Cat 40

It’s Been awhile, I know, but they’re finally leaving the bathroom! Not that it’ll keep their mouths apart.
Anyway, Chapter 40 thanks to 9, Anzu and bucket.

CAT 0040

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Sweet Time
Day 7, Part 13
「Today’s a bit cold, isn’t it?」


Tomorrow is already December. From the outside, the raindrops hitting the ground are making a sound.


「The rain, now that it started falling we better dry ourselves before our bodies get cold.」


Even though we are already in the dressing room, the heat from Mina that melts me seems like it’s not even cooling down.

My warmed up body, I can’t do anything to it even if I feel chilly after a bath.


I finished drying myself, but when I was about to change, Mina embraced me from behind.

I felt the heat from her naked body and the softness of her skin. My body can’t stop its heart from beating fast.


「If I do this, it feels kinda warm.」


「Mou, hurry up and wear some clothes or else you’ll get a cold, you know?」


I said it because, if this continues my heart won’t be able to bear it.


「Can’t be helped…. In exchange, when we are back in the room, let me kiss you a lot, ok?」


I wonder if she said it near my ear so that she could say it quietly. She said it with her breath. Because of that, I felt so fluffy that I felt like I was in an illusion and my body was floating over the floor.




I couldn’t stop my cheeks from heating up. My face naturally loosened up and I ended up grinning.

I drank water after the bath and brushed my teeth. I knew that Cats don’t like the smell of mint flavors but, at the beginning, I thought it was weird that Mina who became a human was hesitant to even put on the toothpaste.

But, during that time too, I came to love it. Is this what you call weakening from love?


She gurgled and then “phew”, Mina sighed. It was charming, precious, and cute.


「Phew….. Hey, Kasumi, let’s hurry up and go back to the room?」


「Yeah, let’s go.」


My fingertips just naturally sought the warmth from Mina’s hand, and before I noticed it, our hands were already grasping each other. (9: so lewd)

Without turning on the lights, we sat on the bed. As if she could still see in the dark like when she was still a cat, she pulled my hand that was grasping hers.


「Mou, Mina, your face is too close….」


So close that her breaths hit my face, and that I could smell the fragrance of her skin.


「Didn’t I say it?….. I’ll kiss you… a lot」


Her fingertips softly traced my cheeks. My body that was melting from the throbbing of love, just with that I feel like I might actually melt.

As if it was conditioned to be natural, my eyes were already closed…. and I felt the touching sensation of a lip.

Even though it’s more kind than usual, the kiss feels so deep that it stirs up my body inside. Before I noticed it, I had softly answered back.


All I could feel was the sensation of Mina touching me. It felt like something from the depths of my body was gushing out, and it made me embrace Mina.

I wonder if Mina felt the same too, I could feel the sensation of her arms on my back.

Chupu chupu (kissing yuri-ly sfx,) The mixing wet sounds of two. The voices that leaked from the crevice between my and Mina’s lips.

I like loving, and being loved but, doing this, this time of loving one another as if melting together, I love this the best.


「…..chupu, haa haa….Mina, I love you….」

「Nnn, Kasumi…more, it’s not enough…..」


My body that had lost its strength, I let it fall on the opposite side of the bed.

However, our bodies stayed embracing each other. It appeared as if Mina was covering me.

Maybe this is… I.. got pushed down?


「Kasumi… more… kiss you more… can I?」


As if I’d say no, rather ―― I want more…


「You can do it more, Mina. Ah…」


This sweet sweet time, I want this to continue more and more.

As if that feeling reached her, our lips connected.

chapter 40 end


The Goddess Loves You

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