Just Loving You ch2

The second chapter. We’re on a schedule now so expect frequent releases.
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JLY Chapter 2
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Yumi PoV – A Form of Bravery(original: hitotsu no yuuki)

I wonder what should I do. I have never been this nervous in my entire life. The sweat falling down my spine is not because of the heat.

I can’t hear any sound coming from the entrance anymore. Home room should have ended about an hour ago, so the only people left must be participating in their club activities in their respective areas.

I wrapped my feelings in an envelopment white like that girl’s pure heart. Using a star as the seal, representing what she means to me and preventing it from being read by anyone else.

The sound of the shoe box opening echoed throughout the empty entrance. I looked at the upper shelf and gently placed my feelings on top of her loafers.

Everything became silent after I closed the locker, my mind filled with memories of the first time I met her. I remember it as if it was yesterday, she suddenly jumped right in front of my eyes and from that moment, inside my heart, her existence had gotten big.

Due to my parent’s job we had to move from the countryside to the city and I had to take the examination test for this school. Until then I had no friends in the school, I had a few people I could get along with but no one I considered a friend. It couldn’t be helped, since I entered the school I knew it would end up like this but I couldn’t help but feel a bit lonely.

Alone in an unfamiliar place with no friends at all, the thought of what could happen to someone like me here made me worried about the next 3 years.

But in the end, time made things work out as always. I wasn’t the only one who found herself in a new environment, everyone else as well, despite staying in the same city, most people got separated from their old classmates and friends. Everyone warmly welcomed me so in the class too I made enough friends. I entered in one of the circles of girls and expended most break times noisily chatting with them.

Those times didn’t last long since as a second year I got separated from those girls I used to talk with and ended up sitting at the edge of the room alone. My mood did a 180º turn as I came to realize that until she, who sat next to me, saved my lonely self from the endless swamp I was in.

The classes started without caring about my mood, “so I’m already a 2nd-year high schooler” I was forcefully made to realize that. With the short review test already delivered, the class started getting noisy just as in the break times. The answer sheet was returned and while I was looking over the explanations,  suddenly I heard a voice from the neighboring seat.


「Hey, do you understand this part? Even looking at the explanations, I don’t get it at all.」


It was Risa-san, my neighboring seat. The problem she pointed at was about to be solved but she forgot something.


「Ah, this one? Try using the law of cosine in the angle B-….」


While looking at my answer, I tried to find a way to teach it to her in an understandable way. For some reason I couldn’t put my eyes away from her as Risa-san courteously wrote what I told her with a red pen.


「Ooh! I get it now!」


She looked at me with her eyes wide open, “cute” there’s nothing else I could think off which made me panic as I tried to erase the idea of my head but as much as I tried it stuck to my head and wouldn’t get off.


「Thanks, Yumi!」


A word as simple as that made my heart skip a beat.


「U-ummm, Risa…..san?」


「You can call me Risa, everyone does it.」


My heartbeat accelerated, I wonder what’s happening to me?




My face reddened, I didn’t want her to see it so I looked downwards and heard her excited voice.


「Yeah, thanks!」


I’m sure she had a gentle smile, is what I believe.  My face is still blushing so I can’t raise my head, even though I was thinking something like that, the idea of Risa’s smiling face came to my mind and before I noticed it my eyes met with hers. I don’t know if this is a coincidence, but the fact that even after changing seats she’s next to me makes me a little happy.



The Goddess loves you.

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