4 JKs Isekai chp 1

I think I read a manga about this, but it was Hetero.


4 JK’s Life in Another World!


rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2048ea/1/ 


9: Before we start, this story is basically like putting the main girls from a slice-of-life anime/manga into an isekai setting. Don’t expect a lot of action or overly complicated stuff. This isn’t a god-tier work and is rather hidden and really hard to discover in Syosetu. (I went through a lot of WN, most of which were bad, to find this one. It was suffering.) 


In short, don’t expect too much and read it with an open mind.



The Usual Another World Prologue


Before I knew if we were standing in the middle of a plain.


「….hmm? 」


hmmmm, wait a sec? We were normally just walking home from school right? where is this?


The other 3 whom I walked together with also had no idea what’s going on.


「Just when were we kidnapped?」


「No,  we were not kidnapped okay」


「Rather than that, where are we? 」


「I don’t know」


For now looking around. There wasn’t anyone else other than us, its just plain all around us, before us there was 1 book left there.


「This place looks really pretty」


「It really is, are we at Hokkaido?」


Mei and Yuuhi were a bit impressed.


Yeah, the air is so delicious.


「But, what should we do now from here? 」


Mei said it as if troubled.


「For now, how about that」


Aoi, pointed her finger towards the book that was left down on the ground. As I thought you  would really get curious about it.


This thin book that looks like a pamphlet showing off how out of place it is from this scenery…..I took it and looked at the front cover.


~Welcome to the world of Alzworld! A must read!

Alzworld guide book (‘ω’)~


Alzworld….a country abroad? I don’t really know where it is but for now I open the book.


– Summary –


The 4 of you died from a traffic accident when you were walking home from school. However The Goddess Yurilezz seeing that pitied the  4, and reincarnated you to the world of Alzworld. The 4 might start bewildered form it, but they will somehow adapt to this world, and face against many obstacles as they also live happily….


There are too many things for me to retort to….eh? a prank? Is this a prank?


Taking at the peek at the others they each had their own reaction.


「That means that this is an another world? 」


「This name Yurilezz is just like a God’s pen name」


「So a goddess too also uses emojis」


Just like what Aoi said, if the things written in this book is true then that means that this place is an another world 【Alzworld】. Though I don’t have any memories of the traffic accident.


「Ah that’s right! If we check our phones we might understand something」


「Yuuhi, good thinking! okay, let’s check it out」


I took out my phone. Too bad but there wasn’t any signal despite outside. And then, our contact, other than the 4 of us all other contact info had disappeared.


Eh….oh why(nandeya)!? it seems like it was the also the same for the other 3.


「out of range means that, as we thought this place is not Japan right? 」


「another world」


「E-everyone! open up your Line!」


Mei was getting impatient for some reason. For now I opened Line,  other than the names of the 4 of us everything else had disappeared. Well the moment that the other contact info disappeared I could somewhat understand it already, I immediately understood why Mei was getting impatient.


Why I understood it, at the part 【Is this your Acquaintance? 】the name of the Goddess Yurilezz was there!


「Its scary! We are not acquaintance you know!」


「But if we block it we might get some divine punishment right? 」


「Let’s make it as if we saw nothing…..」


As if we saw nothing. that might be good.


「For now let’s continue reading the book」




After reading for some minutes. Summarizing what we understood is……


・Register your friends just in case


・Alzworld is world of sword and magic. there are also monsters you know!


・About this World’s currency. Gold, Silver, Copper coins, pretty easy to understand. 


・The place where we are right now is the area with the most weakest monsters. 


・Other than humans there others like elf and dwarf you know!


・If you chant status you can understand your own status!


・At the end of each East, West, South and North there are demonlords! Don’t get near them while you’re still weak!


・At the opposite side of the mountain there is a human town! you must go there first


・There is a reincarnation bonus! Use your skill points wisely.


Its roughly like that.


「What are Elves and dwarves? 」


「Elves are a race that is good with using magic. They are similar to humans but their feature is their long ears. Dwarves are a race that is good with making things. They are shorter than humans and are told to love alcohol」


「What are monsters? 」


「Something like Dragons, or slimes. If you defeat them you receive experience points」


Aoi answer the 2’s question.


Experience points….is there something like that?


「For now, why not check out this Status thingy?」


The 3 nod their head.


「Yeah, then 1,2, 3 「「「Status」」」」


Information went inside my head. If this was Earth then you can’t absolutely do this. So this place is really an another world….is it. By the way this is mine.


Hoshimiya Asahi (星宮朝日) Human LV 1


HP 70


MP 70


Attack Power 70


Defense Power 64


Magic Attack Power 74


Magic Defense Power 68


Agility 55


Luck 50


Title: The one who received the Goddess Yurilezz’s blessing






Skill Point: 




Hmmm, is this good or bad, I don’t know.


「How about you girls? 」


「I don’t really know so why don’t we compare each other? 」


Since we came here when we were going home from school, we had out school bags. And inside it there was a pen and a notebook so each of us wrote our status on it.


Koguro Yuuhi (小黒夕陽) Human LV 1


HP 100


MP 20


Attack Power 62


Defense Power 60


Magic Attack Power 6 


Magic Defense Power 10

Agility 46

Luck 15


Title: The one who received the Goddess Yurilezz’s blessing





Skill Point: 



Kusonoki Aoi (楠葵) Human LV 1


HP 20

MP 100


Attack Power 4

Defense Power 8

Magic Attack Power 70

Magic Defense Power 60

Agility 40

Luck 20


Title: The one who received the Goddess Yurilezz’s blessing




Skill Point: 



Amaki Mei (天木芽衣) Human LV 1


HP 20

MP 100


Attack Power 4

Defense Power 40

Magic Attack Power 20

Magic Defense Power 98

Agility 25

Luck 77


Title: The one who received the Goddess Yurilezz’s blessing




Skill Point: 



Comparing the status between the 4 of us.


fun fun, so my status is basically the average, Yuuhi has high physical attack power, Aoi has high magic attack power, Mei has high defense power. which means…..


「It is related to our personality!?」


「Hold on! what do you mean!?」


For some reason Yuuhi got mad. Why?


「It was written in the book that there was a reincarnation bonus, is it this 50000p skill points? 」


「Most likely」


「The skill part is N/A」


「I wonder how you can use your skill points?」


While everyone was groaning from thinking, Aoi seems to understand something.


「Try focusing on the skill column」


I focus on the skill part just as she said and then, lightly I could see various skills.


「ummm, what does this mean? 」


「Most likely, those transparent skills are skills that person can take. If you pay for it with skill points you can learn it」


Aoi-san? Why do you understand it?


I tried choosing <Max HP increase LV 1  100p>, then at the skill column the Max HP increase word was written! hee~. In exchanve my skill point became 49900P.


「It really did, I took a skill」


「Eh! Asahi-chan you already took a skill? 」


「hey Asahi! Think more about it before you get it!」


Mei and Yuuhi came on me. I’m not the bad one aren’t there lots of skill points?


You can take skills starting from 100P and there are skills that will need over 10000p to get.


There is Goddess Summon with 50000p but…..for now let’s ignore that.


「There are too many skills that I don’t know which to get」


Certainly, just as what Mei said there are countless skills. Honestly I don’t really know which I should pick but, during this moments…..


「Aoi-sensei! What should we take!?」


When you’re in trouble, you go to Aoi!


「nn, You must take Analyze and Experience Up」


As expected from Aoi. Analyze is probably used to examine things right? Certainly this is an another world after all.


To use who have too many things we don’t know, its a skill that really fits us.


Is experience up, is it something that makes leveling up easier? We are LV 1 so if we take it now we could really profit from it!


「As expected from Aoi. But Analyze and Experience Up too takes up 5000p, isn’t it kinda of a waste?」


Yeah, its just as Yuuhi said, it also 5000p for me. with 2 its 10000p.


「This is necessary. There is no mistake」


I could hear Aoi said it with conviction.


Let’s believe in Aoi here! Since there is still like 40000p left after all.


「I took it!」


「I also took it」


「Well, since Aoi said that much…..okay, I took it」


「I won’t let you regret it」


「After that what should we take!? Aoi-sensei!」


「Hold on! at least try thinking about it by yourself okay!」


But, if you listen to Aoi then it won’t likely be wrong after all.


「You should choose skills that matches your personality and status. If its Yuuhi then Attack Power Up. Mei is Recovery Magic. Asahi is….it looks like you can take up anything」


「Hold on, what do you mean by that!」


「Recovery magic is it, that might be good!」


「Aren’t you too sloppy with me!? Aoi-sensei!」


It seems like Aoi was focusing in organizing her skills that she wasn’t listening at all.


「sigh, then for a while let’s also think up what skills we should take by ourselves」


「I guess so」




Looking at the Skill column. there are a lot of 100p I can take but, there are also a lot of things you can take safely too. Just like the HP up I took earlier. Since I have a lot of points I want to pick up something unique.


And then there was a skill that took my attention 「Transformation Magic Lv 1」


Ooooh, this is a good one right? but its 3000p. since it looks so amazing it needs high points. But, hmmm….I’ll take it! since it looks interesting!


After that, I’m also curious about the LV. It seems like, the LV of the skill you take, if you put more points in it, it will raise the level. I tried raising the Max HP increase and transformation magic but, same for both the points needed is


LV 2 = 500p, LV 3 = 1000p


LV 4 = 1500, LV 5 2000p.


It would be great if I got more skills to compare…..let’s try asking someone else.


「Mei, what did you take? 」


「nn, I took recovery magic」


「did your raise the LV?」


「not yet, why? 」


「nothing, I was just thinking how many points is needed. This is what’s like for me but, if its the same for Mei then it might be the same for other skills too right? 」


「I see~, wait a minute. ….yeah, its needs the same as Asahi-chan」


「I see. Thanks」


It seems like it needs the same amount no matter what the skill is. So that means that, to level it up to 5 you would need a total of 5000p. It sure takes a lot…..


With this the remaining point is… 26900p. there is a lot! but, a quite a lot of time has passed already, I wonder how it is for the others?


「You three, how did it go? did you get something nice? Why don’t we show off of the skills we took to each other? 」


The 3 of them also nodded.


「Then, I’ll start it! Ready your minds, I took this cool transformation magic!」


「T-Transformation? 」




「To what can you transform into? 」


Eh, I wonder what I can transform to….I imagined it as if it was something like magical girls.


「hmmm, I wonder how to do it」


「If you stare at the skill, a detailed explanation will appear」


「Hee~, Yuuhi, thanks!」




I tried staring a the transforming magic part. Mumu, it appeared.


Transformation Magic


LV 1 It is possible to change the color of skin


LV 2 You can change your clothes


LV 3 You can change your gender (don’t worry it won’t get a GB genre)


LV4 You can change your race


LV 5 You can transform into other person, animal, or monster.


……isn’t this amazing? heck, the LV 5’s effect is extraordinary!


「umm, I took it up until LV 5 but, it seems that I can transform into anything」


I tried transforming into Mei. doronn(transforming sfx)


「Eh, Me?」


「Uwa, there are two Mei’s」




「This is…..it looks like this is really a different world. Doing something like this is impossible」


「Uoooh, Mei your boobs sure are big」


「Stop it!」


「I can turn into something else, like animals, and it seems like I can also change in to a monster too!」


「Please don’t talk in my form while rubbing your breast!」


「Muu, Okay okay. Next is, I also took Max HP increase, Analyze and Experience up, these 4. And so, next is Mei! Tell us what you took!」


「Mou, Asahi-chan you idiot. Mine is, Recovery Magic, Max HP up, Max MP up, after that, is, Spirit Magic.  」


Spirit Magic! It sure sounds exciting!


But, it looks like Mei only took the LV 1 and it seems like LV 1 can only make you feel the spirits .


As i thought LV 1 is…shabby?


Oh, next one is, it looks its going to be Yuuhi.


「You two, those are quite interesting skills but, do you know where we are right now?  We are in the middle of the plains where there are monsters you know! then, first you need to take skills that can defeat monsters! These are the skills I took!」


Saying that she showed us the skills written in her memo, Fumu, let me see.


Yuuhi’s Skill




Experience Up


Max HP up Lv 5


Max MP up Lv 5


Weapon Creation Lv 5


Swordsmanship Lv 5


Fire Magic Lv 5


> (9: if you guys didn’t notice it, I change Max HP increase into Max HP up)


「Ooh, looks strong. I can imagine most of the them but, what is Weapon Creation? 」


「You noticed a good part there, Asahi! And that is don’t be surprised, Using MP, you can create weapons like sword or spears.  If you don’t have any weapons and when monsters come out, you will anxious right? I will make everyone’s preferred weapons」


Yuuhi, are you going to fight if a monster comes? I thought you would run away….as i thought she is a muscle bra-…no no , that is obviously rude.


「By the way, I will go with Swords. What about everyone else? 」


「A dagger is good」


「Me too! I will also go with a dagger!  A Oodachi(huge katana) will be obviously impossible…ah, but ..but wakizashi( a short katana) is also charming but…as I thought a dagger!」


「M-Mei you sure are excited. How about Asahi? It can be whatever you want!」


nn? She said whatever I want right? Then, should I have her make the weapon just for me I found at net.


「Yuuhi, do you know about Morning Star? 」


「Y-yeah, of course I know? But, it might be different from what I thought so, can you draw it and show it to me? 」


Ah, looks like she doesn’t know. Well, My name was Hoshimiya Asahi so, I only found it by chance after all. (9: Asahi means morning sun/star)


「There is a pole, and a the tip there is an…iron ball? something like is there, and then its spikey like this」


「I-It kinda looks brutal. As expected of Asahi」




「Cool choice」


「umm, Wait a sec….okay, something like this? 」


Ooooh, So this is the morning star in real life.  Certainly the visual sure is amazing! Its a really interesting weapon but..

This one doesn’t have any scabbard so it will be annoying carrying it. If I rest my arm and let my down guard the spikes will prick my thigh and it will hurt.


「Fire magic, I will show it during battle! and the last one will be Aoi 」


「This is mine」


Aoi showed her memo. Let me see.




Experience UP


Item Box


Max HP up Lv 5


Max MP up Lv 5


Detection Lv 5


Dimension Magic Lv 5


Summoning Magic Lv 3


I see I see, Item box, is just as its name right? I can’t find any box though? Is detecting used to find something? Summoning Magic, I wonder what it will summon? and also I wonder why it is only at Lv 3? I’ll try asking her.


「It will be faster to show what Item box is so like this I can put in and take out anything. Time inside it is stopped so if you put food in it it won’t get cold. And you can put as much as you want. Detection is that you can know the place of the enemy. basically if you can imagine it you can also search for the object you’re searching. Summoning Magic is to summon a monster and order them. its Lv 3 because I lack points. Dimension magic, you can teleport 」


Aoi, you have used up your points you know! So you went all out huh. Item box, Aoi put her hand in the air and took out her bag in and out. It will become a luggage so I also let her try it with my bag. Amazing! My bag totally disappeared! but, there wasn’t any skill such as Item box in my skill list.


I ask Aoi and she said that if you raise your Dimension magic it will show itself up. So if you satisfy a condition a new skill might pop up.


And also, Everyone took Max MP up.  I should also take it.


「It looks like we got quite an individuality」


「You’re right, and so, what should we do from now on? I think that it would be good to go to the town that was written in the book though」


「I also think that’s a good plan」


「You got a point」




「Then, should we go?」


「Ah, Mei too, you should raise your skills to Lv 5 just in case」


「un, okay」


And so the 4 of us started walking. Ah, we registered each other, since it could get scary if we didn’t.




The introduction of the 4 main girls


Hoshimiya Asahi Protagonist


Short Hai


Hobby: fun things, searching for interesting things


Koguro Yuuhi  Good at cooking, Tsundere


Long black Hair


Hobby: Observing Asahi


Kusunoki Aoi A girl with a few words , abundat knowledge regarding another world novels


shorty, ぱっつん (patssun) hair style (9: google it, since I don’t know the english term)


Hobby: Manga, Anime


Amaki Mei  scaredy cat, get easily caught on the flow, glutton,



4JK chapter 1(prologue) end


9: The introduction at the end is really helpful.

9: And also “boobs”.


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