4Jk Isekai Chp 5

4JK chapter 5 4 JKs Another World Life 4JK 0005 looks like there is an outrageous group of four people come to the city rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2048ea/4/ ==============================================
Author note : PoV from Inn Landlady and Prime Minister
—- Silvery Waves Inn Landlady, Sasha’s PoV —-
I am the owner of the best inn in the town, the Silvery Waves Inn Landlady. Even though I am just a landlady, I live a satisfying life, I was able to set up a shop when I was young. And I have a good intuition, and this intuition told me that I need to pay these four with high respect. When the costumer check in busy time is over and people started to disperse, those 4 appeared. The first thing that pulls my attention is their cloths. I never seen anything that made with such delicate, I can’t even determine what does it made of. On the top of that 4 of them were using same cloth, 4 of them must be have same rank. In the first place this inn is quite high ranked, so of course the price is also high compared to other inn. And as far as I know it’s not a place where 15, 6 years old small girl feel free to stay. I mean, if you look closely, all of them is pretty girl. The girl that smiling while talk to me is a neutral, it made my heart skips a beat when she talks to me. But it looks like there is a tall girl that passionately looks at her, a beautiful girl with long smooth black hair. In her side there is a big breast girl that looks worried. I have confidence in my size but, that girl is certainly had a bigger one. She even has a cute face. And the last girl is small. She looks at me, she looks like a Zashiki Warashi (Japanese child spirit). I want to hug her. Well, these four people have their own unique characteristics.
11:45 AM

When I looking admiringly at those 4, I surprised again. The reason is the purse she pull when she was about to pay the room. What the heck with that cute purse? I also had a purse but, it’s a common one with black or white or brown color with rugged square shape. I mean, I never see purse other than that. While this girl’s purse is pink! Moreover there cute Mr. Horse and Mr. Sheep pictures fully drawn there! The picture was cute enough to make woman in her thirties call it Mr. Horse rather than horse. Please understand. Aaah, I wonder where she buys it. I want it too. But now our relationship is worker and costumer. I must not speak more than necessary. Aaaaah, but I really want it….. While the internal conflict continues inside my mind, somehow I was able to hold my manners and treat them with high respect. It was worth it as I able to send them to their room with smile. And then, after 4 of them enter their room, I let out a breath. “Manager, those guest…” Another employee look at me. Looks like they realized it too, that 4 of them is not your usual guest. “It’s like all of you thought, those 4 is most likely a really important person. Make sure to not act impolite and serve them with utmost respect!” “””””YES MAM”””””” “And tell the cook to put more effort in today’s dish! First impression is important!” “Understood” “Okay, back to your post” To make those four like this inn. I swear I will do my best.
11:45 AM

—- Jevar’s PoV —-
I desperately process a lot of documents as today out of all day have so many documents to check. Even though I said it myself, as a prime minister I have a lot of job.
When I was steadily handing necessary work for the country and about to take a rest, that report comes. There is someone that sold a powerful sword at the west gate. It’s said, the sword might be even stronger than the weapons in the castle’s treasure warehouse. As I curious about that, I stopped working for a moment and chose to go to take a look at the sword. “So, this is the sword huh. Mr. Head Guard” “Yes sir, this is the sword. Please take a look” I accept the sword. Hmm, it’s light. The moment I hold it, I understand. Even if I don’t know a lot about swords, compared to other sword that I ever hold, this sword in on different level. “It’s certainly a wonderful sword” “Prime Miniester, you will understand more about that sword value if you swing it” “Hmm, let’s tr-…what the!” I can’t believe there is fire gushing out from the sword. I am a not fire magic user, I didn’t even activate any magic in the first place. In other words, it’s this sword’s power. “It’s amazing. This sword owner is in the west gate right?” “Yes, I am going to negotiate the price now” “Hmm, can I get along with for price negotiation?” “Yes, of course. This is the light gold coins I prepared for negotiation” He handed me light gold coins. Hmm, 10 coins huh. Certainly, for a civilian this much is a lot. But the sword’s value is more than that. With this sword I can move that plan faster. “Prepare 50 light gold coins just in case. And also prepare 500 gold coins.” “Yes sir, Understood” “Let’s move after we finish preparing”
11:45 AM

After arrived at the west gate, I can see the 4 people he mentioned. All of them were young. Based on their looks they should be around early 15 years old. I begin to doubt whether they are really the one that bring this sword. …No, I must not judge based on appearance. In this world there are some people with high level at young age. It’s a daily occurrence for people to have status not matching their appearance. I should not let my guard down and negotiate with them. In the end the sword was sold at low price. Since they sold the sword for such reason as to buy entry pass, I try to negotiate from 10 coins and they agreed without much resistance. They asked me for inn recommendation so I tell them the inn that took my attention. And then after I send them off with smile, I went back to castle and contact Head Guard. “Mr. Prime Minister, I am glad the transaction went smoothly” “Yeah, and Head Guard, please put surveillance for those 4 for a while. They are the owner of that sword, they must be not some ordinary civilian. Just in case put some precaution and report if something happening. They should be in Silvery Waves inn now.” “Yes Sir, Understood” Now then, what will you bring into this town, is it profit, or harm. Let’s hope it’s the first one.
11:45 AM

================================================== 4JK chapter 5 end
11:46 AM

i never thought translating is this hard, or maybe i just don’t know much yet… i forgot a little *Neutral here means as someone that has face that can be seen both as male and female. Ref: JP web that i don’t remember the address.

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