Just Loving you ch1

Maddy here! With a new series! Thanks to our hard working editors and 9! I think you’ll notice right away from the writing style, but this is one of Shichi’s first works!
let’s get this started, sit back and enjoy~

Title: Just Loving You

by: Shichi

Raw: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n9377df/1/

It was at the shoe rack, a letter.

That thing was what changed the relationship between these two girl friends. Transforming their feelings for each other. A girl’s love story from both perspectives.


JLY ch 1



Risa PoV – The Start of It Was…

The first signs of the rainy season coming to an end started appearing. The only thing left is to wait for summer vacation. The clear weather, constantly having clear days and clearing my heart.

The Volleyball club’s practice ended, and as I was thinking about going home, the sunset still reddened the sky telling us it was already time for us to be free from high school life. The rest of the club members left the shoe racks in a rush like usual. I, on the other hand, was still opening the locker with my attendance number written on it.

On the upper shelf of the locker, I found a white letter with a yellow star used as a seal and「To Aida Risa-san」 written with feminine letters. Since my name was written on it that would mean it was written for me, but there was no sender.


「Oi~, Risa!」


「Wait a sec, I’ll be right there!」


I rushed towards my friends. I thrust the white letter inside my uniform’s pocket. After all, I probably won’t be able to read it until I’m home. Before I did it, I passed some time having stupid conversations with my equally stupid friends, but something was different from usual. Wait. Girl talk usually has a fast flow and constantly changing topics, so I’m more than used to it, but before I knew it I was being left behind in the conversation. What were they talking just now…?

As usual, I crossed the ticket gate with my pass to head back home, my head full of nothing but the letter. It’s not that big of a deal, but I can’t shake it away of my head. I wonder who it’s from? I wonder what is written in it? Inside the shaking train, my feelings too shook with it.


「Risa, this is your station, right?」


The station the train conductor announced was the one I live at.


「Un, thanks.」


I said thanks to my friend in a hurry as I descended from the train. With my current condition, I might have missed out on getting off at that stop.


「What’s the matter? You’ve been spacing out a lot today.」


Avoiding the question, I ran away through the door which had just opened.


「See ya~.」


「See you tomorrow.」


I raised my hand as a reply as I jumped down the stairs. That letter got stuck in the back of my mind and wouldn’t go away. Within this thin letter; I’m sure that there are some words in it, but even without knowing its contents, it was enough to make its way into the deepest parts of my mind. I kept wondering what was written in it, as I hurried back home.

When I reached home, there were some dishes with steam coming out of them already on the table.


「Welcome back(okaeri). Dinner’s done already.」


「I’m home(tadaima). I’ll be right there in a sec.」


Saying that, I went up to my room on the second floor and dropped off my bag and that letter. I thought of changing into comfier clothes, but my stomach rumbled so I hurried back to the living room.

Even though, I would normally talk about what happened during club activities,  today I wanted to finish my dinner as fast as I could, so my gaze didn’t even cross my parents’ faces nor the tv. “What’s the matter, Risa?” asked my father seeing this. To which I replied I had homework to do for tomorrow. Well, it certainly is work I must do now that I’m at home. That is 「To think of a reply to the intentions and purpose of that letter.」Although I don’t even know who sent it in the first place.

I finished eating and went to my room. It was getting dark already, so I went to the window and closed the curtains after turning on the lights. In the silence of my room, I could hear sounds coming from outside, like the rails of the train, which helped me relax as I changed to indoor clothes.

I faced my desk, and looked at the letter sitting where I left it. I tore off the seal, and from inside, two white letters fell out.

I read the first one; written on it were the same roundish letters as the outside. The name of the sender was nowhere to be found. Instead, there was one sentence that made my heart skip a beat. A sensation completely shot through me.


「Risa-san, I love you.」


My body started heating up and wouldn’t stop, as if a volcano erupted inside of my head, everything became a mess. 「Love.」Just these four letters, made my heart squeeze to the point it started hurting. But I have no one to share this feeling with. I have no idea what to do at all. After reading something like that, I was so confused I lost any sense of time, and before I noticed, it was already time to sleep. But instead of my pajamas, I still wore my t-shirt.

I hope it’s that person, they even have similar handwriting.


Goddess loves you.

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  1. If u have suspicions on who it is best thing to do is to give an ambiguos letter to the suspect. No need to embarass ureself confronting innocent people


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