Just Loving You ch3

We’re just sailing right along. Chapter 3 with thanks to 9 and our editors
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Just loving you
JLY chapter 3

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Risa PoV – The feelings she noticed was….


It might have been fate. That’s what she thought when she saw Yumi sitting at her side after one month. At that time is when the second seats’ arrangement takes place, even then, somehow Yumi was still by my side.

By then my relation with Yumi was still between「friend」and「the person I love」 inside my heart. Maybe it was during that time I realized this feeling was「love」.

The exams were near, the perfect excuse to talk a lot with Yumi. Her teachings were really easy to understand, and when I said “thanks” her face reddened and she looked down, she was really cute. I don’t like tests, however since I was able to talk to her, that fact was blown away by the happiness I felt.

I don’t get to talk her after school so I always to take advantage of breaks to talk with her. Even if they always start as some nonsense talk, we start getting into it to the point where there was a time we didn’t realize class had already started.

I wonder which are my feelings towards Yumi? No matter the formula I use I don’t get it. The answer which can only be found in my heart. I love Yumi, even when I found that out I couldn’t figure out what kind of「love」is the one I feel? As a friend? Admiration? Or something else? My head’s gone in circles since then and I wasn’t able to move forward.

That letter’s handwriting was really similar to Yumi’s I could tell since I always look at her notes, a proper yet unbelievably cute handwriting.

Today was my turn for day duty, the class journal was passed to me. Three weeks had passed so there should be a day where Yumi had written on it.  After unlocking the drawer with the key and then pulling it out, I carefully got the letter and compared the writing.  


I quickly found the part with Yumi’s handwriting and compared it to the letter’s. My heart skipped a beat.


―――No way. Unbelievable.

My heart became like a puzzle with all the pieces scattered around with「happiness」at its center.

I…to yumi…I’ve been yearning for her and this is the answer to that yearning I got.

The more I think about it the faster my heart beats. My body wasn’t hot because of the hot weather but from the amount of blood my heart was pumping.

But…I…I wonder what should I do now?

I know the 「love」that I have, but Yumi’s「love」may be a different one. Her「love」might mean「friends」or「close friends」, and might not be the same as mine. I want to know. I don’t want to know. Contradictory feelings… Even though both of them are getting bigger, they are growing in perfect equilibrium.


My face reddened every time I looked at Yumi’s eyes and for that same reason, the time we expend together lessened quite a bit.



The Goddess loves you.

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