My Hateful Stepmother chapter 1

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My Hateful Stepmother chapter 1
Hola! Guess it’s time to hop on the translation of things in the chat as well since it picked my curiosity a while ago, in my case, from Spanish. I’m still not sure how i should be translating this format of writing where all the text is contiguous and only hyphens separate text to narration but for now i decided to copy the format as is and wait for feedback before changing
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It was a cold, rainy night in Moscow, summer had just ended welcoming the autumn leaves. I left the airport and saw on the distance my old friend James – Volkova! – shouted while waving his hand, I fastened my pace until right in front of him – you haven’t changed one bit, Ivanovich – I said as i hugged him effusively – I’ve missed you so much Volkova, look at how beautiful you are, you’ve changed a lot – he patted my short, black hair roughly – I guess so… – I smiled – you’re not the restless blonde I knew anymore, you look so… mature – he pointed out as he grabbed my luggage – life is tough, it forces us to mature sooner or later – I said as I looked
down – you’re right on that one, now tell me what’s the reason I had to pick you up, not that I mind or anything, but why didn’t your father send one of his drivers or why didn’t your mother come herself – he moved while chatting and put the luggage on the trunk of his car – my father died two days ago and didn’t want his employees to come pick me up, my mother will arrive today as well – I said while putting sunglasses on – I’m so sorry Yulia, I didn’t… – he hugged me sounding apologetic for what he said – Don’t worry about it, you know what kind of relationship I had with my father – I separated from him while saying with a stoic face – I knew you didn’t have the best of the relationships, he wasn’t a good father, but it’s thanks to him that you have what you have – he opened the door to let me in – thank you – I closed the umbrella I was using and proceeded to sit down – what I needed was a father, not monthly allowance, I graduated from Oxford and didn’t hear a single “I love you”, I’ve seen him like 8 times since he divorced – I fastened the belt while talking – I know, but in any case he was your father and I’m sure it pains you – the car started moving as we spoke – no, why would someone I never met hurt my
feelings, the only reason I’m here is because my mother told me to – I crossed my arms to deny – even so your mother still talked to both your father and stepmother – he accelerated a bit – which one? – I yawned – the last one, I think, come on Yulia you’ve only had three stepmothers – he tried to smile – I met the first one, only ever talked once by phone and I don’t even know the surname of the last one – I looked outside the window to see the streets of my beloved Moscow – it doesn’t look any different than I remember – a smile appeared on my face – no, but there are new locals, cafés and even a mall – he turned left – that’s what I thought… – some kids were running down the street excited by the rain – in the past six years I’ve only been able to see your mother three times, last time she told me she was busy with a fashion show in Milan – we stopped at a traffic light – yes, seven months ago, she has been truly busy lately, she should land in Paris today if she hasn’t done so already – I couldn’t contain a sigh – so, how is
business going on your side – he accelerated once again – it’s alright, I can’t complain… financially everything is stable, but that’s not the case with my feelings, I’ve become much more promiscuous lately, I get tired of all the women I try to go out with and it’s not because I’m worried about compromising, I truly can’t find the correct person who can make me feel good while I do the same – I sulked a bit – I feel you, I’ve also had a crazy life so I can only focus when I’m working – he sounded kind of sad when he said that – I know what you mean, I can’t sleep if I don’t take my pills, and even if you’re surrounded by hundreds of people it will smell like loneliness – we reached the place – that’s right, let’s go – he turned off the car as we left.
I get out of the car without using the umbrella, needing to feel the raindrops for some strange reason I can’t comprehend, I take out my gloves and put them inside a pocket of my jacket as I slowly walk towards the entrance of the graveyard which is full of people I recognize including a bodyguard of my family I approach – Mrs. Yulia, it’s a pleasure to meet you again – said Frederick in a kind voice – likewise, I came with James – I took his hand as I answered – I see… you can pass – he moved to let us in.
In spite of the crowd, I could see a distinctive circle of people below an enormous black tent, most likely surrounding the coffin. What a bunch of hypocrites! I think as I get closer, slowly, it’s not like I care that much about my father, for him, first, second and third most important things were himself, he wasn’t in the least affectionate with anyone and anything, my mother was the only marriage for which he planned a wedding, her first wife was 10 years younger than him, she was a beauty, but a person full of avarice to a fault.
The second was 14 years younger than him, I was told they met in France and got married within a month, but divorced after a year, why? I don’t even know. After that, he went from being a Don Juan to focussing fully on his businesses, I didn’t really care much about what he did with his life, to be honest, but it did calm me down knowing he was single, since all the previous wives were after his money, my money.
I don’t know much about the third one, I was told that she was especially young by mom, but in spite of that, she was pretty mature and, as my mother said, this one actually left him gawking, and because of that, he looked happy for once; I know she commented that with pain in her face, after all, she still loved him like the first day. I’ve always known that the only thing my father would ever offer me was his money, I was his only daughter and as such, I’m supposed to be his universal heiress. I stopped hoping for his love or affection after some years and when he found out about my sexuality, I started enjoying his money and for some reason, I thought it was mine and mine alone, with time I think I’ve become avaricious or maybe I’m just protecting my interests from the witches he chose as wives.
This may sound strange, but the closer I get to the coffin, the stronger the rain feels like its pouring, James and I are both drenched, I love the feeling of raindrops bouncing off me, It’s like some kind of weight was being lifted each time and my stress reduced for an instant, as I get close enough everyone started looking towards me, most of the thought I wouldn’t even come, but I couldn’t care less about what they thought, they are even faker than my own father.
My mother rushed to cover me with an umbrella – you’re finally here my love, you’ll catch something like that – she said as she cleaned up her tears a bit – the flight got a bit delayed – I walk with little interest – I really thought you wouldn’t come – she tried to follow me in a hurry – I wasn’t going to, but I had to see THE THEATER THIS PEOPLE WANTED TO SHOW – I raised my voice to make extra sure everyone listened that part – Yulia could you please lower your voice when talking – said my mother in almost a murmur while looking around – please mother, you know I’m not lying, these people you see are crying hypocritically, when dad was about to fall into bankruptcy where nowhere to be found, they say they miss him for the good person he was, when he never did anything remotely good for anyone but himself, so I guess the most hypocrite of you all must be her – I raised my finger to point out someone close to the coffin looking down, I couldn’t see her face from the fact that she was crestfallen but also because she was wearing a black veil and a hat – CAN’T YOU SHUT UP?! – she said getting up and looking at me with anger.
What a beauty! Her eyes have a shininess I couldn’t describe despite the fact that they are puffed out because of all the crying, the only thing I can say is that they are precious and even more so seeing as their color is a combination of green and gray I’ve never seen before. Her face has some sporadic freckles that made her look kind and angelical, her features are fine and delicate, and her lips, her lips, a bit on the thin side but tempting, so smooth they make me want to, even die, just to try them. What is going on with me?! She’s my stepmother, but it looks like we have the same age, she can’t be older than 23.
She kept looking at me with the same fierce, while a tear dripped down her face, I shouldn’t get distracted by her innocent looking face and a few cheap tears, mother said she gawked him, I shouldn’t get deceived – WHO ARE YOU TO TELL WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT DO? – I said as I maintained the gaze, not letting her intimidate me with her supposed pain – YOUR FATHER DIED, SHOW SOME RESPECT! Your mother always bragged about how you’ve been to the best academies and university, I guess they must have taught you some manners, and if that’s the case use them. – she reddened from the tension – they did teach me, and I’ll use them as I see fit, with people who deserve them, neither you nor any of these people deserve the least of the education, I’m sure you were with my father for his fortune, doesn’t surprise me you ended up murdering him, don’t try to look like the good wife in front of me and talk about what respect means when all you did was take him to bed – in that exact moment I could feel my right cheek burn as my head turned 90 degrees from the impact – HOW DARE YOU… you… you were only
in London using his money, he may have not been a good father but he gave you a good education, the least you could have done is call him once a month… and if I did or did not sleep with him is none of your business… – her voice faded out as if she was losing it – STOP IT! Lena, calm yourself down and especially you Yulia – said my mother quite angry – calm down? After she slapped me, that… – before I could finish my sentence Lena fell down on the floor unconscious – leave her alone, she must be faking it – I took my mother by the arm – she’s not faking it Yulia, she’s hypertensive – my mother pulled herself free and rushed to aid Lena – I… I didn’t know, I… – my pupils dilated as I felt a knot being formed on my stomach – relax Yulia – James caressed my shoulder while everyone looked at me, but I couldn’t feel my legs, and could only watch as a bodyguard brought alcohol to wake her up y blinked a couple of times and finally reacted dashing in her direction.
I move my mother aside to take Lena in my hands, her black hat falls letting me see her red hair for the first time – Lena… – I say as I hit her cheek lightly to get her to react and grab the water from my mother to pour it on her until she wakes up coughing a bit – Are you okay? – I lose myself in her eyes, so beautiful and frail – yes… I will be…be better… as soon as you let me go – she looked away – kill yourself – I feel my wraith raising once again as I drop her and get closer to the coffin – you weren’t a good person and the worst thing you ever did was falling in love with harpies like this one – I pointed at her and immediately left that place.
Seems like it’s stopped raining, I’m rushing towards the exit, feeling really angry. What’s wrong with her?! Who does she think she is… I’m sure she acts that way because she thinks dad will leave everything to her name. Being honest with myself I don’t even care about the money, I have my own business and I’m not short on that, but I won’t let that damn witch get it her way, I think to myself as I kick a rock out of my way – Yulia, take a deep breath, you’re over-exalted – said James sounding truly worried about me – you didn’t see her… she’s an actress! I won’t let her touch a single penny if I end up getting the money I’ll donate it all to whatever foundation… she will not get money that doesn’t belong to her – I clenched my fists – Won’t say my opinion, I don’t want to argue with you, let’s better head towards the mansion, your mother told me that lady Elena, you and her have to assist a reading of the will that will be done in the mansion’s study – he sighed – don’t call that witch a lady, rather than that she’s more like a… – and I get interrupted mid-sentence – I know how upset you are right now, I don’t know her and she’s a
lady since she’s a widow because of your father, she has no malice at all and to be honest I can totally see why your father fell in love with her, she’s beautiful – arggg… Don’t be a fool, I accept her beauty, but behind that never-broke-a-dish face hides a monster pulled by avarice – I say with his jacket on my hands – wrath doesn’t let you see further beyond, I know you well Yulia and I know you couldn’t care less about that money… I don’t even see why you’re like this in the first place – he gets a bit angry while he heads to the car – because I hate the hypocrisy and because after my mother divorced with him, he was looking for someone to love him, even if it was fake and seeing her faking love towards him when all she wanted was the money bothers me – I sit on the car once again – I advise you to calm down and wait until you know what’s in the will, if your father wants to leave her a high sum then so be it, it was his money and you already have a business, you don’t need any more, just let it go… – this time it’s me who interrupts the other – if he decides to leave me more money that to her, I will donate it all to a
foundation and return to London and if she inherits more than me, I will fight with all my will for the whole thing and only after I get it all back will I go back to London and donate it all – I take out my glasses – and if you get both the same? – he turns on the car to start driving – we will go to court, and there I will get it all back to donate and leave – I cross my arms – there are kids out there in more need than she is – I finally start calming down – that’s true… relax, fighting included or not, in the end, you’ll be going back to London letting a lawyer take care of the process, am I wrong? – he raises an eyebrow convinced – you’re wrong, I’d stay right here the entire time making her life impossible until she decided to return it all – I respond without looking at anything in particular – you can stay in a hotel if you want, that way you won’t have to see her – he accelerates forward – no, I’ll be staying at the mansion. She will have to deal with me! – I look directly at him.
After saying everything we wanted to we stayed silent, he knows I’m really pissed off, he knows me since I was a child, I can be whimsical and prideful sometimes. I’m dying to finally get to the mansion, even if it has way too many rooms, I always loved my old room and the garden. My room was wide, with a piano and a beautiful balcony with the garden below, surrounded by lilies and some white roses, looking at it filled me with so much serenity that for a moment I felt I was truly happy.
When we reached the mansion we were received by my old nanny called Ana – my little girl, look at how big and pretty you’ve become – she kissed me in the cheek – Where is your mother and lady Lena? – she searched around with her head looking for them – in the graveyard, that woman is a harpy – I sat down on the sofa – young James, I didn’t see you there, it’s a pleasure to meet you again – she smiled at him – the pleasure is all mine lady Ana, well I will be taking my leave already – James say goodbye and left – I’ll call you later – he said kissing her cheek – she’s a witch, nanny – I sighed – don’t say those things dear, lady Lena has revived everything in this house, since your mother left the garden started losing its color, lady Lena planted some white roses, red ones, and some daisies, which are her favorites. She took care of Rada until he passed away… your father suffered from heart disease, the lady took care of him day and night
without sleeping, she had to take care of the company and other businesses alone, when the day came he finally died she wasn’t at home at the moment, she had left to Ucrania for business your father told her to attend, she returned that night, when I told her he fainted due to his pressure she couldn’t stop crying… – I interrupt her – OH what a selfless little woman! I don’t trust a single word she says, that woman is an excellent actress… everyone falls for her because she looks like she would never tell a lie and she’s beautiful, but I won’t – I stood up with determination – your father loved her because, from the two previous marriages, she was the only one to care about him and… – I don’t want to know more, I’ll wait until the will is read, after that I’ll make my decision – I took my luggage and moved towards my room – wait, dear! The room you used to live in is now lady Lena’s – nanny tried to stop me – that’s it! Wasn’t she supposed to sleep with my father? – I try to control myself a bit and scratch my forehead –
they… dear, this is none of my business, but… they… – she looks sideways – THEY?! – I burst out with unrepressed anger, scaring nanny in the process – sorry, they? – I raise an eyebrow in curiosity – even with the love your father had towards lady Lena, his condition forbid him from showing all of his love so he never touched her even once – she lowers her head – that’s the last thing I needed, a virgin widow – I say with sarcasm – I know you will not trust me but I think the lady is indeed a virgin – she whispers – hahaha, that’s a good one, all you want is to make me believe she isn’t a scammer, for god’s sake open your eyes guys, that girl is certainly not a virgin, how many guys has she coaxed already, and my dad trusted her… what a fool! I’m sure she hated how my father touched her, he could have perfectly been her own father… I can get it – I go to my room once again – dear… I can get ready a guest room for you if you will just say for a while – she pleaded – this is my room and this is where I’ll be sleeping, if she hates it, tell her to leave – I say as I open the door and get shocked.
My room used to be a dark tone of blue but it’s now entirely white, with a bigger bed, a shelf, white curtains and a book on the bedside table with the title “distant hearts”. There’s also a small chimney, at least my piano is still in there, to summarize I’d say that my room is cozy and smells like her, my bad mood fades and I tell nanny to please leave me alone. I close the door behind me and leave the luggage, looking at the bed with sheets also made of white and a black coat in one of the chairs close to the shelf, there are two pictures in the bedside table, one with Rada and another one hugging my father – I won’t be fooled… – I murmur while sitting on the bed.
She looks so happy in those pictures, so full of life that, in a certain way, it makes me jealous. I rest and grab her pillow, it smells like fresh flowers, like her, the worst part is, after smelling it my body shivers and I close my eyes falling asleep.
I wake up after some hours and realize she’s there, waiting on the door frame, she’s wearing a pink tank top and white baggy pants, her hair is now free, it’s not only a bright red but also curly… she looks like an angel – I didn’t want to wake you, I know this is your room so I’ll sleep in a different one – she says taking her book from the table – wait… – I grab her bt the arm – I won’t be here for long, this is now your room – I get up still sleepy – will you eat something? – she says without looking my way – no, it’s already late and I’m too sleepy – I let her arm – it’s okay, I know you were upset and… – I interrupt her by putting a finger on her lips – the room looks great like this, what happened today… it was not out of pain if that’s what you think, I was being completely honest, I will not let you have what isn’t yours, you will be given an enormous allowance and you can have the mansion but the rest will all go to the foundation – I take my luggage once again – I don’t care about the money, do what you want with it, tomorrow they’ll read the will and I’ll leave – she says showing her back towards me – I hope so, it would save me some headaches – I say as I leave.
This is my second time being with her, I feel weak, it’s like she controls every fiber of my body… I entered one of the rooms and undressed, I wore something more comfortable in order to rest, at this moment I don’t want to think at all, just sleep, tomorrow will be a heavy day so I need to at least sleep, but I can’t take her image from my head… I’m starting to think this woman can really enchant people. The following day…
I wake up to the abrupt movement of my bed – what… is going… ooooon – I yawn while I try to think again – dear your father’s lawyer has been waiting for an hour for you, your mother came 30 minutes ago, please come down – said nanny watching me gently – alright… why are you looking at me like that? – I rub my eyes sleepily – because even though you sound harsh and a little cold you still have a heart, thank you for letting the lady sleep in her room – she smiled at me – she will leave the mansion today, she told me herself… seems like your “lady” will go and never come back – I stretch and get my little body up – that won’t happen – she says in a low tone before leaving – “that won’t happen” what did she mean? – I frown and walk towards the bathroom.
I soak my face in fresh water and brush my teeth before going downstairs when I do everyone seems to be sitting down drinking tea or coffee – good morning honey – said my mother kissing my cheeks – I don’t know what about it is good but… you must be the lawyer so let’s get to the point, I need to take a flight back to London in two hours – I sit down – you’ll leave? – my mother looks at me the same way as Lena who is still wearing her pajamas, like I am – yes, the “lady” Lena said she would leave so there’s nothing else for me to do here, I will donate the entire thing to the foundation – I avoid looking at her – as you wish – tries to avoid any further conflict – let’s start – says the lawyer opening the portfolio and taking out some papers – I will read the document, reserve your opinions until I have finished the entire thing – he puts on his glasses – “I, Oleg Volkov in my sane judgement and together with two witnesses have decided to share my properties in this manner:
My ex-wife Larissa will be owning the house in Miami’s beach she always loved, my dear Ana will have a house in Saint Petersburg. My wife Elena will inherit half of my company as well as everything else I posses. Elena, I know this is a major responsibility, do not think of me as crazy please, I know why I am doing this, take care of Yulia the same way you took care of me.
The other half will be yours Yulia, I imagine the expression on your face, deep down you thought I would not leave you anything and would all be given to the “scammer” of a wife I have, I did not spend much time with you, but you are like a portrait of me… I know exactly what you think and what you will do. My entire fortune is now in your hands, but since life is not as easy as that, for both of you to be able to enjoy your parts, you will not only live in the mansion, but also bow in marriage, otherwise you will lose everything entirely. It will surely be tough on you Elena, but not for you Yulia, you already confessed your sexual preferences to me. I know how prideful you are Elena, your father is dying and you cannot pay for his medical expenses by yourself… I am just asking you to marry my daughter, you will only have to bear with each other for a year and then decide what to do.
To your misfortune, I know all of your business contacts so if you dare disobey you will most certainly end up bankrupt, the wedding will have to be held at the Saint Basil’s Cathedral Sunday prior to a month… I imagine you will look pretty Elena and you will not be any less Yulia, you will not understand why right now, you will find out at some point, after a year has passed, Vladimir(lawyer) will read you another document. I do not know why I fell in love with you Lena, but I am sure the same will happen to Yulia, farewell.
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end of chapter 1
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