Cat 44

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cat chapter 44
Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)
CAT 0044

The Secret of the Two
Day 8, Part 3
At the umbrella stand, I notice an umbrella that I didn’t know. From its surrounding its for 『Manabe Mina』, I remembered it as if just now. From the start, Mina has become the person that has lived by my side up until.

The 『Mina』that I know is something that only 2 persons in the world know.


A lover, a secret of two people.

My chest just naturally tickled with a sweet echo, it’s as if it’s about to melt.

I picked mine, and I picked that umbrella up and passed what I think which was for Mina.


「Mina, here’s yours」


「Ehehe, thanksー」


Mina’s face is loosened more than usual. it will be great if she thought that same thing as me, I hope.


Even though it’s her first time to use an umbrella, she is properly using it.

The two of us walked on the road we always used towards the school.

She stood on my right, and her left hand, its as if it’s itching to be held.

That scene is so cute I can’t bear it, I passed the umbrella on my right hand for my left hand to carry and intertwined my fingers.

It was not from my right hand, but also through my body, I could feel the warmth from Mina. Especially on a cold day like this.


「… but, just a little bit, our hands are getting wet.」


「You’re right…」


From the gaps between the 2 umbrellas, rain is dripping out and fell on Mina’s hand and mine.

Surely, it feels so cold as if it will freeze, but, rather than not feeling Mina’s warmth, it’s better this way.


「But still, isn’t it fine like this?」


「… Yeah!」


From Mina’s lips, with a white breath, an energetic voice leaked out. I’m sure, that its, because Mina, thought of the same thing… I think. (Note: white breath refers to the outside being cold enough to make their breath visible.)




「Nnn? what is it?」


Suddenly remembering it, was really about to forget to tell it to her and I told her while flustered.


「About me and Mina being 『lovers』, let’s keep it as a secret, okay?」


About being in an abnormal relationship, to hide it so that others wouldn’t notice. an excuse from inside my heart.

But, honestly…..sweet just like a candy, I want more of it. I ended up thinking such a spoiled thought.


「Un, okay……. let’s absolutely keep in secret okay?」


Aah, just as I thought, so ticklish. but, this feeling, I can’t bear but love it.

Around us, there is no one. with that, a feeling I can’t hold down, the stopper or the last brakes got broken.

Our bodies got closer, that our umbrella’s hit each other. Even though we are already near, we have become so close that our breaths are hitting each other.


Stopped, our gazes met, our faces naturally close in……our lips connected.

just not being able to hug, a kiss like this becomes this hard. I had thought of such a strange thought.

The cold stabbing my bare body, with just a moment of our lips connecting, I couldn’t feel it anymore.

The usual fast heart beating and the anxious feeling that someone might be looking at us mixed up…. at that moment. As if my head was scorched, except only about Mina, nothing else comes in my head.


「Nn…haaa… the outside, we kissed….」


「Yeah… heart, was really really beating fast….」


Once again we follow the road to school. the cold atmosphere, before I knew it, it was as if my head that was melted by Mina’s warmth got cooled down by it.


「Let’s hurry up a bit, if we’re late it will be bad」


「You’re right…..」


Mina hanging her head, I pulled her hand and walked fast. looking at the time on the smartphone, if from here, I predicted if we could arrive in time.

But still, the sensation of the kiss just now, I wasn’t able to forget it.


Chapter 44 end
Author: 『the secret of the two』…..while on the roadー……uhg my head.
9: ^ lol
9: its a new record

Anzu: New record for the editing too… Sorry if the last three chapters seemed rushed.


Goddess loves you.

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