Tridente 58

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Tridente chapter 58

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0058





「That’s right, I haven’t manifested just one Nos..  Saya,Hanabi-chan, I’ll show you the path the two of them opened up.」


【Oukaranman】evolves the current existing skill, and further strengthens its effects. It’s a skill to evolve a skill  .


【See-through】 is a skill that shows the target’s weak  attribute, but it will not show the attribute that will be nullified from a skills effect.. And 【Indestructible】is not an exception. (9: changed clairvoyance -> see through)

After all, I used 【See through】to check King’s name before the match started, but  I wasn’t able to see it.


However, 【Oukaranman】’s effect  evolved to 【Analyze】,and it will analyze  parts you don’t usually see.


No. 411582191892271

Name: Tanaka Tarou (田中太郎)

PC  Name : Tanaka Tarou King

Gender: ♂

Birthday : 09/30

Age: 11

Weapon: Great Sword


This is bad,this skill is really bad news.

I can see things that I shouldn’t see.

『No. 』is the individual number you put during the account creation.

『Name』is the real name

『PC Name』as it says the PC’s name. (9: just in case to those who forgot, PC means Player character)

『Gender』is sex.

『Birthday』is day of birth. (9: Basically in the raws they are in english, so the translating might sound redundant)

『Age』is how old they are.


n…..? Age…..?


「Wait, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!?」


「W-what, why are you suddenly shouting」


King, who doesn’t know the skill’s effect was on guard The sudden shout that I released made his body  flinch.


「Ah, sorry…I’m sorry」


The absolute ruler who is standing right in front of  me,, boasting his legend of invincibility…to think that he is an 11 year old elementary schooler. Just who would’ve guessed that.


From the way he moves and talks, you  wouldn’t think that he is 11 years old….  Because he doesn’t really speak like one….For some reason it’s complicated.

Wait, now isnot the time for that,  I need to find King’s weakness.

There are  other details,but they are full  of unnecessary information, so I skipped itand went straight to the part of the skill’s effect.

Found it! The weakness right now is…. Katana.


「Change! 【PConcept Katana Setsugetsuka(雪月花)】」(9: its 雪月花 means snow, moon, and flowers or beauty of the four seasons)


「Well Then. I shall accept this challenge」


There aren’t  anymore hidden trump cards to hide.

From now on, it’s a fist fight.o more little tricks.

If I receive any more damage with my remaining HP, then that’s it I should have recovered enough with the healing arrow  a while ago. As usual I’m bad at endgame, and regretted.


Right now,ow I should heal…, I don’t have any leisure time to do that. King has already brandished his sword

Don’t think, concentrate.

This will be the last exchange.


「Eat this you fool!!」


King raised his sword high and slashed down. Evenen if he can cut me in half I evaded the attack with a side step to the left.

Since vertical slashes are easy to evade,  this first attack should beshould be bait for the next attack The next attack is coming!


I evaded to the left , and  was on guard for the following attack, but the King seems to be a bit calm. With his sword, on my left side 【Tripping】 was activated, so I  got caught and was thrust down to the ground.

Luckily it’s a skill that  only downs the target so there wasn’t any damage taken, bu I hada very big opening for the opponent to attack since I was knocked to the ground.




「hiii! this is bad-」


With his words, the king  swung his greatsword to chop me up.

If I lose this quickly I’d be  a laughing stock.


「Burst! 【Reinotachi -Rekka-】」(9: zero katana- raging flowers)


I did a wide slash with my katana as I was down, and activated Concept Katana Setsugetuska ‘s exclusive skill.

And with that, the slash slowlyflowed into the surrounding  ed as it explodes. From the explosive effect, his field of vision was wrapped in smoke making it difficult to see.

Withthat, opening I rolled away from the ground to evade King’s attack, and expanded our distance.


「Once again looks like I succeeded….in escaping」


「Tsk…..same as always, even if you manifested a Nos.」


The king recieved damage from【Reinotachi -Rekka-】, so his  remaining HP is 2000/3200

Its about time for the attribute change from 【Indestructible】.

I used analyze, to see  through the attribute change and changed my weapon.


「Change! 【Concept Lance -Saint Lance-】」


With the King’s remaing HP being 2000 compared to me with a remaining HP of 50.

King may have lowered his guard with the number that will make him win if he at least hits me once,  he charges at me with no questions asked.


「Pierce! 【Holy Lance】」


In opposite to the King I retreated until the I’m close to the wall while this time I activated Concept Lance -Saint Lance-‘s exclusive skill.

And then,  right before me a countless spear of light appeared from the ground skewering King as it damaged him.



Remaining 1000/3200




「ggu…impossible. For me to be pushed back….」


King who received a high damage from Holy Lance, wasn’t able to endure it and took distance and repaired his stance.


【Oh My god.  Ever since the start of the Arena, For the first time King’s HP was cut to half!!】


【King’s indestructible is completely broken through. With just recklessly charging in, it would just end up being the prey of Mari-chan’s technical style that trifles with her opponent you know】




I took distance form the King and using the opening I changed my weapon into a bow.


「Change 【Concept Bow -Sylpheed- 】. 【Oukaranman】Angel Arrow!」


I changed my weapon to bow and with Oukaranman’s effect I evolved healing arrow into Angel arrow, raising its effect.

Earlier when I used it the recover amount was only 300 but, being it evolved into angel arrow its amount increased 2 times which healed me 600HP.

With this my HP is 650.


Don’t lower your guard, you should know what happened if I lowered my guard in the past right?

Don’t forget the the past when you were incapacitated twice when you lowered your guard when you fought against the Enforcer.

Focus until the end, concentrate, Mari!


Once again check the weak point with analyze I changed my weapon into a concept sword -Diamond Hearts- , and taking distance as I  fired a skill towards king.


「Dance! 【Diamond Edge】」


An 8 shaped sword, Diamond hearts separated into two, and this time it became a 3 shaped sword, and I released them as if it was a boomerang towards King.

The first attack was evaded by the king but, the 2nd attack he wasn’t able to completely evade it and hit him.





Remaining 600/3200




「gguh….despite being sword for it to be a ranged attack, blasphemous!!」


Finally the remaining HP was turned around from the King’s impatience, with great speed he close distance from me, and went for the final exchange.

Analyzing the king with analyze, the weak point is bow.


I see, so it was not impatience that made him charge at me.

He judged that it would have lower risk if he fight me in a close range if I used a bow, its his last gamble.


「But, even me too!」


I changed my weapon to bow, and towards the imminent King I prepared.


「3,2,1 ….zero distance! 【Oukaranman】Silent arrow -Zenith type-!」


With the King rushing in with his sword up high, I aimed 【Silent Arrow -Zero Type】that was evolve to Zenith Type at him.

Zenith type the same as zero type is a skill that has its highest magnification if released at zero distance. This is the end–..the moment I thought that, the king turned hid body around evading the zenith type and activated great rotation slash.


「No way, darn–」


Darn it.

Being tricked by the rush,  when I thought that he would charge in just like that, my actions was completely read.

Even though i didn’t plan to get careless but, I got caught on a feint, and the great rotation slash’s first slash is coming.


Remaining 650 HP, Great rotation slash’s damage is 1500.

If I get hit, then there is no mistake I will fall.

There is a wall behind me, I can’t also do a step.

Then, all I can do is jump.


「Soar high! 【Agehachou】 」(9: 鳳蝶 swallow tail butterfly)


I evolved 【Aerial Arrow】, Soaring up high I evaded King’s attack, and from the skies I released an arrow towards the king.

An arrow that is shining in gold travels in a straight line towards its target, and  cause a huge showy explosion effect.




I wonder how many seconds of silence had passed.

10 seconds, 20 seonds, 30 seconds?

I don’t know it accurately but,  it was a silence that made me feel it that long.

The live reporter, commentator, audience, everyone who saw this match took time to accept this situation.




After all,  a nameless new face like me, Mari Tridente, had won with the absolute ruler King.


Tridente Chapter 58 end

9: phew, finally Mari won, totally bad ass, btw I changed her weapon names to Concept XXXX rather than romaji names

9: @here @Advanced reading its done



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