Just Loving You ch5

A little more angst to go. Nothing but a light breeze, right? Thank 9 and our editors for getting this out quickly as possible.

Just Loving You


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Risa PoV – Anxiety and Anticipation

My tears began to flow as if they were hiding my face. I felt disgusted at myself, disgusted that I froze up and didn’t at least say「sorry」. As I approached her, I felt scared. While I enjoyed Yumi’s company, I thought that our relationship may have broken if I pushed it any further, but in the end, we missed each other. I love Yumi, and I’m sure she loves me too, but not having confronted that, our paths separated. My mind had just been full of Yumi; during class and even in club, nothing else entered my mind. I was told to go home early since a spiked ball hit my face making my nose swell and even bleed. I deceived my classmates and teachers by saying「I was spacing out due to the heat」, but my mind was truthfully just full of Yumi. It was painful being unable to meet Yumi.


It was lonely.

As more days passed, further and further, thoughts of Yumi swelled up inside of me. Cracks began to form and a cold draft leaked out. Even though it was the middle of summer, inside my heart, it was midwinter. The only way that I could ever warm up again was Yumi herself.

I could see Yumi’s silhouette from far away. Yet no matter how hard I chased, I couldn’t catch up with her. On the contrary, the silhouette only got smaller and before I noticed it, I was inside a deep, dark forest. As I watched Yumi’s appearance disappear between the gaps of the leaves, I tried to run towards her, but my legs got caught on the tree roots and I fell over. I couldn’t see Yumi’s figure anywhere and didn’t know the way back.




With all my might I shouted. There was no response, only the swaying of the leaves on the trees and the chirps from small birds. I could never mistake the sound of Yumi’s voice, but that was nowhere to be heard.


And now, I’m alone. My heart was crushed and tears, overflowing — unable to stop. It took me until now to realize that my knees hurt from falling over. That important place in my heart felt sore. Lost as I was, I could only continue down the current path.


—My eyelids were heavy. The alarm’s ring annoyingly resounded inside my ears despite me not having any club activities today. I curiously thought about it and looked at the date. That’s right, we had to go to school today. There should be an orientation about the field trip happening this September.


It was sweltering inside my room, but I shook off the heat and went to school. It grew hotter as the sun’s rays hit me, but finally, after such a long time, I could meet Yumi. As I thought about that, the heat became secondary.


When I entered the classroom, Yumi wasn’t there. Her bag wasn’t hanging by her desk even though she would usually arrive earlier than me. A bad thought appeared inside my head — one that I forcefully shook off. I’m sure she noticed that today was a school day and was, right now, frantically on her way. As I thought about it in my head, I giggled a bit.

As the chimes for classes sounded, I heard running footsteps in the hallway. I opened the door forcefully and saw Yumi on the other side. Her long hair was a mess and beads of sweat covered her face. Seeing that, I was certain she was in a panic coming to school, which just made me think about how cute she was.


「Yumi, morning.」


Being unable to see her for so long, I was overflowing with happiness.


「Un, morning.」


Moreover, she returned me a smile like that of a sunflower.


「It’s pretty rare for you to come in at this time.」


She replied to me as she took a towel from her bag. Even now, her rough breathing still hadn’t calmed down.




It had been a month, but being able to talk to her like the time we were still「friends」made me feel so happy that I could fly.


Just being able to be with Yumi, I’m already this happy and excited — as I thought, I really do love her. Once again, I reaffirmed my feelings.




The Goddess loves you.

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