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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Warming Each Other’s Bodies
Day 7, Part 14
Just by changing the angle of our position, I wonder why my heart is beating so much more?

Even though Mina hasn’t changed the way she kisses or the tenderness at all…


「nn… nnnyuu, nnu… haa… n」


I couldn’t bear my breath, and so I couldn’t hold back those kinds of voices from leaking out.

My body twitches. And around my navel, it gradually starts getting hot.


I can’t control my body anymore. Beyond kissing, more and more intense things, I can’t help but notice that I’m seeking more of it.

My heart, it’s also wishing for it, but… I still don’t know. A much more daring thing to be done by『Lovers』, I ended up thinking that it’s scary.


「…phew… Kasumi, what’s the matter?」


Even though our lips have already parted, my breathing still hasn’t calmed down.


「I-It’s just, nothing…」


It isn’t just nothing and I… I know that best.

But still… my heart and my body are seeking Mina’s lips.


「… …I’m sorry, for kissing you forcibly. That’s why, please don’t make that face that looks like it’s in pain…」


I… Am I making a face like that? Even so, Mina’s kiss, it’s because it felt so good.


「It’s nothing like that….. I’m really happy.」


I went near with my lips, and they touched Mina’s cheek.


「Thanks… Let’s sleep for the night already. If we do any more of this, I feel like I might go crazy…」


Me too, if we keep doing this ―― the feelings I have from my precious place might overflow and I won’t be able to take it anymore.


「Un, good night.」


My still warm body is refusing to get into my blanket. But we can’t stop hugging each other, seeking each other’s warmth.

Instinctively touching, a good night kiss.


I’m sure that because my and Mina’s relationship was tied together by a kiss, it became the most special relationship.

That’s why various things get conveyed from lips to lips.


But, this 『love』 between Mina and I, is racing in circles. This brittle connection, if we can’t convey it even for a single day, it would suddenly get broken.

If this relationship of ours gets broken… it would be so painful that I would die.


……. I love you, Mina.


I, who didn’t even have the courage to say those words, can only look at Mina’s sleeping face.

I can only hesitate, in letting out the heat from this boiling body and kissing her sleeping face.


Unable to sleep, looking at the watch near my pillow, the date has already changed.

I wonder for how long I was being melted by Mina, I don’t even know how long I’ve been looking at Mina’s sleeping body, but since bathing, it has been already been many hours.


Still being unable to sleep, my hot body is slowly growing cold. The heat from Mina’s embrace is not enough anymore. While getting in the blanket, I also put Mina in together too.

When I was about to pull out the blanket, when I got my hand out of the embrace, I could really feel my heart about to stop, when I heard a voice.


「n… Kasumi?」


「Mina… did I wake you up?」


「Not really, I can’t sleep at all.」


So Mina was the same. They say that a pet is similar to their owner, but even though we are not in that relationship anymore, we are still thinking the same thing.


「Me too… It’s already cold, so let’s get the blanket on.」


「Y-yeah, you’re right.」


Mina’s state is somehow different. Still, this racing love, in this space between heart and heart it’s unsteadily wandering.


「Kasumi, I’m really sorry. That I did it that way.」


Ah, I remembered. Mina is the same right now as I was yesterday. The same me that thought that you did something that you shouldn’t do, and binding up your heart.


「It’s okay, I’m happy….. After all, it felt so good that my heart was beating so much.」


Feeling relieved, Mina’s body had started to relax.  I embraced her body, and softly connected my lips with her.

『It’s alright』,『Thank you』and『I love you』, I wonder if these feeling got to her?


「….. Did you get it?」


I wonder if all of my feelings reached her.


「Yeah… Kasumi, thank you.」


Mina narrowed her lips and softly closed her eyes. My eyes that got used to the darkness, I could properly see it.


「Let’s sleep already. Mina… good night.」


One more time, our lips connected. Purposely making a sound, I could see that Mina’s face got a little red.


「Kasumi, good night.」


Hugging each other deeply, I could feel a sweet warmth.

Melting in Mina’s warmth, before I knew it, my consciousness had fallen asleep.
chapter 41 end




The Goddess loves you

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