4JK Isekai Chp3


4 JK’s Life in Another World!


rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2048ea/3/



Welcome to the Town of Keel


We were still dumbfounded that we got a lot of money but, Aoi quickly recovered from it and asked the man.


「I want you to tell me your recommended inn」


「Fumu, if you go straight this path, there will be a open space where a water fountain is then, on the left to the left side of that place there is an Inn called Silvery Waves Inn. The meal is really delicious that I think you would very much like」


「nn, Thank you」


While listening to the conversation between Aoi and the man, the remaining member somewhat recovered and said their thanks as they slowly started walking.


「Man that was surprising」


「I haven’t even seen this much money even at Japan you know」


「You must not make that sword for a while」(edited)


「uwu, okay I get it」


「Well, what’s done is done so, what should we do with this money? Since Yuuhi earned this money should Yuuhi have it? 」


「……no, since we are in such a situation, I will share it equally with everyone」


「are you sure? 」


「I am, Aoi, can you bring out my bag since I have my purse inside it? And also I don’t need the money from japan so I want you to put it inside your item box 」




「But still, isn’t this a nicer town than we expected? there are also a lot of stalls,  it kinda feels like it has a lot of liveliness」


「It really is, ah, can we eat something from the stalls? I was too nervous that I got hungry」


「Now that I think about it, ever since we came her we haven’t eaten anything so, I also want to!」


On the pathway there was a food cart left and right separated in a fix distance. And among them there was a food cart that had a delicious smell so we went towards. The one who called out was, our gluttonous Mei.


「Welcome. You girls sure are cute. I’ll give you extra!」


「Thank you very much. Please give us 4」


「Got it. Its 12 copper coins but, I will make it 10 coins!」


「Waah, Thank you very much!」


「I haven’t seen you around here. And also you have strange clothes. Where did you come from ? 」


「ummm, Somewhere really far away?」


「Well I won’t butt in your situation. okay, Its done」


「Thank you very much. Is a gold coin okay? 」


「Ooh, might you girls be nobles?  Okay, your 9 silver coin change」


「By the way, what meat is this?」(edited)


「This is an orc meat.  A few days ago the Hero party destroyed an Orc village. And right now its appearing in shops here and there」


「Hee~ Is the hero here? 」


「Ooh, Its one of the this towns prided things. Their Adventure rank is also A rank so they are famous in this town, and their ability is number 1」


「Is that so. Thank you very much for telling us」


「Ooh, come again」


The 4 of us walked as we ate our first food in this world.


「So there are heroes here. Well there are Demonlords so obviously there would be one too」


「I don’t really want to stand out more than this so, I would like to avoid them as much as possible」




「You’re right. Though this meat sure is good」


「It really is. Its like beef. Aoi, do you know what an orc is? 」


「A monster that only thinks about raping women. In short rape demon」




…..well, I knew about it but meat is meat so I still ate it. But as I thought these two didn’t know.


「Why did you say the essential points when we are nearly done eating it!? This is the worst!」


「I already ate everything…」


「Sorry, since you didn’t ask」


「Rather than that, Why is Asahi fine with it」


「After all its already dead. It has nothing to do with it when its still alive I guess? 」


「….as expected from Asahi」


「That dry part from Asahi-chan is a turn off for me」


Why!? Well, there was a happening like that but, we were able to safely arrived at the square.


「So its left from here right? 」


「Its that right, a silver colored store. Silvery waves inn….is….written」


As for why Yuuhi slowly stopped her words.  The reason was , even though the it was words that we obviously haven’t even seen once, the part which that that the meaning of those words meant 『Silver waves inn』….we were able to understand it.


「Recalling back, its also strange that we could talk normally. Even though we were talking in Japanese」


「Its probably the power of the Goddess」


「From this situation, we should also be able to write the words of this world without any problems」


「Its kinda scary」


It seems like the Goddess did something to us. (9: delete this after reading this editors, don’t forget to bold the “did something to us”)


「Well, Its not like she did something bad to us, rather we should be grateful, let’s be positive」


「I guess you’re right」


「Then, let’s rewind and ask the Inn whether we can stay the night!」


Oooh~! As we energetically entered the entrance of the Inn.


「Thank you for coming. Welcome to the Silvery Waves inn. So that will be 4 guests. Are lodging in? 」


「As of now the 4 person room room is full, we could prepare  two rooms for the 2 of each you, will that be fine? 」


「hmmm, its fine right? 」


All of us nodded.


「We will go with that please」


「thank you very much. it will be for one 1 person 1 night with breakfast, that will be 5 silver coins」(edited)


「Understood. For now we will stay for one night. If we like it we will pay to extend our stay」


「Understood. In all sincerity we will service you. This will be your keys. It will be room 22 and 23 so, please take the stairs upwards and the rooms will be at the left from there. We can prepare dinner but that will be a separate fee so, in the occasion you would like to please contact us beforehand. When you returning please pass it over to the reception. Well then, have a nice stay」


「Thank you for the politeness. Everyone, should we eat here? Ah, excuse me, we will eat dinner here!」


「Is that so. thank you very much. The restaurant in the first floor will be open from 17:00 to 22:00 so, please come according to your schedule. Advance payment will be 1 silver coins per person」


As we paid for the money we went to our rooms. It seems like the clerk left a good impression on everyone. You can’t help but respect a person that polite. I’m grateful for that man to introduce us to this place.


We had conversations like the price is good until we arrived before our rooms.


「Now that I think about it, what should we do about which room we should stay?」


「Together with Mei」(edited)


「ummm, So that means that it will be Me and Yuuhi, and then Aoi and Mei, Okay?」


「I’m okay with it」(edited)


「W-well, since Aoi said that? It can’t be helped okay!?」


「then, its decided~. But, for now I want us to talk about what we should do so let’s stick together for now」


For now the 4 of us entered Mine and Yuuhi’s room(with deep meaning). there was quite a space inside, there are 2 beds but there are also chairs and table,  4 people could easily sleep here. The windows are made from mood and designed fancily, I want to bam and open it. And then, at thee wall there is a clock decorated. The same as earth, its showing the 12 hour time.  The time right now is 6 pm. At 10pm the restaurant will be closing so after talking a bit we should go eat dinner.


「So this world also has clocks」


「The lady from earlier said 17:00 and 21:00 right. This world might also be 24 hours per day」


「Well, let’s leave the topic of time for now, let’s talk about what we should do from now」


「I think, we should go to the adventurer’s guild」


「Aoi, what is this Adventurer’s guild? 」


「Its an occupation where we Hunting monsters, help people in trouble, and in exchange for that we will receive rewards. It is likely that there is one in this town 」


「Ignoring the monster part, doing the quest of a person in trouble  and receiving money might be a good plan」


「A job where we help people in trouble….I think I’m fine with it」


「Then, should we check it out tomorrow? And also, I want to know more about this Town. I got a feel of it earlier when we walked around and it its pretty good but, I want to know more in detail. And maybe this place is actually a terrible place」


「You’ve got a point. There are a lot of things we don’t know about, after going to the adventurer’s guild, what stores there are, let’s walk around the town. Should we do our own things then?  」


「Its wise not to do that」


「Aoi are you anxious when its the 4 of us are not together? 」


「Right now there are at least 4 people observing us」


Including me the 3 of us got tensed.


「Aoi, what do you mean? 」


「There is a reaction from the Skill【Detection】. Nearby this Inn there are 4 people marked as enemy」


「D-Did we do something bad ? 」(edited)


Mei was cowering around. Certainly, we just arrived in this town and we didn’t do anything bad…no, there is one thing I know. Its that sword we sold. Thinking about the amount of price of it, that sword is probably something over the level where you could get normally. And we who had that sword and calmly sold it. Looking at it from other’s point of view, its plenty enough to earn their vigilance towards us. and so, the one who is observing us is probably the subordinates of the man that bought it. It seems like Yuuhi also noticed it, she had a pale face as she asked.


「As I thought, its because of that sword right…」


「Its probably that, and we also need to get a lot of money at that situation, Yuuhi did nothing wrong.  And also if they understand that we are harmless then they would be gone」




「Why the 4 of us needs to be together, that is if we are to act differently they would tail each of us right? That is scary…」


「Until they stop following us the 4 of us should always act together」


「Its as Aoi said」


「If we put it in order, At adventurer’s guild we will search for a job, and then investigate the town! And after that the 4 of us will have fun doing things! Okay, let’s go eat」


「Hearing that we are being followed around surprised me, that I got hungry you know」


「No, Mei didn’t you just eat that food from the stall…」


―Silvery Waves Restaurant―


「Oooh, its sure is thriving」


「I’m fine with the smell but, if they serve us orc then we’re going to change inns okay」


「Let’s ask just in case」


When we were talking the waitress came.


「This is your Menu. Today’s reccomendation is grilled Sano Boar(sanoinoshishi)」


「I will go with that~」


「Me too」


「I don’t mind」


「4 of that please」


「Understood. Please wait for a bit」


The waitress bowed and left.


「Its kinda like, Their service is on par with Japan」


「I could feel their servicing spirit!」


「Good impression」


「If the food was delicious then I have nothing more to say」


We chatted as we waited.


「Hey hey, I noticed something really important」


「What is it?」(edited)


「Does this world have baths? 」




「Well, I think there is but, if there isn’t won’t it be bad? its a maiden’s crisis you know!」


「Hmmm, what to do? Ah, if it comes to that, there is a skill called purification magic, should I get it? 」


「Bath….I want to enter one」(edited)


「Just as Aoi said, The livelihood we have had already become natural for us, if they said that there aren’t any then I will be pretty shocked」


「And moreover-」(edited)


「Are there still more Asahi!?」


「Even if there are baths, I don’t think that there are shampoo, rinse, or body soaps at the level of Japan」




After making everyone blue, the meal arrived.


「T-thank you for waiting. This will be your meal. It is still hot so please be careful」


Waitress-san saw our state and was a bit bewildered as she lined up our meal.


「Well then, if there is anything you need please call me. Enjoy your meal」


「…..about the bath let’s ask the lady from the reception desk after, so for now let’s eat」


「You’re right, even if we worry about it right now its pointless」




It seems like the food is a wild boar food.  I haven’t eaten a wild boar but, there aren’t any peculiarity and the meat is soft, it was delicious. The only complain I have is that there wasn’t any rice but it was bread. Does this world have no rice?


It seems like the other 3 too  was satisfied with the meal, when we finished eating our mood returned to normal. Okay, then let’s go to that lady and ask about the bath!


「The bad is it? If its about that then there is one at the 5th floor. We have prepared your Towel, sleepwear, and tooth brush so if you were to go please prepare your own underwear」


So there was a bath! Yay!


「This Inn is the only one that has a bath in this Town. It is an honor if you are to enjoy it」


From the overflowing joy we paid for a week of lodging. There are no regrets.


And so, we don’t have any extra underwear so let’s go right away (eh? )


「Tomorrow let’s buy underwear right away」


「We should」


「Fuu~, that was a good bath. Mei you sure have big boobs」




「I-Its not like that at all I think….Its only fat okay」


「Asahi too, you have a nice style too….and compared to me, my weight again is….grumbling」


There was only one big bath but, we’re plenty satisfied.


「Its good that there was shampoo and soap but, having to open this bottle then take out the shampoo and then close it again, its kinda annoying」


「if we make a press type container, I’m sure it could become a huge hit!」


「it would have been great if we could have researched how it was made」




And so we talked until we arrived at our rooms. We said our goodnights to Aoi and Mei and entered our room.


「Haaa, i can finally take a break. Today sure was tiring」


「Its my first time in my life having such a long day」


「ahaha, you’re right~」




「Its only just…the two of us ///」(9: /// meant blushing, its also in the raws)


「Y-you’re right….hold just whats going on with this atmosphere!」


「no, its just a joke, a joke.  Since we have to be early tomorrow let’s sleep, let’s sleep」


so it was a joke….Yuuhi said as she was dejected but today sure is tiring. For now I dived into the bed. And Yuuhi too cheerfully entered the bed.


「Asahi, before we sleep can we talk for a bit?」


「Sure, what is it? 」


「I still haven’t that, the sensation of knowing the reality that I have died…I still can’t really swallow it in or something….I was thinking that this was all just a dream. no, I know that this is all real but as I thought thinking about our families in at Japan, I can’t calm down my emotions. Asahi are you alright? 」


「You’re right. Surely something like that is impossible right? But still I….I’m not panicking as much as I thought. Of course it hurts my chest thinking about my parents from me dying, I’m really feeling bad towards it」


「I see. Asahi you sure are strong. If Asahi is beside me then, even in this situation of who knows what it is, I think I could keep being myself. And that is…thank you」


「Fufufu, When its just the 2 of us, Yuuhi goes in dere dere mode. So cute」


「Its not like that okay!? Geez, fine! I’m sleeping」


「Yeah, good night. let’s do our best tomorrow」


「Yeah…good night」



Chapter 2 END


9: And so the first day ends…


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