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Maddy here again with something we’ve all been waiting for, Cat!
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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Flame of Love
Day 7, Part 12


Her neck, her arms, and then her breasts. I rubbed them softly, like how Mina did with mine.
My skin touched hers. Her voice didn’t leak out, but I knew that Mina’s breathing was rougher.
Just as I thought, she’s the same as I was. My half of our love is being completed by hers, and each time I notice the proof of that, my heart skips a beat.

「Mina, you’re getting excited too… So cute.」

Repeating the words she’d said to me earlier, an unexpected answer surprised me.

「It can’t be helped, you know? … After all, I love Kasumi…」
「Me too… I’m the same as you, Mina~」

Every time Mina expresses those feelings I’m so used to, I can feel how that thing we call 『Love』 becomes stronger.
Forever and ever, I want to be in love with Mina… to be deeply in love with her, until the end of my life.
Thinking about those kinds of things, more and more, I want to be intertwined with Mina.
Our faces drew near. It looks like Mina was also thinking the same thing… we reflexively hugged, and our lips connected.

It’s as if it was a lie that I was that panicked when we kissed for the first time.
Chuu, a sound resounded from our lips and I separated from the warmth of Mina’s lips. It felt like that simple moment had lasted an eternity.
The word 『Love』, it’s just like magic that pulls us together. Even though it’s just a four-letter word, between Mina and I, no matter how many words you pileup, it would never be enough to convey the feelings we have for each other.

「Jeez~ Kasumi? Hurry up and wash me…」
「Oh… you’re right. Mina, take my seat.」

I let Mina rest on the chair where I was sitting. She’d kept standing on her knees the whole time so her kneecaps were a bit red.
Slender and white; as my attention was drawn to them, I thought about how pretty her legs are, and I softly stroked them with my soapy hands.
I felt Mina’s body react with a twitch. Just by touching the inner part of her thighs, she leaked out a voice as if she were about to melt.

「Haa… Nn, Kasumi~」

The person I’m yearning for is also yearning for me. The moment I noticed it, happiness filled my chest.
And as I continued to stroke her legs, I left tracks of foam down to the tips of her toes. As I reached the soles of her feet, Mina reacted a bit and it was cute.
Being touched sure makes your heart beat fast. It happens to me too; but, that sensation that makes you feel nearly drunk, I love it.

「Mina… Can you stand up?」
(9: is she going to lick it?)

If she stays on the seat, then there will be parts that won’t be cleaned. Like her buttocks or a girl’s… important parts.
Making her stand up, and touching her there… is somewhat perverted, it feels like that a bit. My body is somehow getting weird.

「Nn… Hey, this is kinda… somewhat… Doing something like this… really makes my heart beat fast…」
「You’re right…」

I wonder if Mina also understands. This kind of thing.
Even if you wanted to call it normal human instinct, we are two girls, so this feels somewhat different…

「Aah, umm, should I shower you? You are already foamed right?」

But, Mina’s face is already flushed red.
Is that because she was thinking about me… about that?
If so, that would make me happy; because thinking about that, is the same as I did.
When I turned on the shower, the water was already cold again. After all, the time we spend together is like chocolate. It’s sweet and deep, and before you notice it, you’ve already eaten the whole thing.

So that Mina doesn’t get scared, I pour the warm water as gently as possible.
Her white skin covered in foam slowly reveals itself.
「Pretty」 is all I can think after seeing her white skin. I think I might be becoming weird.
After rinsing the soap off, without turning off the shower, I put it back on its hook.


Mina called out to me with a trembling voice. She was already holding her lips towards me.

「Fufu… Mina, you’re so cute… I love you.」

In the middle of taking a shower, I let go the words that you supposedly shouldn’t say lightly.


The sound of the moment our lips connected was drowned out by the sound of water falling from the shower.

「Should we leave the bath…? I want to kiss a lot, in our room.」
「O-… okay.」

Even though we’ve already kissed so many times in the bath, I still want to feel the warmth of her lips.
I’m always yearning for the warmth of Mina’s body; I still want to melt much more than this.
Thinking of that, I’m sure Mina feels the same way too.
Our lips connected one last time as we left the bath filled with Mina’s lovely scent.
chapter 39 end


The Goddess loves you.

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