Job Change ch1

I’m going to roll every single one of them out, Get your seatbelt on and bear with me.

Thank you, Miki and Anzu

01 – God’s First Job


As I wondered if Rione was moved, tears began to gather in her eyes. And soon, those tears fell from her eyes.


「Thank you! This is the happiest day of my life! To be able to see God! 」


「Is that so? To tell you the truth, I didn’t think I could materialize myself. I don’t think the current faith is quite as abundant as two thousand years ago……」


People seriously believed in God back then. Because of that, it wasn’t uncommon for God to talk with people directly.


But as it weakened, I could only give oracles or revelations to the clergymen and shrine maidens who were serious in their faith. Furthermore, as I weakened, my powers did so as well and I was only able to provide makeshift solutions to small-scale famine and floods.


The cycle continued and the people who diligently believed in God disappeared. Nowadays there just isn’t enough faith going around, so gods are steadily disappearing.


Nevertheless, due to Rione’s pure heart and sincerity, I was able to clearly show my form for the first time in one thousand and five hundred years.


「When I say pure, I mean your heart shines brighter than any jewel in this country. Please refrain from muddying your heart. If people’s faith weakens, gods can no longer exert their power anymore.」


「Yes! I understand, goddess Faltear!」

Rione smiled energetically. However, her face suddenly became gloomy.


「Umm…… I’m truly sorry however there is neither a splendid shrine nor a temple for the (esteemed) goddess…… Please forgive this idiot……」


「What? So it’s like that? If that’s the case, then there’s no problem. Gods like me only want faith. Of course, if you made a fine temple out of faith, it would matter. But if the purpose is only to show off wealth or to raise influence, it truly makes no difference.」


I am simply thankful that you picked up this abandoned body and washed it.


「You are still growing. Go to sleep; it’s already night. I shall lend you my power tomorrow.」


「Thank you very much, Goddess!」

「Oh, while we’re at it, you can call me Faltear. By spreading my name, you may have an effect on the surroundings as well.」

「I understand, Lady Faltear!」


And so, Rione entered the bed and slept.


As Rione slept, I decided to go out and investigate the village. It’s at times like these that being a deity is useful.

In addition to being invisible to anyone besides Rione, I can also read the memories of any suitable person by standing by their bed.


They are the beastmen who lived about 150 eltana away from here. By the way, 150 eltana is about 4 days in walking distance. Over there, the small independent states of beastmen were crushed one after another by the Garm empire, a human-run major power. Looking for a place to stay, they escaped to this barren frontier.


As there were few people living here originally, this was the only land feasible for a settlement.


However, the nearby mountain’s blessings were discovered and with the soil’s sand-like quality, normal crops were unable to grow. Neither did they have the technology to produce fabrics or metalwork to sell.

As a result, the description ‘deserted village’ fit perfectly and their poor livelihood continued.


Since nutrition is already scarce, as soon as an epidemic strikes a majority of the inhabitants will die.


I won’t let such a thing happen. At the very least, I must protect believers like Rione.


This time, I’ll move mountains if I have to.

Even without walking, I can fly in the air at high speeds. However, the range of movement is determined by the faith.


Thinking about the water that Rione used before, it seems that water is scarce. While there may be a water source deep underground, they do not seem to possess the technology to dig such a well.


After walking for 30 minutes, I reached a terrace that looked like a rugged stone wall. For now, this is my range of movement.


Alright, I’ll get started from here somehow.


Next Morning.


Rione, who woke up around 4:30 in the morning, immediately faced my statue and clasped her hands in prayer.


「Please, protect us……」


「Yeah, that’s my plan」

I instantly appeared in front of her yet again.

「Waaa! Lady Faltear! 」


「Anyhow, you wake up early, don’t you. The sky is still dark.」

「I must draw the water around this time…… There isn’t any good water around this area you see……」

「I got it. I’ll fix that.」

「Huh? Are you going to create a miracle!?」

Rione’s ears shot up. It seems that even among the beastmen, the cat people have quite long ears.


「It’s not enough to be called a miracle. If anything, it would probably be considered God’s wisdom? Grab a plow and a hoe.」


I brought Rione to the terrace’s rocky surface.


「And what will be here……?」

「Remove the rocks and try digging around here」


I could lend a hand, but faith will rapidly decrease if I help too much; it’s important to lend help in moderation.

For instance, people born in an aristocracy who are given a life of luxury won’t think of themselves as extremely lucky. It’s because humans will never be content.


「Ei! Ei! 」

Rione tried her best, removing dirt and rocks with her thin arms.


「It’s difficult but it will probably be done before the sun is too high. Give it your all.」

It will probably take about one and a half hours. And then—


Clear, clean spring water will vigorously come out.


「Amazing! There was such clean water right here!」


Rione raised her voice in a cheer. And then, she drank the water with her hands.

「It’s delicious! There’s no trace of dirt!」


「The spring water gathered under the terrace. Once you find the water vein, it’s relatively easy to obtain water. Furthermore, I dare say naturally filtered water is delicious.」


With this, the water problem is solved.



Goddess Bless.

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