Tridente 83


Tridente chapter 83

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0083





「Mari-jouchan, Saya-jou, Let’s beat up Royce first」


「Eh…. ah, okay」


「So cocky even though just appeared so suddenly」


While Saya leaked a bit of her dissatisfaction, she followed Tsurugi-san and attacked Royce with her sword next. 

Well, The enforcer who said he was going to retire just suddenly appeared in front of us without any notice and saved us from our pinch. Even me though would like to complain about how random this situation is. 

However, being in a situation like this there isn’t any time for explanations. First is that we must protect our lives.


It seems like unison is cancelled if the user gets damaged. 

it’s the same nature as magic when you get hit when casting a spell.


「Oi Oi, You going to ignore us!」


「Of course, we will! first we will beat up Royce!」


We passed through Eagle-san and Malwanis-san and headed straight for Royce-san so we received insults and attacks from both of them.

However the The main which is Royce-san receiving focused attack from the 3 of us, and wasn’t able to maintain the unison so there was no worry of us dying in real life from receiving attacks from Eagle-san and Malwanis-san.


「Get cut! 【Wind Blade】」


It seems like Tsurugi-san was still using the sword made from the materials from the Death Scythe Mantis. 

A slash and a blade of wind slashed through Royce-san’s body.


「Dance! 【Killing Step】」


Saya used killing step the she liked using in defense style, and she minced him as if dancing. 

Saya before, when she was challenging the Arena she respec her skill and changed it to attacking style but, right now Saya is back to her defense style. And because of that the attack type skill she could use have decreased so, killing step is her only attack skill.


「【OukaRanMan】Silent Arrow -Zenith Type-!」


Using my Phantasmagoric Mirage I materialized the concept bow Sylphide, and went behind Royce-san, with OukaRanMan’s effect the zero type evolve to Zenith type and was drive into Royce-san. 

Zero type is a skill that explosively increases its power when you drive it in zero distance, Zenith type is that adding the distance it can also increase power on what part of the body you hit it to. 

It seems like Monster’s weak points depend on their race but, for players it depends on their individuality ,  depending on the person their weak point changes.


However without any hesitation I drove it in the back of his head. And then Silent Arrow Zenith type properly showed it’s highest magnification damage to Royce-san and put him in fatal stale. 

The reason I get to know where the weakpoint was of course because of the effects of 【Analyze】. I used it at the point we talked after Royce-san went down from the tree, I sneakingly used it to see through his Data. 

Royce-san was cautious on getting on even ground in number while we were talking but, with【Analyze】the time to get the info for the weak point, with that little time it was enough. 


「kku….Eagle, Malwanis! hurry up and defeat these guys」


「We get it!」


I saw Royce-san who was receiving focused attack from the three of us was instantly in fatal state, impatient from the situation. 

He is desperately trying to evade but, he has three opponents and he gets hit on the place he evades so it’s pointless. And to do something like that you would most likely need a player skill like that of Saya’s.


「Dammnit, don’t ignore me! Tridente!!」


Now that our attacks are focused on Royce-san, Malwanis-san who was completely ignored took advantage of it and angrily thrust his spear towards Saya but, with the cut effects of the diamond shield the lightning weapons homing attack was nullified, and ended being pointless.


「You say not to ignore you? Fine then, I will be your opponent 」


Malwanis-san who was not calm while Saya who had her cool, turned around and stared coldly at him. 

And at the same time she turned around Royce-san’s body slowly fell, and showed the effect of incapacitation.


「Tsk, Royce got done in isn’t this hopeless…Eagle, what the hell are we gonna do!」


「All we can do is revive him you know, for now let’s defeat the 3 of them」


Having lost the effect of the unison, we won’t be able to receive attacks of death anymore but, in the end it seems like we still need to defeat these 2. 

We commenced attack on Eagle-san and Malwanis-san who still hadn’t given up but, because we focused our attacks on Royce-san, we were defenseless as we received the damage from these two so our HP are considerably decreased.


「Wait a sec, with an healing item-」


「No, there is no need for that」




The one who received the attacks was Saya and Tsurugi-san, so I was going to use healing items on them but Tsurugi-san stopped it and raised his right hand, and when he snapped his finger seemingly gave out a signal.


And then, isn’t that a healing magic that came out of nowhere flew towards Tsurugi-san.


「Eh, what was that」


「I will explain after this. I will deal with Eagle. You two deal with Malwanis」


「Eh, ah, okay」


holding off the explanation of the trick, for now we should focus on defeating the enemy in front of us. 

Saya and Me stood in a position where Malwanis was in between us, this time it’s a formation where we make use of our advantage in numbers.


I have Saya be the vanguard who can nullify the effects of lightning weapon and have them get in melee, and shoot my bow from afar, when seeing a chance I would instantly close the distance and change my weapon to scythe and mow him down. 

There are a lot of melee weapons like sword and spear but, as i thought the scythe that i’m used to nicely fits me. Of course it has a wide rand of attack so I have to be careful not to hit my ally but I have gotten used to that. 

I moved down my Scythe behind Saya towards the legs of the enemy, and Saya jumped to evade it, Malwanis-san seeing Saya jump and the incoming scythe from the feet, not being able to react in time, the scythe slashed his legs.


And furthermore Malwanis-san whose attention was below, Saya who jumped slash down her sword from above like a chop towards Malwanis-san.


Taking the lead by attacking from afar, and from there switching to attacking from above and below, our combination attack confused Malwanis-san, stealing his discerning skills, and without giving him a chance to counter attack we silenced him.


「As expected, you two」


Looking back, it seems like Tsurugi-san won against Eagle-san, she was laying down near Tsurugi-san’s feet.


「Tsurugi-san, account break-」


「I didn’t use it, not now」


「not now…?」


Before it was a problem when he used Account Break to an innocent player. However, I wonder what about now? Right before us is the people behind the serial unnatural murders. That’s why I thought that account break could quickly solve this situation.


「Whether I get to use it or not….all I can do is follow is the judgement of this person」


It’s as if Tsurugi-san is saying that he can’t use Account break without permission from someone. In the first place why did Tsurugi-san appear here? No way, is there someone using Tsurugi-san to plan something? 

And then, hearing Tsurugi-san’s words, from behind him a person we knew well appeared…… 


Wearing the same white robe as Tsurugi-san, in her hands was a rear guard type of staff. 

And then a female PC with blonde hair growing until her shoulders. 

However, I know. While her outer appearance and voice is that of a female, inside of that PC is a guy.




「Yoo, Long time no see. My lovely kittens」


「Eh…then, Nekama-san is the mastermind manipulating Tsurugi-san?」


「Of course not! Karma, I didn’t call you so back off!」


He gestured as if he was driving away a stray cat, 『Oh c;mon you can’t do that』Karma-san said while opening the way. 

And then the new person that appeared was someone I knew well too, the moment I saw that face, Me and Saya had finally reached an answer we are satisfied with, We called out to that person in a surprised voice, and smiled.


「You’re late, Eve-san」 


Tridente Chapter 83 end 

9: finally the battle ended, thank god it didn’t last like 5 chapters


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  1. 9: finally the battle ended, thank god it didn’t last like 5 chapters

    damn right. the trio musketeers are starting to get on my nerves. I’m really glad to see em getting butchered asap


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