Cat 62

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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend) CAT 0062 Expectation and Anxiety Day 9, Part 6 rawr: =======================================
Author: yesterday(in the author’s timeline) was a good married couple’s day, I’m sure that these girls would be a really great yuri married couple. —————————————————————————————-
Standing in a row, and warm-up exercise, it should be Miina’s first time.
Since we have the same family name, our attendance number only has 1 number difference too, I can just lead her by hand on what to do.
During the warm-up exercise, and also during just lining up, the gaze behind, I just end up getting curious. Still, having Miina behind me, my body is not yet used to it.
It had become in pairs, doing the passing with balls, as if its normal I’m doing it with Miina.
Even though the balls I kicked couldn’t be more than 3 meters which weakly goes towards Miina, and the balls Miina kicks are, it takes my all just to not make it go behind me.
「Geez, just how can you kick the ball so fast?」
my legs are already starting to hurt. Miina who is still energetic was curiously thinking.
「hmmm……you kick from below your knee, I guess…..?」
「I see? I’ll try it it out okay」
I focused more than earlier on the turning of my knee, and taking a bit of distance from Miina, and kick the ball with my all.
The surface of my foot felt numb but, the ball that was properly kicked went towards Miina in a blink of an eye.
「Kasumi, that’s great!」
「Thanks, but my foot hurts…」
As i stooped over and rubbed my foot, Miina was away from me, before I knew it our distance was 0.
「You did your best, good job」
I reflexively stood up, and was embraced. My foot which wasn’t able to move that well from the pain, my body chose to leave it be and entrust itself to Miina.
Did she get embarassed, the hands that were embracing me was suddenly separated but, the body that was entrusted to her was left just like that.
「Geez, Miina, its still warm up you know?」
「But, Kasumi, aren’t you tired already」
「I am but…」
I know the best that I don’t really have the right to protest to that. but, just a little but, since I have lived longer as a human, I just wanted to try being the 「Onee-chan(older sister for normies who don’t understand)」.
But, as i thought, I just kept being spoiled by Miina. When Miina was a cat, she would listen to my rants that i couldn’t tell anyone else, and would comfort me.
But, after so much of that i can’t really change it. To me Miina is what you would call a 『Lover』, its a relationship much more deeper than before, to me it means being my most important person. Having someone like that you wouldn’t want to be spoiled by them, I can’t do that at all.
When Miina was not yet here, the team I would be in would lack one person so, I could be in the same team as Miina. Before the game started, my body was already feeling excited.
I wonder what happened to me? when the whistle to start the game rang, rather than expectations, I felt more anxiety.
Cat Chapter 62


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