Just Loving You ch7


Here again with another chapter thanks to 9 and our editors

Just loving you




Risa – the leaping throbbing was…..


So, it would happen tomorrow.

I had already packed my luggage and went to bed early for the sake of waking up tomorrow, but I wasn’t sleepy at all.

I wondered what would I be doing tomorrow at this time?

Maybe I would be sleeping with Yumi on the same mattress or maybe playing with everyone else?
Even though it was only slightly different to our ordinary days, my heart pitter-pattered with tension as the distance with everyone at school could transform. It were days I couldn’t properly imagine. I only understood that much but my mind somehow cleared up.

I took out my phone and opened Yumi’s page on my phone’s contacts.

I immediately wavered if I should press the button or not. The time was around 11PM. I wondered if she was already asleep. Or maybe she still hadn’t?

Only one time. Determined, I called her. The dial rang: once, twice. Just when I was about to give up, I heard her voice over the phone.


『H-hello…..Risa? 』


Compared to her usual voice at school, Yumi’s voice sounded a bit sleepy.


「Yumi….sorry, did I wake you up?」


『No, I was also about to call you too』


I wondered why but my heart suddenly skipped a beat.


「That’s great~, I thought I was troubling you with this. Well then, good night and see you tomorrow 」


『Ah, wait, Risa』


I wondered what to do as my heart leaped around like a rabbit.


「W-what is it?」


『You see, if you are fine with it……can we』


「Go together to the airport?」that one phrase set my heart aflutter.


「Yeah, let’s do it」


Just saying that took my all. Any more and I would have said「i love you」.


『That’s a relief~. then what about the time?』  


「Hmm, can I hang up for a sec? I’ll look it up then send you the time through LINE」


「Yeah, I’ll be waiting」


She hung up. It was such a relief she couldn’t see my red face.

I sent her 「at what time do you want to arrive at the airport」which was immediately read. As I became elated that she saw the message, she replied with 「maybe
around 8 ?」. So the meeting time was at 9. “This was Yumi after all,” I thought as I reflexively smiled. I looked up a station near the airport on the map app and found a route that arrived at 8:25. Yumi seemed to be weak in the mornings so I thought it was the best to go a bit late. I looked up the nearest station to Yumi and sent the best result to her through LINE. Once again, it was immediately read and 「Thanks~^0^」「Good night!」were replied in the link of an eye. I returned a 「Good night, see you tomorrow」and the conversation stopped.

After diving under the sheets, my throbbing heart from hearing Yumi’s voice slowly calmed down. I bitter smile leaked out as my plans to sleep early fell apart.


Goddess Loves you.

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