Cat 59

Uh?  How does this thing work?


Me and My Cat (Girlfriend).





Day 9, Part 3

Closing Distance


Even though it had Mina’s warmth, my hand has gotten cold but, my heart, is always and forever warm.


just touching the warmth of the person you『Love』, its feels ticklish and sweet which is mysterious.


「hey, come towards here」(edited)


「nn, what is it? 」


As if being pulled by Mina’s hand, I was lead towards the cover in the alleyway.


Mina’s feet suddenly stopped, and towards Mina’s serious looking face, as if being drawn in  my face approached it.


Our connected had disconnected, and our bodies that was facing each out naturally embraced each other.


Remembering the sensation of the mina’s arm on my back, my eyes reflexively closed. And before that instant, I was able to see Mina’s defenseless face that I could only get to see.




The same sound resounded as usual from the both of us, the warmth of Mina’s lip left.


The instant our lips touched, something like the cold, or whether this was outside, all of it was blown away from my mind.  When the two of us kiss, its always only about Mina that gets in my mind.


「Mou~, why did you this?」


The scolding voice, it naturally have gotten soft, I couldn’t hold back raising my cheeks.


After all……the thing that I have been holding back, Mina did it for me, it made me think, I’m happy, after all.


「After all, Kasumi you, you have been enduring it all this time right? ….Even me too, If I saw Kasumi like that, I can’t hold it back you know….」


Mina’s who was looking down had a really red face, and noticed that her true feelings spilled out.


About that part of her too, its too cute I can’t help it.  Every time I get to know more about Mina, there is this me who will love it.


「its okay, thank you…I love you, Mina」(edited)


Close to her ears, I softly Whispered to Mina.  From that embarrassing words, my own body was, it had gotten so hot as if its melting.


「Ehehehehee……Me too, Kasumi」


As if paying back, close enough that her breath would hit my ear, she tenderly said it.


「Mou~, let’s get to school already. It would be troubling if we are late you know」


「Ah, you’re right」


As if that time just now was a lie, We once again held hands and walked the road towards the school.


However, I couldn’t properly look at Mina’s face, taking a peek I could see Mina’s face purposely escape turning away, and made me understand that time was did happen.


Even though I thought that our distance couldn’t get anymore closer, still, it can still get more closer.


And that is, inside me the feeling of joy overflows.


If we get more and more closer then, Mina and my relationship is, I wonder what it will become.


Even right now, we pretty much do 『Lover』things, but more than that, beyond that, I wonder If we will do it?


And that is….inside my head Pink colors filled it, I got so embarrassed that I nearly stopped my feet reflexively.


「Kasumi? What’s the matter?」


「I-Its nothing, okay…」


It took my all to reply like that.




Author: finally we reached chapter 50

「Beyond that」her face reds up, I wonder what she was thinking….




Chapter 59 day 9 part 3 end


9: These girls are thirsty

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  1. It’s been so long, I’m going to have to re-read from the beginning.

    Please keep releasing this. I don’t want to have to do another recap run.


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