Job Change ch0

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00 – Being Recognized as an Evil God, I Changed My Job to Guardian Deity of the Beastmen Country – Prologue

My name is Faltear.


Profession: Goddess.

While it may be improper to call it a profession, for many years I was the guardian deity of a country to the south called the Hartmit Kingdom.


In the olden days, I’d do things like creating pure springs or finding gold ore; such miracles appeared constantly. The country grew rapidly.


However, as the country grew wealthy, the citizens’ faith also clearly began to decline.

As faith in God declines, so does their power to create such miracles. Slowly the country’s strength began to fade.


And so the Hartmit Kingdom was destroyed by a neighboring country which believed in a different god.

This was not irrelevant to me. I was labeled as an evil deity and had my idols destroyed or sold cheaply at antique stores.

The times change quite quickly, don’t they…… While I claim that I’m a god, my days may be numbered….. Right now, I can still keep consciousness as a goddess, but before long, when the day people forget about me comes, I will disappear.

A part of a small idol made its way across the sea, but as it was not particularly popular it was abandoned during a local antique shop’s move.

The surroundings were awful, withered lands. As no decent crops could grow, there were no decent countries.

Oh……I wonder if someone would believe in me…… If so, I promise to grant a large blessing….. But I continued to be covered in dust and dirt; it really can’t be helped. Thanks to that, I really did look like an evil god.

—And then someone picked me up.

It was a 15-year-old girl. Her distinctive feature was her cat ears. A cat eared beastman. There weren’t many beastmen in my old continent. From the way she was dressed, she was probably persecuted in this land.

I wonder if I would be made into firewood……?

I am a wooden statue. I could be used as firewood if burnt.

I wanted to believe such thing wouldn’t happen, but it was baseless hope. I generally wouldn’t be recognized as a god. If she had any semblance of faith, I may have been able to speak with her, but…….

The cat-eared girl brought me back to a small village in a sandy, infertile land.

The villagers were all cat eared beastmen. Everyone suffered from malnutrition, without any decent agriculture in sight. It seemed that they eked out a living off hunting and gathering.

It seemed definite that I would become firewood. Eventually, this village would disappear but before that, I would be the first one to leave this world.

The girl drew water. Are you preparing for a meal?

However, something unexpected happened. She washed my dirty statue. While her hands were awkward, it was polite.

「Rione, What are you doing?」 Another cat eared beastman asked the girl. Her name appears to be Rione. 「Because a statue of a god was buried, I’m cleaning it」 I was shocked.

「A god’s statue? Which god?」

「I don’t know from where. But her appearance is so nice it must be the god of some other country. I think I can put my faith in this. Please… protect our village of beastmen」

She possessed a somewhat earnest voice.

「After all, can we live without a miracle from god?」

「There’s no point in praying. All the good land was taken by the Garm Empire. It’s already over for us」

「Still, I want to pray. At the very least, I have a good feeling something nice will happen tomorrow」

The girl placed me on a slightly dirty and short cabinet in the worn out house. A cloth was spread underneath me and it looked to be an impromptu altar.

Before sleeping, the girl called Rione prayed to me with her hands clasped.

「God, god, please grant light to the future of us beastmen……」

Suddenly, I felt power gathering in my body. The pure girl’s prayer gave me power once again!

I appeared before her.

My power to materialize has been restored!

「Waaaaa! God……really did come out……」

The girl was also surprised. It couldn’t be helped.

「Little girl Rione, I am the goddess Faltear, the goddess of a distant country. However, if you have strong faith, I will promise your fortune. Let me become your guardian deity!」

「Is, is that true……?」

「A goddess will always keep her promise.」



The Goddess loves you.

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