Cat 42

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cat chapter 42
Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)
CAT 0043

I’m yours
Day 8, Part 1
From the sound of the alarm clock, I got woken up.

Even though it seems like I had a happy dream, I can’t remember it.


「nnn….already morning….?」


Feeling by myself I muttered. fumbling around to turn off the alarm. There is also school today, but honestly, I still want to sleep.

To turn off the alarm I had to go over mine, so I put my hand on Mina’s back.

Just as I thought, so warm. Just a little bit, staying like this, I’d like to melt in my dreams.




When I thought that Mina had opened her eyes, a half-asleep voiced called out my name.


「Mina?… Did you wake up?」


「Yeah…. Good morning, Kasumi」


Once again, Mina closed her eyes. I already can easily understand what that meant.


「Good morning, Mina」


I came closer to Mina so much that we are in the distance where our breaths can reach to, and we got more and more closer.


……..chuu (sfx of kissing)


Even though it’s just for an instant, with just only that my heart is being satisfied.

The feeling of 『Love』 that wasn’t in our first kiss was… so overflowing that it fills me.

I already increased my heart-rate too much, that I can’t go back to sleep again. Even though we are in a very close intimate relationship, with just that, my love is expanding again.


「Today, it looks like it will get cold」


The rain from last night, it seems like it might continue for 1 day. Though it might be better than it snowing.


「Uuu…I don’t like the cold…」 (9: me too)


Saying that she acted as if freezing, and its unbearingly cute.


「Then….should the both of us warm up each other?」


Before I noticed it, I ended up saying something bold, and my face had gotten hot.


「Kasumi, you got a point there」


The hands that were embracing my back, got more intense.

And her face got closer, and as if like a reflex, I close my eyes.

In exchange for feeling the warmth from the lips to lips, a soft warmth brushed my cheeks. Mina’s hair stimulates my skin.

Slightly opening my eyes, Mina was rubbing her cheeks on mine. (9: got bamboozled)

Unexpectedly, from myself, the feeling of my skin being rubbed, its different from a kiss but, surely it’s like my chest is a chocolate being melted.


「Nn…. so warm」


「It sure is, Mina」


Even though it’s still early, even though we will have to go to school now, Mina’s warmth, I’m being melted.

Now that I think about it, I remember hearing about something.


「Doesn’t the cat, rub their cheeks on something and putting their smell on it to show that it’s theirs?」

「Un, you’re right」


Just some days ago when Mina was still living as a cat, if she had been rubbing me for that reason.


「Then… I already belong to Mina?」


Saying it like that, I can’t help but have expectations. if the person you love thinks of it that way, I am..


「… Mou, Kasumi, don’t make me say it…」


So what she is saying means that… what she did earlier, meant that way.

All of me, I ended up wanting Mina to steal me. My body and my heart, being melted by Mina, I want to be love with her all.


「Nnn….you can do whatever you like.. to me」


For an instant, the switch inside my heart got turned on. It’s already too late, I can only see Mina right now.

And as of what I am now, what Mina did was, just light tender kiss.


「For the continuation, let’s do it when we are back home…let’s hurry up and eat breakfast, go to school okay?」


「Uuu…’ve got a point…」


That habit of making me conscious of it, that unfair.

But, I also love that part of hers. Inside my head, that thought just appeared.

I, in many ways I am soft on Mina. I’m sure that its because I keep loving Mina.

Even though the day is just getting started, I got kissed a lot, and my heart is beating so much.

Even though it would be fine if Mina could just make me hers, right now. It’s not like I am desperate but that thought just floated inside my mind.


chapter 42 end

9: I’m starting to worry if Kasumi is going to get a Meltdown

Goddess bless.

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  1. just speculation here, by the tone of the story i’m pretty sure this isn’t a tragedy, I bet if there is any deception it’s that mina never needed the kisses to stay human, it was just an excuse to kiss her at first. of course that IS just a theory. we’ll know the truth soon enough.

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