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Small Village Tridente – Chapter 014



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June 2XX7

True Identity


That spear belongs to Seira-san..

Why does the enforcer… have that weapon?


Thinking through some possibilities, I changed my plan from biding my time to destroying the mask.




I aimed my bow and shot an arrow at the enforcer’s face, but they easily evaded it.

Compared to battles against monsters, battles between players often end quickly because the HP pools are considerably lower. Victory is decided by how well one evades the opponent’s attacks.


No matter how much they’re called a coward because they only fight in situations where they have ambushed their target, the enforcer is still strong enough to PK enough players that rumours have spread about them. So it probably won’t be easy to hit them…


While I kept my distance from the enforcer, I released several arrows but they were evaded repeatedly.

If I release my arrows at long range, then I won’t receive any attacks, but because there is a delay until my attacks reach, in a one-on-one battle, my bow’s normal attacks are easy to evade. They are just like warning shots.


But even if I say that, I don’t have enough courage to fight 1v1 in close quarters against the enforcer that I don’t know much about. If I’m killed, it’s the end. I have to advance quickly but also cautiously.


I need to do something different.


(Then, how about this…!)


I activated my skill 【Scatter Shot】. The arrows that were fired towards the sky scattered like fireworks and poured down like rain.


In an instant, 20 arrows had actually been released. No matter how much of an enforcer you may be, it’s impossible to avoid all of the arrows raining down on you.

The enforcer frantically tried to evade the arrows, but there were so many that evading them all was impossible.


Because of how ominous they looked, I thought that they might be something unreasonable like a boss character or a cheat character, but it wasn’t like that at all. This enforcer is, without a doubt, a character being controlled by a human.




The few arrows that hit the enforcer shaved off a part of their HP. By the time the rain of arrows stopped, the enforcer had lost about 10% of their HP. My aim was to destroy their mask, so I immediately released another arrow towards their face.


However, the enforcer really didn’t want the face beneath that mask to be seen. The arrow that was aimed directly at their mask was expertly evaded.


――! Just how much do you not want your face to be seen…?


The enforcer dashed to close the distance, but I used 【Shadow Stitch】 and stopped the enforcer’s legs.


I need to shoot an arrow while he isn’t mov-…


But the enforcer started moving into a stance to use a technique.

They lowered their waist and pulled back their spear, building up power.


Eh… There’s a technique you can use at this distance? I thought, but that spear is a rare weapon made from the materials of the Death Scythe Mantis… that means it has an exclusive skill!


By the time I’d noticed it, it was already too late. When the enforcer thrust the spear, wind was released from its tip, and without any time to evade, a laser-like something pierced me.




Combined with the damage from the surprise attack at the start, my remaining HP is only 50%.


(This is bad… I took too much damage.)


I wanted to use a healing item, but after using one I wouldn’t be able to move for 5 seconds. And if I were to receive a high-powered attack during that interval, then using an item would have been pointless. That’s why, in this case, it’s safer to prioritize evading and finding an opening… But right now, there is a reason I don’t want to waste too much time.


There may be a life I can save. Maybe, that person is no longer… no longer in this world. But even if there’s only a 1% chance… I will――


【Scatter Shot】!

Just like earlier, I used Scatter Shot and forced the enforcer to turn their attention towards the skies, and then, I released an arrow at the mask. Naturally, the enforcer hadn’t become negligent and they nimbly avoided it.


But while he was distracted by my arrow, I used 【Stealth】 to hide, and the moment he lost sight of me, I took advantage of the opening, used 【Instant Movement】 to close the distance, and then fired my skill from behind the enforcer.


MARI USED 【Silent Arrow -Type Zero-】 → UNKNOWN RECEIVED 944 DAMAGE


I released the arrow from behind the enforcer at point blank range with the highest attack power multiplier. The enforcer was hit by the unexpected surprise attack and their HP was reduced to 40%. The tables had turned. However, I still didn’t let my guard down.


After I shot the Type Zero, I used the cloud of dust it had stirred up, transformed my weapon into a scythe, and activated 【Air Slash】 point-blank towards the mask, destroying a part of it.

The enforcer’s HP decreased until only 10% remained. Having received a flurry of attacks they hadn’t expected, they turned their back towards me and tried to escape in a hurry.


「I won’t let you get away! There’s something I have to know!」


I used 【Shadow Stitch】 on the enforcer as they ran away and stopped them. And then, I checked their true identity.


「Show me what’s beneath that mask… Enforcer!」


The enforcer’s mask started cracking, and slowly crumbled.


The face hidden under that Mask, was it something I wanted to see, or was it something I wouldn’t be happy to see… I don’t know.


Why… why are you…


Why are “you”, why are you doing this…?

Someone like you who was really enjoying NW…


You were desperately trying to protect everyone.

And made the village with everyone…


Even though we were comrades who fought together…


――Why is it you, Tsurugi-san…?


Chapter 14 END

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