Just Loving You ch8

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Just loving you



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Yumi PoV – your fault for being inside my heart

I wanted to talk with her for a bit longer, but I hung up the call before she could realize I was getting nervous. My drowsiness was blown away; I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to even sleep.

My heart kept beating fast for a while after hearing how she was talking. I couldn’t help being like that when I thought about how she was this gentle only because it was me.

I opened the TALK screen on Risa’s LINE and received the message「At what time do you want to arrive at the airport?」.  The scheduled time was around 9am, so I texted her「Maybe around 8.」to avoid any last minute disasters. As I sent it, she immediately read and replied with「Wait a sec.」.

The field trip was four days long. During that time, I’d always be with Risa. Just thinking about it set my heart ablaze.

It really was just「 A sec.」since she immediately responded to my message with the details of the route. I entered the link she sent me, after wishing her a good night.

I unintentionally smiled. The result of the search was the shortest route. She knew I was weak in the mornings and chose an option that gave me some leeway. I was happy to see how much she cares about me but still, that was unnecessary.

Maybe if I promised Risa I’d absolutely wake up first try… yeah, I couldn’t really say that even as a joke.

I buried my heating up body in my bed and being wrapped in that warmth, closed my eyes.

Pipipipipipi. I rose my heavy body to the sound of the alarm. As I opened the curtains, white light shone into my room, little birds chirped outside and my sleepiness faded away.

Pajamas still on, I went into the living room where breakfast was already made. In just one more hour, I could meet Risa. With just that, my heart was filled with happiness. After I ate, I spread out my closet and thought about what to wear. From my past experiences, trousers would be fine but my favorite tops were all in my traveling bag. I had already sent my bag yesterday so using any of them wasn’t an option anymore. I’ll save them for the second day when we go to the beach. Eventually, I decided on a beige inner shirt with light blue plaid to match. I wore yellow accent socks and, along with my favorite wrist watch, hung the same sling bag over my shoulder as always. I wore my best shoes and went outside where remnants of yesterday’s heat still existed. There was still some time before the train’s depart but thinking about meeting Risa made my legs spontaneously increase their pace.

I wanted to see Risa as soon as possible so I took the previous train to the one we decided on. Meeting inside the train may have been a good too, but with rush hour, we may mistake cars and not even see each other.

As I got off the platform, I checked to make sure it was the right one. As I walked towards the ticket gate before the stairway on the platform, I saw Risa on the very top. Since it wasn’t really crowded, Risa excitedly descended the stairs as I raised my arms to wave at her.

Once there were only a few steps separating us, Risa excitedly said「good morning」. Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve seen Risa in her casual clothing. We must wear the school uniform during school and the times I attended the art club’s meetings during the weekends, she would always wear either a jersey or the shirt the club designated.

I replied「good morning」while looking at Risa’s clothes. The pastel colors were so cutely coordinated my heart skipped a beat. I thought Risa’s clothes would be a bit more mature.

「What’s the matter? You’re rather early.」

「I was looking forward to it, so I came kind of early~」

「You have a point. After all, this field trip will only happen once.」

I was looking forward to the field trip, but what I was looking forward the most was being together with Risa. I couldn’t say that to her, so it was kept a secret inside my heart.

「Last night I was so excited that I wasn’t able to sleep at all.」

「When you have a trip the following day you can’t get much sleep after all.」

Just like always, time passed in the blink of an eye and the announcement of the train arriving echoed throughout the platform.

「Ah, the train is already here.」

「We can also talk on the train, you know?」

「Yeah, you’re right.」

Just being with Risa, my cheeks were getting slightly hot. It may have been just my imagination, but Risa also looked a bit redder than normal.




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Goddess loves you.

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