Cat Ch38

IMe and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Melting Love of Two People
Day 7 Part 11

Mina’s fingertips traced my skin.




At that moment, the fever melted what was inside of me. My blazing body is steadily getting hotter, and I’m starting to notice a throbbing feeling below my navel. My breasts, my nape, my stomach, my arms and my thighs. Every time they are touched by her soapy hands, my body, my heart, it feels like they are about to fly away.


「Kasumi, you’re really getting too excited…..So cute.」


The moment Mina touched my collarbone, it felt like something was about to happen to my body.

More, I want her to touch me more. I want to melt.

My body is seeking Mina so much that I ended up thinking about something like that.


「Minaa, don’t tease me…」


「Why?…..Even though I like Kasumi.」


Please don’t say that……I might end up wanting Mina to make my heart beat even faster.


「Mina….That’s cheating….」


Words that make one’s heart to skip a beat….I wonder how can she say them so easily?


「What is?」


「Please don’t say so many cute things…… 」


Touch me more, make my heart beat faster. The overflowing emotions from the depths of my mind melted my brain. It’s too late — Mina is all I can think about. This skin of mine is seeking for warmth, and before I knew it, I had embraced Mina’s body.


「What’s the matter? Mouu…」


“I guess I have no choice.” She looked at me as if saying those words. Instead of separating, she hugged me back…it’s kinda cute.


「I love you….Please….make my heart beat faster…」


Will those words be enough, to convey what I’m feelings.


「Okay….Me too. I love you too, Kasumi.」


Her face drew near mine. Mina understood what I wanted.




The moment our lips connected, a sweet moment in time flowed between the 2 of us. From our kiss and the『love』 between us, my heart started to melt.


While changing angles, we exchanged many kisses. Not only our bodies, our hearts also became hotter. Every time Mina’s hand pulled me towards her, every time she caressed my back, it’s as if electricity flashed through me. Each time that happens, the bulges of my chest rub Mina’s, my heart squeezed so tight, it hurts. (9: the “bulge”…is prolly nips. Tea: thx for clarification 9…..)




From the gap between my lips, a frenzied voice leaked out. If she does any more, my chest might explode. My body trembles as if twitching.


The feeling of drowning in 『pleasure』 doesn’t stop, my body keeps seeking it. But it’s scary, I like it when I’m being melted by Mina’s touch, but sometimes I feel like I’m not myself. A sensation I have never felt before threatens to approach, which makes me feel scared.


「What’s the matter, Kasumi?」


「My heart is beating too fast, I started to feel so weird…」


As our rough breathing continued, we rested for a bit, immersed in our kiss’ aftertaste.


「It really makes your heart beat too much….Me too, I’m starting to feel weird…」


Mina’s body, too, was trembling a little. If she felt the same as me, then it must be some kind of happiness.


「The bubbles, they’re also on Mina….」


「Mouu, should we get washed together then?」


「….Unn, let’s do it.」


Mina too, maybe she wants to feel heartstruck with my hands too. If that’s true, it would make me really happy. It’s the same as saying we share the same feelings, after all — it tells me that Mina yearns for me.


「Then, should we?」


After this, I’m sure that we will make each other’s hearts beat even faster.


=================Chapter 38 End================

Author: Just when are they gonna finish taking a bath, even I don’t know.

9: 9 was here

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