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Boss fight!

Small Village Tridente – Chapter 005



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June, 2XX7

At Any Time


「Hey, over here!」

First, Saya who’d entered as the vanguard used the skill 【Provoke】 to gather aggro, and the enemy charged towards her at full speed.


At the same time, Tsurugi-san entered to support her.

When Saya’s HP decreased, he also used 【Provoke】 and drew attention towards himself. And during that opening the healers healed Saya.

Thanks to her strengthened armor, compared to the previous battle, it looks like the damage was considerably lowered, giving her space to breathe. Under Tsurugi-san’s command, everyone was able to move precisely.


Supports used debuffs like【Gravity】to slow down the enemy’s movement and 【Blind】to lower its hit accuracy.

And they also used 【Clairvoyance】 to check the enemy’s details and remaining HP.



HP: 100,000

Weakness: Flame


「So its weakness is fire… Magic attackers, attack using skills focusing on fire types!」

「OK! …although, even if you say that, there’s only the low class fireball magic available~」


The magic attackers fired fireballs towards Death Scythe. Around 500 damage got through, and Death Scythe’s HP gauge decreased a tiny bit. Its HP is higher than what I imagined and magic isn’t doing much damage.


WIth just a simple calculation, even its weakness, fireball, a fire magic, would need to be used around 200 times.

The melee attackers all attacked at the same time, while the tanks gathered the aggro, but there wasn’t enough damage.

I also released some arrows, but each was just around 30 damage, so it couldn’t be a proper source of damage. It looks like this might become a considerably long battle.


There are 3 ways of recovering MP in this game.

The first is to enter a state of meditation, doing nothing but waiting. But you’re left vulnerable during this state, so while one healer meditates, another heals the tanks, and that process is repeated.


The second is to use items to heal. There are various kinds of items, but we couldn’t prepare any MP recovery items since we’ve just started playing the game and don’t have an abundance of items.


The third is to use the skill 【Magical Power Supply】, but no one has learned this skill yet.

That means that all we can do is use meditation cleverly, and have the healers support the tanks by alternating. The magic attackers also have to meditate to recover MP.


After continuously receiving Death Scythe Mantis’ common attacks for a while, Death Scythe Mantis’ sickles started to glow.

Since I recognized the movement pattern of air slash from the previous battle, I quickly shouted――


「Air Slash, it’s coming!」


The scythe was swung downwards, and the air slash was released towards its target. However, the target wasn’t the tanks.




One of the melee attackers was slashed by the air slash and their HP was reduced by half. Since their defense was weak, they took quite a lot of damage.

The healer healed the attacker but, with this, the balance has collapsed.


Up until now, the aggro had been accumulated by the tanks who were continuously being healed, but due to healing half of the attacker’s HP, they exceeded the tank’s earned aggro.


The Death Scythe Mantis’ attack target switched to the healer, and with one hit, it took half of their HP. The attack target didn’t change even after Saya and Tsurugi-san used 【Provoke】, and with the second hit, one of the healers died.


「It looks like no one has acquired a revival item or a revival magic…」

「If another healer dies, this will get really bad. We won’t be able to alternate healing with meditation.」


If there’s only one healer, when they start meditating to recover their MP, without a second healer, the tank will end up getting killed. We need to avoid any more healers dying.


「Sorry, but! Attackers, even if you receive an air slash, just keep enduring it. If you have a medicinal herb or a potion, then just use it on yourselves.」


It’s a painful decision, but all that the attackers can do now is use items to heal themselves.


What’s important right now is to absolutely protect the healers.

Before the party collapsed, we fought somewhat desperately to defeat Death Scythe Mantis and finally managed to shave off its HP until only 20% remained. But due to the constant air slashes, our remaining members were only two tanks, two healers, two supports, and five attackers.


And then, Death Scythe Mantis prepared another air slash once again.

「Be careful! An Air Slash is coming!」

And the target that air slash had aimed at was… me.

I took steps in order to evade it, but it had a homing effect, so I wasn’t able to evade and got hit.

My HP decreased to only 10%, but the fireballs released by the three magic attackers hit Death Scythe Mantis and reduced its HP.


――but, the next moment, it prepared another air slash again.


「Rapid-fire Air Slash!?」

This is bad, it changed patterns!


The air slash was released and hit a support directly, incapacitating them. And without taking a break, it released a third air slash towards its next target, the tank Tsurugi-san, but he was somewhat able to endure it… but, it once again prepared to release a fourth air slash.


「It’s no good, it won’t stop! Stop defending and use all of your strength to kill it!!」


After they heard that, Saya and Nekama-san also joined the attackers and started damaging. Being incapable of dealing serious damage right from the start, I searched for a bow attack skill that might help me do more damage.


【Silent Arrow -Type Zero-】

Magnifies according to your position and distance from the enemy.


With only that explanation, I don’t really understand what it does. However, if it’s a technique that’s magnified according to certain conditions, then it might be a powerful skill. So I acquired it.


Since the conditions are unknown, for the time being, I took some distance from the enemy and activated 【Silent Arrow -Type Zero-】 from a medium range distance.

Even though the name has silent in it, it had a really flashy effect as it flew towards the enemy.

The damage is… it’s only 100 damage!


「Ehh, what is this~…」


Even as I was doing that, the air slashes kept mowing down the party members one by one. And then, the healing was finally not able to keep up with the rapid-fire air slashes and Tsurugi-san became incapacitated.


After checking Death Scythe Mantis’ HP, it only had about 5,000 HP left.

Depending on the magic attackers, we should be able to shave it all off…


Death Scythe Mantis’ rapid-fire air slashes didn’t stop, and Nekama-san was the next one to go down.

All of our healers are gone now; we’ve finally been pushed into a real pinch. The scythe was swung, and the next target of the air slashes became Seira-san. If a magic attacker goes down, it’ll be the end for us.


What can I do right now?

What should I do?

What reason am I here for―?


I used 【Instant Movement】, and instantly moved to where the magic attackers were.


「Mari-chan! Do you intend to sacrifice yourself!?」


And then, I stood in front of Seira-san and blocked the incoming air slash. A really flashy effect exploded as the surroundings were covered in a cloud of dust.



「I’m fine! Seira-san, magic!」

「Eh, you’re fine? O-okay!」

After seeing I was safe from the air slash, Seira-san was a bit surprised, but she immediately cast fireball and shaved off more of Death Scythe Mantis’ HP.

Another attacker also cast fireball and hit it directly. There’s only 4,000 HP left.


Once again, it prepared an air slash, and this time, it was targeted and released towards another attacker.

This time, I stood in front of the attacker and blocked the air slash. Using that opening, Seira-san and the others cast fireballs.


3,000 HP left!


Before the next air slash came, I moved back to Seira-san.

「Mari-chan, what in the world… ah.」

Before Seria-san could finish her words, I used my skill

【Construction】, and made a wooden wall that caught the air slash.

It doesn’t have that much durability, so it gets destroyed with one attack.

But still, if it’s just to survive… if it’s for everyone to have enough time to cast magic, then I should be able to earn that little amount of time!


2,000 HP left!


「But… I’m sorry, it looks like I’m out…」


The wood that I had brought already ran out. To make those walls, I needed to consume materials, so I can’t use that strategy anymore.


「What should I do, we need to deal more damage or else… If only I could understand the condition for this skill’s highest magnification…」

「Skill? Just what did you learn?」


I explained the skill, 【Silent Arrow -Type Zero-】, that I’d obtained earlier, and Seira-san suddenly had an expression as if she’d decided something.


「I see, it seems like our only choice is to gamble on this.」


While we were speaking, another magic attacker was done in by an air slash. There are only three people remaining.


Earlier, I shot it at a medium range, but it was not enough.

In that case, then at a long range, or…


「Watch out!」


Seira-san received the air slash that had been aimed at me.


「Mari-chan, go!」



I don’t have the time to think.

I ran towards Death Scythe Mantis.


There is still some distance left until I can use 【Instant Movement】.

Most likely, before I get to use 【Instant Movement】, an air slash will come. I only have 10% of my HP left, I don’t have any more wooden walls, and even if I evade it, it will follow. If it hits me, I will surely go down.


But, it’s alright.

Whenever and wherever, you always support me.

Whenever and wherever, you always protect me.


That’s why――


Death Scythe Mantis prepared another air slash.





The air slash flew towards me, but Saya stood in front of me and activated a skill.


「Protect her… 【Aegis】!!!」


After Saya activated her skill, a huge divine shield appeared that invalidated the damage.

I immediately used 【Instant Movement】 and held out my bow and arrow as I instantly closed the distance, and then, in that position, I slid underneath Death Scythe Mantis.


「Zero distance!」

At the same time, 【Silent Arrow -Zero Type-】 activated.




The arrow was wrapped up in light as it struck Death Scythe Mantis with great force and a huge explosion erupted.


0 HP left!


「We won…? We won…!」


「We did it! We really did it, Mari~!」


Saya rushed over to me and hugged me. It was embarrassing, but the life and death struggle left me with a high feeling, so I returned Saya’s embrace.


This sense of accomplishment, it might be my first time…


「At the end, I’m really happy that you protected me. Saya, you’re not a pickup artist… Saya is my prince.」



「Saying those embarrassing words so smoothly, Mari, you’re such a pickup artist.」




Chapter 5 END

B: Why is Mari so gay?

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Goddess bless.


  1. I’m really interested in what’s going to happen when they actually get into a relationship and it is found out by the school. I would honestly be surprised if the author decided to forgo cliches and have everyone pretty much accept their relationship, considering that she is apparently as “Cute as a small animal”. Would be nice to see the other students ship their relationship instead of bashing it. Thanks for the chapter, hope this continues!

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