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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)
CAT 0047

Sweet Memory
Day 8, Part 6

Surviving through the other half of the morning, the both of us ate our lunch.

The sense of distance of 『Normal Friends』 is absolutely not there but, there is no way that anyone can understand that the relationship between Mina and me is something much deeper.


We combined our desks and ate our bentou which had the same contents next to each other. (9: bentou Japanese lunch box or something)

For some reason, it feels like the school lunch during elementary school. Everyone in the group would combine their desks… thinking about that, isn’t it something from way before Mina came to me.

Somehow, my chest felt ticklish. Just around me and Mina, it’s like it’s full of sweet air.

「Today too, it’s delicious.」


「It really is.」

Though it’s probably because I am eating together with Mina. When we’re both together, for an unknown reason, it makes me happy, and my cheeks naturally loosen.

My chopsticks just kept going on their own, and I ate faster than usual.

I wonder what’s going on, from nearby, there was some sweet smell and there was a crowd around the stove.

I wonder if Mina also got lured in by the smell. When we approached it together, I saw that everyone was baking marshmallows.

「Ah, do you two wanna eat some too?」

「Y-yeah, thanks.」

Mina being able to keep up with conversations like this more than me, I’m a bit jealous, it makes me gloomy.

Even though I have lived as a human longer than her, I wonder why Mina blends into the class better than me?

And also… when Mina’s mind isn’t facing my way, it makes me anxious.

All the time, I want her to be thinking about me. I want Mina to be only mine. That kind of thinking, I know that it’s selfish but, it just pops into my head.

While I was indulging in those thoughts, the marshmallow from the waribashi (or splittable chopsticks) jerkingly approached me. (9: those wooden chopsticks that you need to split before using or just google the word)

「Ah, Kasumi, here you go.」

「Y-yeah… thanks.」

Even during a normal conversation like this, I get tense… is it because of this? That I’m not able to blend into the class.

Maybe because I was a bit down, a sigh spilled out. Maybe she’d noticed it, Mina’s hand held mine.

The heat from her palm, to me more than anything felt tender.

「Mina, here’s yours.」

「Yeah, thanks.」

Even though she said the same words as me, it felt so different from mine. Because of that, I’m starting to feel down again.

But now, I’m already fine. Mina’s warmth is connected to me after all, and a warm feeling is being conveyed.

Reaching my arm out a little, I had it get heat so it could bake.


Maybe it’s done now? I turned around the chopstick, and it was nicely baked.

「It should be fine now.」

「Yeah, thanks.」

For some reason, we showed each other what we baked. And after that, we put it in our mouths.

It’s so warm that it melts in my mouth, delicious.

But, I wonder why I remembered the sensation of the kiss I exchanged with Mina, and why my heart beat loudly in my chest…

「It’s sweet, and delicious.」

「It really is.」

Looking at each other, we smiled. And this too, it’s the same as when Mina is being a 『lover』.

Mina, I want to kiss her right now. Suddenly, a strong desire gushed out. I held our held hands tightly to endure it.

「Gochisousama, thanks.」(9: if you haven’t watched/read enough anime or manga, gochisousama means thanks for the food)

「It’s fine, you’re welcome.」

After saying that we separated from the stove. Throwing the waribashi into the garbage can, we struggle until we reach mine and Mina’s seats.

My body already feels hot. Being baked from my love for Mina, it’s so much that it feels like I’m going to melt.

And yet… I’m overflowing with the feeling of wanting to feel Mina’s warmth. It’s contradicting each other but, inside me, it’s properly mixing.

「Kasumi, my hand hurts-」

「S-sorry, I just…」

The hand that had kept holding on to Mina’s hand, in a panic, I released it. After all, if I didn’t, I would have ended up kissing her. I can’t make excuses for myself after all that.

Without being able to do anything, and while feeling impatient, Mina embraced me. And close to my ears, I heard a sweet voice that only I could hear.

「It’s fine… and also, it’s the same for me too.」


Mina is the same, she says. I wonder what she means? The answer to that was immediately taught to me.

「Kiss, you want to do it right?」

「H-how did you know? …」

「I know… When Kasumi is holding something back, your face always gets red.」

So I get like that.

My face got hot, and I couldn’t say anything back anymore.

「Me too, I’m the same you know… After all, we’re the same, on that thing, and when we do it.」

「I see… I’m glad.」

Having exchanged kisses, and remembering it. It was the same for Mina too.

「…When we’re home, let’s do it a lot, ok?」


For a moment, I was hugged tightly, and she got embarrassed and let go.

My strength left me, and it felt hot, as if it would melt me.


chapter 47 end
author: It’s already too late, these two, no matter what I do they always flirt with each other.





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