Cat Ch33

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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Sweet Melting Love
Day 7, Part 6

「You two, the bath is ready, you know?」

I was quite happy to hear mom’s voice.
I am already wearing my pajamas, so I only brought my underwear with me.

「Then let’s go~」

Naturally, our hands grasped each other’s.
I want to touch Mina more. This naturally gushing feeling — maybe Mina is thinking the same thing as me.
With each step I take going down the stairs, nervous excitement overruns my heart.
Ever since the day that Mina became human, it has felt something like this — my heart is beating faster.
Even so, today, Mina who is always besides me holding my hand — I can’t help but think of her. Compared to before, it is far far stronger.
Is it because of the relationship between me and Mina, since, compared to before, we are closer now?
With just Mina taking off her clothes, it was so heart throbbing that I nearly had a nosebleed. The white skin that only I can look at, or the body that curved so nicely. Even though it’s a bit late, with our feelings having just connected, I wonder why my heart is beating this much?

「The bath is kinda narrow with the two of us.」

「You’re right….but, for me, I kinda like it, you know?」

Hearing mina’s word, I got a bit confused.

「Eh? Why?」

「After all, I get to be more close to Kasumi.」

From the unexpected words, the beating of my heart accelerated.
The warmth that was transmitted from our touching ski made my body hotter than even the hot water we used.
More……with Mina…..I want touch more.
Reacting to those emotions, my face drew closer to Mina’s face on its own. It seems it’s also the same with Mina.


Our lips intersected once.
Even though, we had already kissed a lot today, every time it happens, the more my emotions pile up — the faster my heart beats.

「It kinda makes me nervous…」

「Yeah, you’re right.」

My body began to burn up as if I were hallucinating as I felt all that blood rush towards my head.

But far surpassing that discomfort, I want Mina to touch me more….I want to kiss her.

「Mina…can we do it one more time?」


Bringing my face to hers, I spontaneously closed my eyes. We have kissed so much that I don’t really remember how many times we had done it. However, the meaning of our kisses, compared to the beginning, it is totally different now.

Our lips touched.
Right now, the reason is no longer『for us to be together』. It was a way for our feelings of『love』to unite.

The maddening brushing of our lips. Right now, even with my heart beating so, I am relieved.

「Mou, it sure is hot….I think I might collapse…」

「Wuu~….me too…」

Our bodies, losing strength, naturally embraced one another. The heat of our brushing skin had risen so much it might melt us.
We felt as if we couldn’t move away from each other, as if we would be abandoning each other if we moved away. Our legs moved together, lifting each other. The lukewarm air woke up our bodies.

The sound of splashing hot water erased the sounds of our kiss.
==============Chapter 33 End================

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