara is contracted to it now? Yeah?)

[Please watch, Kazane.]

Tiara pulled out a card from between her breasts. (mllhild: the “between” is not in the raws, but when seeing the drawing of Tiara, she doesn’t have breast pockets.)

Name: Tiara Eluma

Occupation: Summon’s Master

Level: 9

Rank: F


[Adventurer Guild registration card? Why does Tiara have one?]

It’s only been questions for some time now.

[About this. Oh Tiara, didn’t you get contracted to the Ruby Griffon?]

Before she knew it, Yumika called out to Tiara.

[But to call you a summoner, don’t you have to be level 30?]

[It’s quite a high level, ne?]

Tiara was level 9. Usually, to reach level 30 as an adventurer, it takes ten-odd years. Depending on one’s talent, it may not be reached in one’s lifetime.

[So, the royal family’s custom is that training until level 30 is required.]

[What is this?]

[Hey! I have told you before, haven’t I? Father went out monster hunting in the past!]

Ah, the problem of the lock that even Infinite-Keys couldn’t break, ne…

Because of that, it seems like there are no other method of cancelling besides to kill it.

{{Well, thereafter was my turn. I went to this blockhead Alduin and told him: Killing your daughter and ascending the throne, or sending Tiara on a journey, which do you choose?}}

[Unreasonable haa-]

That kid is a worldly man, therefore his decision was natural.

Incidentally, such things as {{Had he chosen to kill his daughter, then I would have burned that guy to death…}} were nonchalantly said by the mini griffon.

[By the way, what does Eluma mean?]

Tiara was supposed to be Tiara Tsurugu Tsuwara.

[It’s my mother’s family name!]

[Now that you say it, I haven’t seen your mother, ne…]

Supposedly, she also didn’t appear at the meals.

[Mother is in a fight with father right now, and has returned to her parents’ home.]

{{Since his affairs were exposed…}}

[Royalty…but still, such things happen, ne?]

Kazane’s mind was biased towards people having as many affairs as they desired or having a harem as they pleased.

{{Normally, it ought to be no problem. But Keiran is a woman of Baiwan, so because of this, she can’t understand our cultural customs.}}

Well, it’s not like it was particularly biased after all, at least concerning the King in front of them.

[However, I cannot approve of this matter.] (Tiara)

[Me too. Affairs and the like are the lowest] (Yumika)

Tiara said so, and Yumika also agreed.

{{Fumu. How disappointing.}}

The griffon king dropped his shoulders. Seeing this, the three girls laughed.

Kazane: By the way, this time, the referred level 30 for the summoning is merely a rough estimate, ne. Also, status rising with level is something that, besides us players and a few exceptions, normal adventures have little knowledge about.

Yumika: If it’s high, then there’s no doubt that they are quite amazing. Therefore, they’re shown respect, even though it may be normal that the guild puts more importance on the rank.]

Kazane: [Yeah, just like that. Now then, with this, the Ruby Beast volume is closed. Next time is the beginning of the Onsen Tour Trip volume.

Yumika: [Waa~, Onsen~!]

Status Window:

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess, Shamed Girl (Yumika), Leaking Girl (Yumika)

Equipment: Cane [“White Blaze”], Two Handed Sword [“Black Fang”], Leather Jacket, Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring, Infinite Key.

Level : 20

Vitality : 70

Magic Power : 114+300

Strength : 27

Agility : 22

Endurance : 16

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [Fly] [Torch] [Fire] [Heal]

Skill : [Goblin Language] [Night Vision] [Crushing Blow] [Dog’s Sense of Smell] [Golem Maker] [Rush] [Fire Principle: Second Chapter] [Healing Principle: Second chapter] [Air Jump] [Killing Leg] [Fear Voice] [Invisible] [Tiger Eye]

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