4JK Isekai chp4

If you could take it before, Don’t continue reading. 9 Didn’t even TL the rest of these.
Also It’s a pain to remove all the Time Stamps every time. so Ignore them they have nothing to do with the plot. 

4JK chapter 4 4 JKs Another World Life 4JK 0004 Asahi And Yuuhi rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2048ea/4/ ==============================================
After a while, I can hear Yuuhi’s sleeping breath. As I thought Yuuhi is feeling anxious. I am glad if her anxiousness can be relieved even just a little. I mean it would be weird if you didn’t feel anxious if you ended up in another world right after you met a traffic accident and told hat is not a dream. However, I myself thought that this is weird but, I feel quite excited in this situation. The reason is my principle of action, which is [Doing fun thing, and search Interesting things]. As long as i remember I always doing fun things, and look for interesting things. But since japan has a lot of restriction, there is things I can’t do even I want to. Even so, when I found something, I always talk about it with Yuuhi, the person I always with. I have try a lot things but, right before I got accident I feel like I managed to do whatever I can do, so I feel dejected because there is no more things I can do there. How about this world? I have no restriction as a student like i have yesterday. I don’t need to mind my appearance. In addition there is a super natural power called [skill]. And there will be even more fun things from now on, I am excited because I am sure there is only interesting things that wait ahead. Oops. I need to calm down. I need to do things calmly or else I will be too focused on doing fun things and do things I shouldn’t. Also, since I am doing this with my friends, it will be bad if I troubled them. Since it will be me myself that hate it if someone doesn’t have fun.
9:27 AM

Somehow I thought about Aoi and Mei in the next room. There is no need to worried about Aoi. She is one of my kind. She must be feel happy coming into this world. Aoi is famous for her expressionless in japan. She often space out, and sometimes look at the world as if she bored of it. Thought Mei looks like she having fun playing with the horse, she must be thinking about does the earth got ruined or will school collapse because of earth quake? Or something like that. Even if Aoi still expressionless as usual, the deeper part of her eye is shining. And oh, somehow the calm and quick-witted Aoi knows a lot about this world. Looks like I will be in her care from now on. Mei is same type as Yuuhi. They can’t help but to feel anxious. It can be seen from their face. They must be worrying about the family and friends in the previous world. The Mei that usually smiling happily is just filled only with anxious feeling today. Well, maybe, Aoi are calming her down by now. The reason i thought that is when we choosing our room, she said it first that she want to share a room with Mei which is most likely because she is worried about her. If Mei shares a room with Yuuhi the room will be really gloomy. If she was with me I am not sure I can slightly calm her down. Since Aoi is a good listener she can do it without problem. Aoi and Mei’s relationship is similar like me and Yuuhi. Our personalities is completely different yet it’s not bothersome to be together, it’s fun. I live by freely doing what I want, but Yuuhi is my opposite, she live by walking straight in her life plan and make effort for that. ‘What a weird girl’ that was my first impression of her, but when Yuuhi was so dazzling she happily talks about her dream. I never thought there is this kind of life style.
9:27 AM

Recently Yuuhi often invited me to do things together in the future, I always change the topic right away everytime she bring it up. but, i secretly think that kind of future wouldn’t be so bad. While I think about those incoherent things, somehow I fell asleep
9:27 AM

* – Yuuhi’s PoV – I can hear Asahi’s sleeping breath. I feel sorry to grumble at her earlier, since I feel so anxious I can’t help it. But, after I listen to Asahi my anxiety relieved a little. As I thought Asahi is amazing. Maybe, she even can accept this situation naturally. At first, I hate Asahi. I meet Asahi for the first time at the time of my first year of middle school, we only talk few times and at a certain day she comes to my house without warning. My house is a long established confectionery and my mother is the manager. Because I supposed to inherit it later, I have been thought how to make sweets since I was small, so I thought of teaching Asahi how to make sweets. That time I had also had a thought of boosting myself.
But, after we try it few times, Asahi were able to make sweets that more beautiful and delicious than me. That moment I was very jealous when my mother and grandmother praise Asahi’s sweets. My grandmother is a strict person, she never praise the sweets I make. And that grandmother praise Asahi for her sweets. Even though she has only made sweets for few times. Since that day I started to only think about Asahi, I will find Asahi’s weak point and to do that I need to stick close to her. The thing I understand after I stick to her for some time is the fact that she is a genius. Whatever she does she shows signs potential. It’s not limited to making sweets. It was frustrating but, at the same time, I thought she was amazing. I can’t believe such people exist.
9:27 AM

But after keep watching her I know. Asahi had so much fun when she started to do new things But, as everyone started to notice her, everyone who has put their effort into that field show jealousy against her. as if a flame is put down, she quickly quit it. Every time I saw that spectacle, somehow I feel sad as I was one of the people that jealous of her. Even so she didn’t stop doing fun things. Every time she found an interesting thing she would talk about it with me. Before I know it, I have started to support the pure Asahi. Without me knowing, the feeling of me hating her has reversed as I have become to like her. After that, we entered same high school (to enter same high school as Asahi I desperately study for the entrance exam) and become much closer, Asahi is searching for interesting things as always while me focusing on my future job. We meet Aoi and Mei around that time and get along well. And then there is a time when Asahi were unable to find interesting things, which makes me gloomy too seeing her like that, that time we got a traffic accident. My dream of inheriting confectionary is gone. …But Asahi that feel so bored recently had so much fun today. Looking at that made me able to keep trying. To do fun things and support her is my life purpose from now on. extra: Certain day – Yuuhi “Asahi, let’s work together in the future! I’ll give you vice manager posision!” – Asahi “Ya~y, I am so happy~” – Yuuhi “Please think about it seriously!” – Asahi “Uh, okay I’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow ok”
9:28 AM

4JK chapter 4 end

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