Cat 61



Me and My Cat (Girlfriend) CAT 0061 Sought Warmth Day 9, Part 5
rawr: ======================================= 
During lessons, there isn’t really much any changes to it since me and Miina had become lovers.


Taking notes as usual, and occasionally peeking towards Miina, and when those gazes meet, it makes my heart beat fast.
It’s break time now, and we both warm each other up. rather than the heat from the heater, I love Miina’s warmth way more. These feelings matching up with each other, it makes me really happy that Its a bit troubling.


The place being at school, or someone might be looking at us, I just want be fawned over by Miina that I couldn’t care less about those.
About Miina, her gaze, I naturally became seeking for those.


pat pat, having my head rubbed. I could easily understand the meaning behind it…….cute, something like that, being the one saying it or being called one too, it becomes embarrassing to do it after all. The fact that me and Miina are 『Lovers』too, we promised to keep a secret after all. 
If we return back home, she would fawn over me as much as i want, and I lover her so, I will endure it. 


…….even though when Miina was a cat, she would be the one who wants to be fawned over. Right now, our feelings aren’t one sided anymore, its being properly conveyed.
Its the 3rd period for the Japanese class, suddenly a hand reached out from my neighboring sea, and dropped a white paper on top of my desk. 
opening the folded small piece of paper, Miina’s cute letters entered my gaze.
『by the way, what’s soccer?』
That’s right, I still haven’t explained it to her properly didn’t I, I didn’t really have any interest in that kind of sports so, I totally have no idea.
I don’t remember it well but, If i’m right you don’t use your hands, and you use only your feet to score a goal at your opponent’s field, and use it pass the ball to your allies right?
Writing those, there weren’t anymore incoming letters, and during break, she whispered 「thanks」to my ears, and rubbed my head.
Spending our time like that, before I knew it, it seems that the morning classes had ended.
「look like its already lunch」
「It really is, I guess its that time already」
Just like usual we stick our desks to each other, and eat our lunch. Since when lunch break will end it would be immediately be time for P.E so, we hurried it up a bit.
「It sure is delicious as usual」
「Mom made it after all」
but, becoming this much happy , is only during when I’m with Miina.
Compared to eating alone, we ate a bit faster than usual, and bring with us our jersey and gym clothes we went together to the changing room.
The halls are cold as always that it would be a bother to go to the toilet, reflexively, my body curled up, and we pressed our bodies against each other.
「uwu……its cold…..」
「let’s hurry up, the changing room, is a bit warmer after all」
Thanks to someone that always put on the heater, the changing room is warm like the classroom.
It will immediately get crowded so, we finished changing early.
「Its cold but, I’m a bit excited」
Miina’s voice that is as clear as the winter skies, for some reason I felt saved.
Couldn’t find any words to reply with, I softly helpd Miina’s hand.
Author: when I was young I did a bit of soccer.(I’m not saying I’m good at it)


Cat Chapter 61  


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