Cat Ch34

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Two Person’s Warmth
Day 7, Part 7

The sound of water pattering across Mina’s skin. I could see her pure white back, untouched by the sunlight.

「Should I wash it for you?」If I said those things, my soaring feelings would become more ridiculous.

「Kasumi….come quickly.」

Hearing Mina’s words, I hurriedly erased the floating image in my head.


Turning off the shower, there was only the sound of Mina and I standing up. Turning the shampoo into foam, I washed Mina’s hair. My fingers passed through her hair–it’s kinda ticklish.
The person I love the most…I want to see her when she is at her most beautiful.
My hands, which were combing her hair, became softer than usual.

「I’ll be washing your hair, ok?」


Mina who became human is still bad with showers. Even though today it’s been a week since then, I can understand why she is still anxious.

「Kasumi……it’s scary, so please hold me.」

「……Okay, Mina.」

After moving over to Mina’s front, she buried her head near my chest.

「Hehe…..for a little bit, I might be less scared.」

On the bulge on my chest, I could feel Mina’s warmth.
The loving feeling from the hands that held around me, it feels like my heart is melting.

「Ok, here I go.」


The breathing that reaches me is making my heart throb.
I poured the hot water as not to hit the cheeks of her face and somehow finished washing off the shampoo.

「…..It’s done already.」

Stopping the showerhead, I put it back to its hook.
I want to feel Mina’s warmth more, but any more than this and my heart might just explode.

「Yeah, thanks.」

Kneeling on my knees, our gazes met. As if like a signal, our face came close.
Our lips connected like it was natural, our hearts connected
Is this because I want her to be with me forever and ever? My most beloved person in the world?

「…..Nnn… just one day, we kissed a lot.」

「y\Yeah….you’re right…」

Just by exchanging those words, I became embarrassed. Not to mention, just by exchanging kisses, the happiness inside me is blossoming――

More…I want more. Faster than the words reaching my mind, my body moved.
And Mina had kindly recieved someone like me.
Over a short distance, our gazes connected and we closed our eyes


In the bathroom, the sound of our kiss echoed.
The inside of my heart was filled with something sweet and warm.

「Then, next will be rinsing, okay?」(Kasumi)

「Uu….there were still more…?」(Mina)

To Mina, who looked down, I ended up saying,「If you can bear it one more time…..Mina, you can kiss me one more time, okay?」

I’m sure that my face had reddened up…I’m not sure I can pretend as if it was heated from the bath.

「Un, okay.」

Saying that, Mina smiled. I’m sure she also noticed why my face had reddened up.
However, that part too―― I love it too, Mina.

=====================Chapter 34 End======================

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