Just Loving You ch6

See? Right out of the storm and into the warm fluffy sunlight (speaking of storms Irma is coming for Maddy.) but enough of that time for Yuri!

Just loving you

JLY 06

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Yumi PoV – The Mixing of Melted Emotions


The fact that there would be school today had gone through my mind, when I woke up I was on the verge of being late.  I took off my pajamas and threw it, then I excitedly wore my uniform.  Skipping breakfast, I gleefully went to school.  

I made it to the nearest station in 5 min which is a 10 min walk, I went to the platform and entered the train that just arrived.  I wiped away the sweat that was on my face with the sleeve of my shirt.  When the train reached the station I needed to get off at, for the first time I ran with all my might.  I peeked at my wristwatch.  Just 8 more minutes.  If I ran I might just make it barely.

When I slipped into the classroom, the chime rang at the same instant.  The sound the door made when I opened it was more noisy than usual.  Among the classmates that looked at me, when reached my seat-


「Yumi, morning.」


-we met each other after a frighteningly long time.  Risa smiled and greeted me.


「Un, morning.」


I took a towel from my bag and placed it around my neck, after a long time since the last time, I had chatted with Risa.  It was like the time when we were still「friends」.

Maybe it was because I was running earlier, my chest was beating fast.  My body is hot, and the Risa inside my heart is getting bigger, and I became aware that I am yearning for Risa.


In a humid gymnasium, the words of the people from the travel agency didn’t enter my ears.  Looking at the pamphlet that was passed out before this I noticed the group I’m in will be staying in the same room as Risa.  I completely forgot about this.  This was decided three months before the examination, at that time in my mind I always kept thinking about Risa.  A place where I haven’t gone to, going to together with Risa, and staying in the same room.  Just imagining about it, my mind feels like it’s melting, my consciousness had just flown away to the future by itself, creating a dream like delusions and disappearing into them.


「I’m really excited for this!」


After the orientation ended, when we were heading to the entrance, Risa said something to me.


「Yeah, it’s my first time going to Okinawa so I’m also really excited~」


Actually, what I am the most excited for was the fact that I could go together with Risa.  Saying that is almost like I am confessing to her.  It was just a letter but saying it with my own mouth….Just thinking about it makes my face go red.


「I only went there once, when I was a little kid.  I’m really excited!」


“I can’t wait for it.” said Risa, and then I-


「But, before that summer vacation will end you know.」


Then I said it


「Ah, I need to do my homework!」and held her head.  Risa acting like this is kinda cute.


「What do you have left?」


「English and classics……」(9: I dunno what subject classics is, this is the kanji for the subject 古典)


The remaining subjects are subjects that Risa is good at.  Though if it was math I would have taught her.


「Don’t worry!  I still have some left too.」


「That’s great!  Risa is nearly about to finish with yours after all.」


「Let’s do our best together!」




Our conversation returned to the field trip, we talked a lot about what we wanted to do.  Like being buried in sand or eating a lot of food at the hotel.  The thing I wanted to say the most, I was unable to say it, and then we separated from the platform of the station.  The train Risa and I will ride are from the opposite direction.  Still, before the train arrives, only one thing, I want to hear about.






「Was there………a letter inside your shoe box?」


「Ah, it was just right before the vacation but there was no name on it………..Is there something about it?」


「Nothing really, I felt like I saw it being put there.」


In a panic I deceived her.  That’s great, looks like I was not hated.


「Hmmm, then who was it from?」


「I-I was not able to see well because of the back lighting…..」


「Is that so? You don’t to really mind it though.」


――I was somehow able to trick her.  I think?  It was just at that time, the train had stopped at the station.


「Then, see ya.」


「See ya, Yumi.」


For some reason, I feel really sad but my love that was broken to pieces, there were still connected to each other. That is something I am really happy about.  The clear skies, the cicadas sang as if it was delighting by the sunlight.



a little Valentines day early

The Goddess loves you.

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    1. Not matter how you look at it he is a dude… Unless he is james charles i dont think he is a ‘sister’ who am i to assume tho 🤪


  1. Male X female was a mistake and Female X Female absolutely sings with rightness. I am sure now that Yuri is how it was in the beggining, how the universe wanted it to be. But then the evil men (like me) came and deceived the woman into birthing our children. But…. some break free of our perversion and experience TRUE PURE LOVE BETWEEN GIRLS!!!!

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