Cat 45

Another Chapter of your favorite WN, Cat!

cat chapter 45

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

CAT 0045


Dizzying Body

Day 8, Part 4



We hurried up on the way, though I forgot about the coldness.

When the first period was about to start, gradually my body had started growing cold. Sitting at the back at the nearest seat beside the windows, even though I could feel the heat of the heater, it’s too far.

「It sure is cold」

Mina beside my seat whispered to me and I replied 「It really is」.

Those words warm my heart from inside.  This feeling of『love』, holds a warmth inside my chest.

Most likely, if we were at the house,  we would have ended up having our lips touching each other. Feeling our heart connected, before I knew it I had done things like this.

This little bit of impatience I’m feeling, is it because we were always alone together?

Having a place where you can kiss the person you『love』without any hesitation, I wonder if that makes me a lucky person?

As I was spacing out thinking about it, the chime had rung.

After the greetings, naturally, my feet headed towards the heater. And that is also the same for Mina… when our eyes met, my eyes were really close to closing.

It was the same for Mina, having our face approaching each other, it’s a bit embarrassing.

Our hands naturally held each other, and will not be separating it.

Sitting at the edge of the platform, I could feel the heat from the heater at my heart’s content.

from our sticking bodies, for some reason it makes my heart beat fast… If this was not the school, if no one was looking, I’m sure I would have kissed.

Enduring the impulse to do it, I bury myself in Mina’s chest. Her moderate bulge is softer than I thought.

「Mou, what’s the matter? Kasumi….」

But still, she patted my head.  When Mina was still a cat, sleeping on my lap, it was the same as when I was petting her too.

「Mina, so warm….」

Across the clothes a faint heat, it amplified itself in my body melting my heart.

「Kasumi you too, So warm……..」

From the touch of her hand on my back, I also hugged Mina.

I can’t see anything else other than Mina. Rubbing my cheek lightly on her chest,  and after that, I raised my gaze, and approached her face…..our lips, didn’t connect.

「Kasumi? the 2nd period is about to start you know?」

Finally, noticing the world around us. but still, the feeling of having space where it’s just us two, still hasn’t disappeared.

As I thought, my feet weren’t standing well, and so I had to entrust my body to Mina.

「Sorry…..can I borrow your shoulders?」

「It’s fine but, what’s the matter?」

「I felt a little bit dizzy…」

「Geez, it can’t be helped…」

Even though she said it like that, her voice was kind, and she couldn’t hide her smile.

If I make fun of that, I’m sure she would get mad. So I won’t.

Whatever kind of Mina she is, I have already fallen in love with them.


chapter 45 end

author:  flirting even at school, geez what’s with this girls.

I wonder just what have I created?

9: yay another new record

Anzu: Sorry for lack of updates, been busy with uni and family stuff… All the ones released today past this point were done yesterday.


Happy Birthday, Maki.

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