A New Beginning?

You don’t know me, but you will soon I promise! Tea is caught up in his schooling so after a painful year of almost no Yuri, Maddy has stepped up to the plate.Who is Maddy? It’s me, the Yuri lover who’s been driving 9 mad on discord for over a year now(you should join us).  Most of the new posts will be mine and hopefully, we can get some yuri out to you girls. Hop on Discord with us, it’s a blast! I promise.
Now A word from 9.

from 9: for now we have decided to put Kansu and gob on hiatus. as for why, well we have already left them alone for a quite long time already, last time I translated kansu was like last year(and the editing still hasn’t been completed) well, there is a reason for that first its long, second tea is busy 3rd most of our editors are dead 4th we are lazy group. also another reason, I kinda lost motivation to translate them. well, I said hiatus and not drop it, I will be picking them up again someday when I get the proper motivation. And so build up motivation, I have decided to focus more on yuri wns, like cat(and some yuri short stories). cat is small and can quickly be edited and translated. I kinda want to release it daily, well if you are wondering if I can do that, trust me I can be fast if I want to, just hoping that editors will be too though MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. btw we will post one last kansu before we really put it in hiatus, the time it will be posted will depend on tea.

Remember, The Goddess Loves you.


Question for you: Why are Homura and Madoka flat?

Answer: So they can be closer to each other’s hearts.


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