Cat Ch32

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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

A Time of Happiness
Day 7, Part 5

After eating dinner with the family, we will once again be alone together.


「Mina-chan and Kasumi sure have a good relationship, really just like sisters~」


While being teased by mother, I finally remembered, after such a long time, that Mina was treated as my sister in law.


「I wonder if it…..」


Unintentionally, our eyes glanced at one another and smiled.

Mina’s and my relationship cannot be represent by a word like that――――after all, we are lovers.


「Yes, ah, Kasumi, can you go wash the bath?」




It looks like Mina will be the first one back to the room. Well, right now, if it’s not the two of us together, she wouldn’t go in anyway, so that’s normal.


While I was washing the bathtub, indecent thoughts floated through my head.

Since we were always together taking a bath….a kiss, maybe we can do it here?

When we wash our bodies, I wonder if I can have Mina touch me a lot.

Drowing in those wild delusions, I nearly forgot the time.

To make up for it….I might be boasting, but, I’d say I cleaned it very well.


「Ah, Kasumi, welcome back!」


Since we will take a bath in just a while, right now, I will finish reviewing. Though, it’s only around 30min.

After doing that, I stretched my back. As if a weight had left me, my body felt lighter.


「Now that I think about it, what happened to your cushion?」


Mina’s favorite cushion…recently I haven’t seen her touching it. It was on the bed, but recently she hugs me while asleep, so she wouldn’t be hugging her cushion.


「Hmmm…..I haven’t used it recently….」




「Because Kasumi is more warmer, and I love you after all…」


To those unexpected words, my cheeks grew hot.


Even though we were facing each other, before I noticed it, Mina’s hands were going towards my face. That look on her face — it makes my heart beat rapidly without any exceptions. I can’t help it after all, her face is so near to me.


「Kasumi……I kinda want to kiss. ……can I?」




I’ll be troubled if you say that so politely to me…..since I too, I want Mina’s Lips…to be felt by my lips.


「Fufu, your face is red~」


「Uu….that’s cheating…..」


Even though the reason I became like this was because of Mina….


「That part of you is cute too. I love you, Kasumi.」


The distance between our faces shrunk down to zero.

As our lips overlapped, my eyes reflexively closed.

Her face usually was at the same height as mine, but right now, Mina was gazing at me from above.

In that situation, my heart beating increased even more.


「….chuu…..Kasumi, I love you」


「Nnnn…..I love you too, Mina…」


From the paper thin distance between our lips.

The words 『I love you』 made the distance between our hearts even closer.


Our mutual emotions of『love』 blended and melted with each other.

Our burning skin, hard breathing, and our beating hearts too — everything became pleasure.

Right now, mine…Mina’s..――we are kissing the person we 『love』.

The feeling that gushed out….it felt like we were drunk on this emotion.


Even though we had done this a lot of times, it still seems that my body is not used to it…I can’t put strength into my body. And our lips won’t separate.




Mina was the one who ended the time that felt like eternity.

Even though it’s cold outside, but it felt so hot that sweat glistened on our skin.


「I kinda want to enter that bath right now.」




I too wanted to wash off the sweat and also ――above all, I wanted Mina to touch me more.

========Chapter 32 End=========

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