Tridente 50

I decided that if Maddy didn’t post chapters by 12pm EDT/EST, then I would post them. After all, you guys want them sooner rather than later, right? I’m also doing this without 9’s permission because 9 is asleep right now, but I think it would be alright with them. If not, I could get my publishing authority revoked :o Well anyway, enjoy the chapter.

Small Village Tridente

Chapter 50

【Day 4】Futami Touko



Futami-san POV

Fourth day of the field trip

On the final day, we toured around Okinawa City, bought some souvenirs, and then took the plane ride back home.

Kanzaki-san was sitting beside me.

The reason why our seating arrangement was different from last time was because I forced them to have princess exchange seats with me.

「Sorry, I took away Kanzaki-san and the princess’s time together.」

「It’s fine~. Since Saya is also tired」

The princess and Midori are sitting in the seats in front of us, and are both sound asleep.

Kanzaki-san probably wanted to spend time together with the princess, but If I’m beside Midori, then the shock from my unrequited love would show on my face, so I had Kanzaki-san spoil me since she knows my situation.

Looking at the neighboring seat, Kanzaki-san had the face of wanting to ask something. She wants to say it, but must not. I’m sure that it’s probably that kind of mental state.

However if a face that cute is looking this way, I won’t be able to ignore it. She had already helped me out a lot so it’s kinda rude not to say the truth. Thinking that, I opened my mouth.

「The both of them said that they’re not thinking of migrating to NW.」


They’re sleeping, so I spoke in a low volume so that Midori won’t be able to hear it.

I can only love women, I wonder when I started loving Midori, it´s probably before Midori consulted me about Oka.

I had always loved Midori, and I didn’t really want to help her with him.

If I were to say it simply, it’s jealousy. Even though I’m so close to Midori, the wall of gender is blocking me.

On the flipside, Oka was able to easily grab Midori’s heart. There’s no way I wouldn’t be jealous.

I didn’t do anything special regarding Midori’s consultation, all I did was watch. Neither encouraging her nor obstructing her, I only took a step back and watched.

After several years, I was confessed to by Oka. Are you messing with me? Is what I thought.

Why did he choose me when there was a Yamato Nadeshiko like Midori at his side. I can only love girls, so it’s natural for me not to answer Oka’s feelings. It would be better to perfectly cut him off so that he wouldn’t have any hopes, so I answered back with severe words.

If it was God’s system that required a man and woman’s love to leave descendants, then only I will be defying God. That emotion expanded and tightened my heart.


Then I saw hope after playing the game called NW. At the first, I thought NW was just a normal game. Hearing that it is an entrance to a new world with the NC system, I thought that it was a chance.

There is prejudice against homosexuals in the real world, so there’s nothing wrong with NW.

After all, it’s like that right? If a child can be created between girls, then there wouldn’t be any bias even if I am out of God’s system.

However, the only one who was excited about it was me. When I asked Midori about her plans in NW, I was desperate for those words.

「I won’t be migrating you know. I’m only there just to play it after all. Okazaki-kun also said that he won’t migrate to NW.」

My love for Midori has ended.

The path that I had walked through with my childhood friends has diverged from here.

I wonder, what’s the last thing I can do for Midori? There wasn’t even a need to think about it. Let’s give her love the support I wasn’t able to give when she consulted me. It didn’t work out for me, but I at least want Midori’s love to be happy.


「Well, and this and that happened and we arrive to the present.」

「I see…」

「By the way, I had Kanzaki-san help me out was because I was interested in you.」


「After all, isn’t Kanzaki-san the same as me?」

Kanzaki-san gave the expression “What do you mean?” and leaned close.

I thought that there wasn’t any need for me to hide it anymore.

「You made an NC with the princess, you know what that means right?」

Hearing it, Kanzaki-san said 「ah, I see」 and understood the meaning behind my words.

「I’m probably a bit different from Futami-san.」

「You’re lying.」

「It’s not that I can only love women, it’s just that I can only love Saya. Even if the world’s common sense or the norms changed, only these feelings of mine will not.」

I’m no match for her.

The feelings Kanzaki Mari had for Himemiya Saya, and Himemiya Saya who reciprocated Kanzaki Mari’s feelings.

Getting to see these emotions had even brought forth a sense of regret towards my naive  thinking.

「If I had conveyed my feelings for Midori, would things have turned out differently…」

Kanzaki-san won’t answer it. Its obvious.

There is no meaning to whether she agrees or disagrees with me right now. After all, Futami Touko’s love had ended.

「I think I might have fallen for Kanzaki-san.」

「Ahaha, I said it earlier, but I can only love Saya so… I’m sorry.」

I don’t know whether she took it as a joke or she took it seriously. Kanzaki-san had a bit of a troubled expression as she answered.

The moment my second love started it also ended.

This is obvious. After all Kanzaki Mari had her whole heart’s feelings towards Himemiya Saya, and she looked beautiful.


Tridente Chapter 50 end

9: the theme of this arc is most likely Love. I really enjoyed this arc. I feel sad for Futami-san but at the same time happy for Mari and Saya.

9: And yeah I finally reach chapter 50! yay



  1. characters in yuri who say things like “I’m not actually a lesbian I’m just in love with this one specific girl” are the most punchable characters by far. that’s right, I’ll punch her. I’ll bully a fictional child, I don’t give a heck


    1. in reality different individuals have their own individual reasons for love but this trope is not a factor of that, it’s not romantic, it’s lame, just admit that you’re writing a gay character and don’t try to sneak around it. golly!!


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