Cat 48

This chapter was possible because of a brave little (Mashi) and a strong hero (Bucket). enjoy.

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)
CAT 0048

Tender Warmth
Day 8, Part 7




author: So it’s already the 49th chapter. It felt long yet short.

Personally, this is my longest work.



Remaining in my chest were only the sweet feelings of the two of us.

About me, being able to love Mina. The feelings conveyed throughout my body are filling me up. Just like licking candy, my body is being melted with these sweet emotions.

The feeling of『Love』that I’ve received from Mina, it gives my heart composure. The time when all I could think of was Mina, I felt like it was a lie.

In the afternoon too… the rain hadn’t stopped at all. In the corridors, it was still fine but at the seats near the windows, it was a bit cold.

It seems that Mina felt cold too, and during breaks, she would cling to me. We would be returning home in 1 hour. After noticing that, I was a bit relieved.

Wanting a time when it’s just the two of us, I’m sure it’s the same for Mina too.

The last chime, can’t it hurry up?


Contrary to my expectations, time won’t move forward at all. The time when I am alone with Mina, even though that time passes by in the blink of an eye…


Looking at Mina’s face during the lesson, she had a, more than usual, diligent face. Recently, since all I’d seen was her relaxed face, I’ve grown to really like the times when I see that expression.

I peeked at her while I was writing what was on the blackboard, and do nothing but wait for the last chime. Hearing the chime that I have been waiting for, the first thing I thought was… Finally! I can be alone with Mina, such a great feeling of freedom.

Finishing the returning homeroom, we finally went on our way back home.


「Nee… can we go to the convenience store and buy some marshmallows?」


「Ok, let’s go.」


Mina easily agreed to my idea. The sensation that time, resembling the two of our『Special』, so it was true. (9: yep, special, their ults, in jp it’s futari dake no 『tokubetsu』which makes more sense than English)

Mina’s too cute! I love her. I want to kiss her so much I’d melt.

My love easily soared so much and became a feeling I can’t tell to anyone else other than Mina.

Raising our umbrellas, the distance between us was wider compared to when we were going to school.

My mood became a bit hazy, and Mina immediately noticed it.


「Isn’t it a bit cold……」




「Then, let’s do this.」


Saying that, Mina closed her umbrella, and then she entered my umbrella. Our bodies naturally became glued to each other. My right hand that was holding the umbrella, Mina’s left hand softly wrapped around it.

It was so sudden that I couldn’t say anything. But still… this is, 『Lover』-like.

Not knowing if Mina knows about this approach, all it did was make my heart beat fast. (9: yep, rain, umbrella, and 2 girls, this is bound to happen and I love it)


「……So warm, thanks.」


Saying those words was all I could do.


「Nah, it’s nothing.」


But still, Mina is always kind to me.


Just like this, being together more than usual, we take a bit of a long way back home.

I’m sure it will become a very sweet time, and we will have our hearts beating fast.
Chapter 48 End


The Goddess has not yet forsaken us.

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