Tridente 74

Tridente chapter 74 

Small Village Tridente

 Tridente 0074 


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Logging in to Tridente I tried asking Hibiki about white hood since I have nothing to lose but…


「White hood? I have seen it ya know」


「Eh? where? where!?」


「well, you can see it quite frequently right. PCs who are equipping white hoods」


「I’m not talking about that」


Well, certainly is regarding white hood, but I want a more specific appearance. 

Is it a male or female, what is their weapon or battle style and maybe name too.


「Mari-okaasama, Saaya-okaasama, you are putting yourselves to danger too much」


「Ahaha, Sorry Hanabi-chan. But since there was a person that I have met became a victim so, I now I can’t step back on it」




Eagle-san who was my opponent at the match at semi-finals at the Arena is now no longer in RL. 

it’s not like we are that close, and our relationship was only up to the degree of messaging a bit with each other after fighting each other once at the Arena. 

But still, If a person I have met was hurt by someone then, as much as possible I want to catch the criminal. 

That is what I feel now.


And what I’m really curious about is, the one Eagle-san is chasing the white rope PC, the existence of white hood. 

Since white hood was standing beside Eagle-san when she was PK’d so it could be the white hood PK’d Eagle-san, and stopped the player’s life in the real world, if i’m right


Before, it’s similar to the tragedy that happened in Tridente….too similar.



「If they can’t be judge by the law then the all the more we can’t leave it alone」


「Ah, Good morning! Saya」


When I was talking with Hibiki, Saya had logged in.


「Good morning, Mari, Hibiki-senpai」


「Sayacchi, stop with the senpai」


「but still, in reality you are a senpai」


「Just a bit more then I will be younger one ya know」




「After all I’m going to be 1st year forever」


「If you are going to say that then If I were to migrate then my age would stop aging you know」


「So that means that Sayacchi would be my kouhai forever?」


「Any person that is a kouhai will be a kouhai forever」


I know what these 2 are saying but, migrating to NW, rather than your age stopping it’s more like the matter for age will disappear. 

Of course the data of how long you have lived will show a difference but, the growth of your body or aging is abolished, and in NW where you could freely change your appearance then it would be hard to judge your age from that. 

If I were to say an extreme example then it would be possible that the NC that just got born will have a long height such as 200cm.




「And so Mari, are you going to Hokkaido?」








Even though she said Hokkaido, it’s not like I got to travel to Hokkaido in real life. it’s about whether I would go to the Hokkaido area in NW or not.



「Though no matter it’s for the investigation, it’s a bit too far isn’t it」


「Then, should we improve the ship that we have postpone since things got messy after we went to the Arena?」


As Saya said, she took out a lot of various upgrading materials for the ship from the storehouse. 

The prizes we got from the championship from the Arena like magma stone to make the hot springs and the ship upgrading materials, we still have left them as is.




「Ooh! So Tridente will finally have a High speed ship?」




A while ago, Queen let us ride on her high speed when we went to the Okinawa area. The speed from a normal ship and the high speed ship had a totally wide difference in speed, and we were able to considerably shorten the time. 

This time too we could also ask for help to Queen but, since we won at the Arena and got upgrading materials, we decide to make a Tridente exclusive high speed ship. 










「First we need to decide on the size. Large, medium or small….which should we choose?」





Up until right now Tridente has been using small ships. 

it’s full with just 4 people riding it, we pretty much had to squeeze into it.




「Me me!! Large! I think the Large would be good~!!」



The one who energetically answered Saya’s question was not me, Hanabi-chan nor Hibiki.



「Futami-san, just when did you log in」


「We are making a ship right? geez, if you are going to do something interesting like this call me okay~!」


「it’s early in the morning and thought that it would be annoying you….but I think that just as Futami-san said Large would be good」




Tridente’s residents are 7 people and 2 monsters. 

With these numbers medium ships would be fine but, from now on we might increase and there is also a possibility guests will be boarding too.




「Well, we wouldn’t have any trouble with a big one. Luckily the sea right before is so managing it will be easy 」 



Since it’s a town with the sea nearby we don’t have to keep our eyes on it to manage it. There were a lot of reports of players who are living in a town far from the Sea had their ships destroyed by monsters without knowing it, but Tridente in that matter shouldn’t be having any problems.


After that Hazuki-san and Pres logged in and everyone shared their opinions, the materials are wood and the size is large with a possible 20 passengers. 

There are small 5 rooms with bunk beds on each side.



「it’s kinda different…」




Futami-san crossed her arms while leaning her head.




「What do you mean by different?」


「Well….it’s kinda like, I want to ride a luxury cruise ship not a tune fishing boat you know」


「I know what you want to say but, a luxury ship is obviously impossi–」




Certainly the ship we are making has an image far from elegance. 

I know what she is saying but, right now a ship like that is impossible with the current craft skill.





「Now that I think about it, I have been thinking about it for a while but…」


The one who brought it out was Hazuki-san.


「Mari-chan’s Nos…what was it, the one that levels up the skill effect」


「it’s Nos. 39 【OukaRanMan】. What about OukaRanMan?」


「Ah, yeah. I wonder what will happened if you used it on Craft」






I haven’t thought about it. 

I unintentionally kept on looking at battle skills but can OukaRanMan work on…craft?




「I-I’ll try it out」 




The ship crafting is on the woodworks parts. 

I tried raising the effect of the woodworks skill with OukaRanMan. 

And then, Woodworks became 【Wood Master】, various recipes that I haven’t seen lined up.








「H-How is it? Mari」




“Just what in the world happened”, they thought as Saya and the others was holding their breath as the watch over me. 




「I think it’s amazing….It looks like I can make a Extra large ship!!」 







Everyone from Tridente had raised voices with a mix of surprise and delight, for quite a while, we debated over what kind of Extra large ship while the village was wrapped with bustling voices.



From the people who were walking in the neighborhood, the voices that had resounded were 80% Futami-san’s voice, or something. 



Tridente Chapter 74  

9: Now, I want Mari to make guns or cannons


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