4JK Isekai Chp 2

4 JK’s Life in Another World!


rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2048ea/2/ 



The case of which that a Unicorn looks at me as a mate


For now we took action as the hypothesis that this is a different world.


And so we started walking towards the Town. However everyone, I want you to wait a bit. It’s my turn you know. TRANS-FORM!


「Everyone! look at me!」


「So Asahi what is it….you….are you Asahi? 」


「Eh? Asahi-chan?」


「Miss Horse」


That’s right, I transformed into a horse!  I don’t want to sleep outside so, I thought that we should go to the town quickly, I’m sure that rather than walking its faster to become a horse.


And also, since I got a really interesting skill, won’t you want to try it a lot?


「Asahi that’s amazing. Surely we will arrive faster with this rather than walking. However, won’t the 3 of us riding you difficult? And we also don’t have any experience riding a horse」


「If that’s the case then leave it to me. Summon Unicorn」


Aoi saying that, A pure white divine horse with one horn was summoned. That is a unicorn? Its kinda embarrassing that I was imagining a pony….and to my surprise! the Unicorn started talking!


「Oh fair maiden who summoned thee. Say thy wish」


「Take us until the town」


「Such is a simple task. mumu! My master,  might it be that lovely mare right there for me?」


「Wrong, She is my friend. No laying hands on her」


「Mumuu, then It cannot be helped. 」(edited)


The unicorn was staring at me. T-this is a danger to my chastity?! Its not a joke to have my first time with a horse…..


「Me and Mei will be riding on a unicorn, so Yuuhi ride Asahi」


「R-riding…Asahi…I-It can’t be helped」


Yuuhi, she was playing with her hair and was murmuring horse role play something like that but, there isn’t anything embarrassing about it right? If she acts like that it will also make me get nervous though .


「T-then.. I’ll ride you」




Since she is wearing a skirt, Yuuhi’s butt is directly touching me. Its elasticity is! S-so soft! I could understand the feeling of the people who want to become a chair.


「Hold on! you’re not thinking of something strange right!?」


「I-its alright」


Since its like this let’s enjoy the sensation. Ufufu. As we were doing it the other somewhat was able to get on.


「Run to the opposite side of the mountain」


「Umu, understood」


Was the unicorn looking after me, He was slowly advancing.  If the speed is this much that I can catch up.


After running for several minutes. I got used running enough that I could talk while running.


「Yuuhi, are alright? Does your hips hurt? 」(edited)


「It hurts a bit. If possible don’t shake it too much」


「Aa, sorry, I’ll be careful」


As we we continued on, We could see the city. It looks quite a big a town. As I was looking at the Town, the unicorn approached me and Aoi started talking.


「Let’s go on foot from here」


「why? 」


「If a unicorn, or Asahi who transform into a horse, If people saw you it would get troubling」


「Ah, now that you say it, it really will 」


I slow down my speed, and stopped. I cancelled my transformation once I let Yuuhi down. Hmmm? Yuuhi and Mei’s state is.


「Uwu, my butt hurts 」


「T-this traveling method needs to be trained is it…..」(edited)


The two of them were moaning as they were holding they butt. Looking at Aoi too she was having teary eyes.


「So, Is it safe to assume that my mission ends here? 」


「Good work」


「Umu, I shall answer your summon at any time. You 4, be maidens forever!」


And so the unicorn disappeared. Yeah, that guy, he might a bit of a pervert. Are all unicorns like that….?


「Mei, use your recovery magic on me」


「That’s right, isn’t this the time to use recovery magic!?」


「Ah, you’re right. ummm【Heal】!」


Light came out of Mei’s hand, and wrapped their butts.


「O-ooh? It doesn’t hurt anymore」


「Mei, thanks」


「yeah, thank god. It worked well」


It seems like they have recovered, and so the 4 of us started walking.


「I wonder what kind of town it is. I hope its the same townscape as Japan 」


「Aren’t you hoping too much?  But, since they have magic, there might be technology that we couldn’t think of」


「I hope that the foods are good. My stomachs pretty empty」


「First is the Inn」


We talked of such things as we walked and then we could see the entrance of the Town. The town’s size was, considerably huge.  It looked like it could fit 1000 tokyo domes. And also, there were two people standing before the entrance, gatekeepers?


「Gatekeeper? there is someone there」


「We didn’t see one but it seems that there are monsters outside so, isn’t it natrual to have gatekeepers? 」


「So we were finally able to see other people other than us」


「First villager discorvered」


It seems like they also discovered us, they were looking towards us. And continuing one we walked until we could pass each other and I said 「Hello~」and passed them entering the the town and 「Hello- wait a minute, please wait!」and they panicked to stop us. Eh? what is it?


「Its my first time seeing you girls. Um, do you have any permits, guild card, or identifcation documents, is so please show them 」


eh, you need something to enter a town? I haven’t heard anything about this you know!(edited)


「U-um we don’t any of those but…how can you allow us to enter the town?」(edited)


「Eh, you don’t even have permits too? If so, we could have you pay an issue fee but it would be 10 gold coins per each person but….do you have enough?  」(edited)


T-ten gold coins…you say…we don’t have any though.(edited)


If we are to apply Japanese ten to this world then, 1 coin is 10 yen, 1 copper coin is 100 yen, 1 silver coin is 1000 yen, 1 gold coin is 10000 yen, that value was written at the book from the goddess. That means, that you must pay 100,000 yen for the fee, with 4 of us it would be 400,000 yen? Isn’t that a huge amount!? for now we should talk about it.


「W-what should we do? 」


「This is unexpected」


「Money from the goddess is….as i thought we didn’t get any」


「Should we seduce the guard and have them let us enter for free? C’mon, don’t we look rather cute」


「Hold on, Asahi, that’s improper!」


「For now, we should tell Mr. gatekeeper that we don’t have any money and ask him what we should do」


Gatekeeper-san, looks kind, so…its fine right ?(edited)


「Umm, we don’t have any money but….is there some way we can enter the Town?」


「eh? hmmm, let’s see, if you have something you can sell, then I could pawn it of for money….and also, if you have monster’s subjugation proof then, I could give you the bounty」


Something we could sell is it, sellable things. Inside my bag is, school books, notebooks, stationaries, smart phone and there is a wallet but I don’t think I could pawn it for 400,000.


It looks like its the same for Mei and Aoi but….hmm? Yuuhi is not here? when I thought of that she was doing something sneakily behind us. And then it looks like she finished it and she approached us while smiling. This is, does she have some secret plan? As I look at her with eyes of expectations 「Fufun, just leave it to me!」She looked full of confidence. Maybe, she is planning to sell the sword she is holding behind her back? as I was thinking about that, it looks like it really is and she was negotiating with the gatekeeper.


「That sword is? 」


「Gatekeeper-san, this sword is not just a simple sword. Please try swinging it」(edited)


「?? Understood….wha, this is!!」


「That’s right, this sword right here, if you swing it a fire magic gets activated, its an elemental sword you know! So how much is this? 」


「P-please wait for a bit? i haven’t seen or heard of something like an elemental sword! Are you sure that you want to sell this sword? 」


「Yeah, there is no problem!」


「I see….I don’t know how much money this will cost so, please wait for a while!」


We could hear that conversation. From what I hear, it seems like she did something unbelievable….ah, Yuuhi is having a smug face as she was approaching us.


「Maybe, if that sword won’t reach 40 gold coins then, I could make as many as much as I want so be relieved!」


「Well, looking from the reaction from gatekeeper-san, the price would probably be really high…」


「Its not good to stand out too much」


「I-Is that so, did I do the wrong thing? 」


「But but, because of Yuuhi-chan things will go nicely right! Yuuhi-chan you’re amazing!」


「Y-you’re right!」


The other gatekeeper was looking rather vigilant towards us. Well, we’re not even a joke we are totally suspicious right? after waiting in that awkward atmosphere for several minutes, The gatekeeper-san from earlier took a middle-aged guy dressed up as if saying I’m from the upper class you know.


「Are you the one that brought this sword? Where did you get this? 」


「Eh, this is my 「Father’s memento」…」


When Yuuhi was about to reply, Aoi put in her words. Yuuhi had her hand on her chest looking arrogant, and she froze on that pose.


「Is that so….is this the only one you’re carrying? 」


「It is」


「You said that this is your father’s memento but, are you sure its really fine for you to sell it?」


「Its alright」


「So, then I will buy this for 10 light Gold coins, is that fine? 」




「15 coins」




「Well then, this is your 15 light gold coins. And I will pay the 5 of the coins in gold coins. If its only light gold coins then it would be difficult to buy things so. And also, 4 permits. Don’t mind this, its for free」


The middle aged guy saying that he passed 10 light gold coins and 500 gold coins to Aoi, and gave permit to each of us. Ummm, he said 10 light gold coins right? I’m sure that written at the book, its higher than gold coin, 1 coin is equal to 1,000,000 yen right…that means 15 coins is 15 million, hmmmm amazing, eh? is it fine?


「Everyone, Welcome to the Town of Keel! We welcome you」


「Ah, okay」


And so  while dumbfounded we took our first step to the first town we entered on this different world.



Chapter 2 END


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