Sorry for the delays everyone…..these chapters are oddly long and I am not feeling as rested as I thought I would be over break. The team is doing its best to come out with more Kansu chapters for you. We are trying to be un-lazy …….>.>

I know we are letting you wait, but we’ll deliver. I’ll try to get better fast and get them tasty chapters to y’all.

Stay well everyone!


edit: this is 9, i don’t mind what the Op-translations are doing. and thats from me.


  1. All good, rl comes first.
    Also, I personally have no intentions of reading that other group’s tl of kansu, regardless of speed.
    It doesn’t matter if the current translator is slow or busy, if he’s still tling, he’s still tling.
    Ask for permission first.

    Anyway, looking forward to the chappies, but get your rest first.

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  2. I’m not against the translation the other team is doing, I’m just wondering why they’re doing it. I can see it in the case of like, Kumo Desu Ga, where the original translation is… lacking, but the quality between the Kansutoppu translations doesn’t seem to be all that different.

    At least it gives me an excuse to read it again.


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