Cat 58

hello? Is anyone still here?

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend).



Day 9, Part 2

Gentle Emotions

Basically, I’m always besides Mina.

The times when I am with Mina, those moments 

The time whenever I am with Mina, those moments starts sparking, and that is, even in ordinary days, making it together as 『Lovers』, it becomes one of my important memories.

In this cold morning, even during the breakfast where all the family members eat, before I knew it my mouth had slackened off. I’m bad with the cold, and I also don’t eat too much but….I’m with Mina, its the time where I am with my most important 『Lover』after all.

Finishing the usual morning preparations, I went back to my room and to change into my uniform.(edited)

「Today sure is cold 」

「And there was a rain too yesterday, its getting pointlessly colder」

The heater that Mina turned on before I knew it, had already heated up the room.

But still, much more, it will be more better to get more hot. I want to be heated up by Mina’s warmth.

「….that’s why, should we get warmer?」

「…..we should」

Our gazes line up. And after that, there wasn’t a need to say what it was, we already understood each other.

Our faces drew near, I closed me eyes, and we warmed each others with our lips.

After our lips separated, I reflexively leaked out an embarrassed grin, together like always.

Sinking in the after taste, Mina shook me.

「Mou, we are going to school right? 」

「ah, sorry…」

For an instant, all I could only think about was Mina, something like school, My head had forgotten about it.

I panicked, and I strip of my uniform, and changed into my uniform.

Because I was hurrying it, compared to the usual time, the preparations was done a bit earlier.

Thinking like this, the emotions of wanting to touch with Mina, that thoughts came across my mind.

「Did you properly finish your preparations? Are your gym uniform and jersey, did you properly have them with you? 」

Saying that, I deceived my mind. No matter how little of an extra time we have, we end up kissing, before we know we would have spent much more time on it.

「I’m all good okay. Yesterday, I properly checked it you know」

She said it like she was pouting a bit, Mina’s right hand was, it petted me head.

It felt like my mind was seen through, and my heart kinda squeezed a bit.

The time we’re together is long too, yesterday too, she noticed the feelings that I didn’t say.

Maybe she actually really noticed it. Mina’s relaxed face is, just like when she is teasing me after all.

「「Well them We’re going now」」

「Have a safe trip, be careful okay」

Exchanging the usual greetings, the moments until we reached the school , once again It will just be me and Mina.

「Mou, it got really cold」

「The hands, is really cold」

Even thought we have gloves with us, for some reason me and Mina too aren’t using it.

「Then, we need to hold hands, and warm it up」

「…’re right」

I’m sure that, just like this, we want to hold hands together after all.

The warmth of the person you 『love』, you want to feel a lot if after all, I think.


Chapter 58 END

9: Hand-holding… gotta love it.

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  1. omg omg omg omg omg omg
    thank you so so so much for this!!!!!
    i can’t believe i get to read another cute and fluffy chaper!

    i love you


  2. What happened here?

    It’s been almos a year. I’d already forgotten about this. Hopefully you can keep going this time.


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